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  • Mingis on Tech: Guns get smart, Sony does VR

    What happens when you marry fingerprint readers and RFID chips with guns? You get a smarter gun. And Sony rolls out a virtual reality setup that might just hit the sweet spot in terms of price and performance.

    19 Oct. 16 21:00 Written by Ken Mingis
  • Big Black Friday prize: Virtual reality gaming systems?

    A fresh infusion of virtual reality gaming systems such as Sony PlayStation VR could make these hot Black Friday 2016 shopping items, but don't expect to get off too easy on prices.

    16 Oct. 16 09:43 Written by Bob Brown
  • Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 from hell

    While production of the Note7 has stopped, it's imperative that Samsung figure out what went wrong and lay out the details publicly.

    13 Oct. 16 07:39 Written by Matt Hamblen
  • Samsung issues elaborate fireproof boxes for Note7 returns

    Samsung has begun sending customers of its discontinued Galaxy Note7 smartphones special boxes designed to protect the fire-prone phablets from doing any damage on their way back to the vendor through the mail.

    13 Oct. 16 01:25 Written by Bob Brown
  • Mingis on Tech: Google goes big on hardware

    With the Google Pixel smartphone, Google Home and Google Wifi, it looks as though someone's trying to build a well-rounded tech ecosystem. Executive News Editor Ken Mingis and Multimedia Editor Keith Shaw weigh the pros and cons.

    06 Oct. 16 07:15 Written by Ken Mingis
  • Level 3 acknowledges network outage

    Social networks exploded Tuesday morning with customer inquiries and complaints because of a Level 3 Communications network outage across the United States.

    05 Oct. 16 03:07 Written by Bob Brown
  • What to expect from Tuesday’s big Google hardware event

    We know that Google is set to release a slew of hardware Tuesday at an event in San Francisco, including smartphones, smart home devices and even a new Wi-Fi router. Here’s what the leaks and rumors say about the specifics of the company’s big release day tomorrow.

    04 Oct. 16 08:49 Written by Jon Gold
  • The craziest stories of the tech sector

    Network World started its Wider Net stories in 2003 in an effort to lighten up our news pages, acknowledging that there is a lot more to the world of enterprise networking and IT other than speeds and feeds of switches and routers and WAN links.

    04 Oct. 16 03:25 Written by Network World staff
  • Mobile apps still have long way to go in state governments

    A new survey released this week reveals that while a little more than half of state CIOs surveyed consider mobile devices and apps an essential or high priority, relatively few state government apps are mobile ready or are being used by employees and external users on mobile devices.

    22 Sept. 16 06:19 Written by Bob Brown
  • Smartwatches are big, pricey -- and ugly

    Most of the 1,500 survey respondents set a maximum of $200 for a smartwatch -- and nearly half haven't bought one yet.

    20 Sept. 16 22:00 Written by Matt Hamblen
  • Samsung Note 7 recall could hurt brand, or not

    Samsung's recall of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones over reports that dozens caught fire might have a lasting impact on the company's image. Or not, depending on which analyst you ask.

    16 Sept. 16 05:05 Written by Matt Hamblen