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  • This is why Amazon will open physical bookstores

    Opening physical bookstores is the best idea Amazon has had since the creation of Amazon Prime.

  • Virtual assistants: They're made out of people

    The responses from virtual assistants are far more human than most of us assume. In fact, every response is carefully crafted by a person or a team of people.

  • Photographic memory made easy

    Lifelogging used to be an obscure area of geek research. Now you're doing it every day. Here's how to lifelog even better.

  • The dying technologies of 2016

    To every thing there is a season, and for some technologies the time to die is almost upon us.

  • Security theater comes to CES

    That same level of security that we love at airports will be at CES next year. This will not be pretty.

  • Comparing Google’s Eddystone beacon technology to Apple’s iBeacon

    Eddystone is said to extend the capabilities supported in Apple’s widely adopted iBeacon protocol

  • Get ready for virtual digital assistants in the enterprise

    Like smartphones and tablets before them, they’re coming, whether IT wants them or not. Are you prepared?

  • Yesterday’s technologies, today’s problems

    It sounded like a joke: An airport in 2015 closing down because of a Windows 3.1 crash. It was real, though, and not that funny — and similar problems are hiding in your company.

  • Why wireless will escape the FCC’s redefinition

    Mobile broadband simply doesn’t belong to the jurisdiction of the 80-year-old telephone rules known as Title II.

  • 6 nerd words everybody gets wrong

    The language of technology is a moving target. As the technology changes, so do the usage models, business models and behaviors associated with it. So do the words.

  • Hands on: A month with Apple’s 4K 21.5-inch iMac

    The biggest difference in this year’s refreshed entry-level iMac is easy to see: It’s the new 4K screen, which brings a stunning high-resolution Retina display to the pricier 21.5-in. model. But to get the most from the iMac, you’ll want to accessorize.

  • Fight for your right to repair

    Buyers should have the right to repair equipment they purchase.

  • Facebook turned your lock screen into the new Twitter

    Facebook's new app uses notifications on your lock screen as a 'newspaper.' And so the war over lock screen real estate begins.

  • New Apple TV opens door for enterprise use

    Although the new Apple TV remains a consumer-focused device, that doesn't mean it has no potential in the boardroom, classroom, store window, or on the retail floor.

  • Going mobile with Apple's CarPlay (and a VW)

    It's no secret that when you buy a car, you get whatever already-out-of-date technology is built in. That's what makes Apple's CarPlay so useful (and exciting).

  • Microsoft risks IT ire with Windows 10 update push

    Microsoft has made it clear that it will take on a greater role in managing the Windows update process, and IT shops aren'y happy about its pushy plans.

  • Apple Pay at 1 year: Growing, but slowly

    A year after its launch, Apple Pay has seen some significant growth in the U.S. But the mobile payment service has a ways to go to get to wide adoption.

  • You are your smartphone

    Welcome to the new identity. An increasing number of services don't care about your password, your signature or even your mailing address. If you've got the authenticated phone, you're you.

  • Can the iPad Pro take on the Surface Pro at work?

    From the get go, it was inevitable that the iPad Pro would be compared to Microsoft's Surface Pro. For companies eyeing both tablets, here's what to consider before buying.

  • Why your gadgets sound so good

    Have you noticed how great technology sounds these days? There's a reason for that.