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  • Qualcomm looking to fast-track Snapdragon 820 with help from Samsung

    A plan by Qualcomm to get Samsung Electronics to make its Snapdragon 820 chip could lead to faster smartphones, offering longer battery life by early next year.

  • Are you ready for Google's Mobilegeddon on Tuesday?

    Google said in February that it was going to make mobile-friendliness matter more to its search-engine rankings. On Tuesday, it makes good on that commitment -- and webmasters who didn't heed the warning may see a steep drop in traffic.

  • Rocket maker for NASA and the Air Force to begin 3D printing parts

    United Launch Alliance (ULA), the company that makes rockets for NASA and the U.S. Air Force, plans to 3D print more than 100 flight-ready components for its next-gen model of rocket.

  • Live streaming apps pose legal risks for users

    Live video is messy. It's raw, unedited, and with new mobile apps, it's now capable of capturing many more people who aren't aware they're being recorded. And in some cases, that can add up to legal problems,

  • Samsung expects 70 million Galaxy S6 and Edge phones to be sold

    Samsung has publicly described the first week of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge sales as "impressive" and predicted overall sales for both devices will break a record, passing 70 million globally for both.

  • Mac sales up 8 per cent as industry remains in doldrums

    Apple next week will again boast that sales of its Mac line of personal computers beat the industry average, assuming estimates by researcher IDC hold up.

  • Nokia wants back into the mobile phone business?

    Nokia sold off its mobile phone business to Microsoft last fall, but now one of Nokia's remaining business units is eyeing a return to the consumer mobile phone market next year.

  • Why the journey to IPv6 is still the road less traveled

    The writing's on the wall about the short supply of IPv4 addresses, and IPv6 has been around since 1999. Then why does the new protocol still make up just a fraction of the Internet?

  • Want to be open to all direct messages? Twitter will let you

    As part of Twitter's larger push to give more people a reason to use its service, it is changing its direct messaging function to let users receive missives from people they don't follow.

  • Mozilla to debut Firefox for iPhone 'soon'

    Mozilla will introduce Firefox for Apple's iPhone "soon," according to a company announcement of an open marketing position.

  • Microsoft preps PCs for Windows 10 with more auto updates

    Microsoft last week continued to deliver automatic updates to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs to prep them for the summer upgrade to Windows 10.

  • Xperia Z4 launch reflects Sony's timidity in smartphones

    Sony's decision to launch its new high-end smartphone, the Xperia Z4, only in Japan, shows its hesitancy about this market and puts into question its commitment to it.

  • Vtouch pushes gestural control for the smart home

    TVs with gestural control are nothing new, but a South Korean startup is using set-top 3D motion sensors to control not only on-screen content but connected appliances in the smart home.

  • Disney, CMU add ultrasonic knobs to smartphones

    If you miss the buttons on your old-school flip phone, researchers have developed a tactile sheath for smartphones that can open up the ways they are controlled.

  • The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Monday, April 20

    Is Nokia scheming to move back into phones?... Antitrust lawyers frowning at Comcast plan... IBM's Chinese partnership raises eyebrows... and more tech news.

  • Sony introduces new flagship Xperia Z4 smartphone

    Sony has announced its new flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z4, that will ship in summer in the Japanese market.

  • Collaboration battleground: Skype vs Cisco Spark in the enterprise

    Cisco in March announced the launch of Spark at Enterprise Connect 2015 in Orlando, USA, which coincided with CiscoLive 2015 in Melbourne. A few months earlier Microsoft had announced its integration of Skype and Lync under the banner of 'Skype for Business,' and it has several partners on board now to bring the solution to the market in 1H15.

  • Tasmanian local council heading to the cloud

    Tasmania’s Glenorchy Council is shifting its workloads from on premise to TechnologyOne’s cloud service to improve staff mobility

  • Google's Project Loon close to launching thousands of balloons

    Google says its Project Loon is close to being able to produce and launch thousands of balloons to provide Internet access from the sky.

  • Microsoft shows impressively accurate hand-tracking system for VR

    Virtual reality has come a long way: put on a headset and you can peer into an alien world or feel like you're laying on a beach in Jamaica. But interacting with that world -- reaching out your hand to pick up a virtual object on the screen -- still has a long way to go.