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  • US Senate passes permanent ban on Internet access taxes

    The U.S. Senate votes to make a temporary Internet tax ban permanent.

  • Government introduces ‘Netflix tax’ bill

    The government has introduced a bill to implement what has been dubbed the ‘Netflix tax’: An expansion of the GST to apply to digital services consumed by Australians but provided by overseas suppliers.

  • govCMS adds API-driven content sharing

    govCMS — the cloud-hosted, Drupal-based content management system for federal government departments and agencies — has added new features that make it easier for government organisations to syndicate their content to other sites.

  • Bureau of Meteorology working to boost IT security

    The Bureau of Meteorology has again refused to confirm whether its IT systems late last year suffered a serious breach but says it is taking advantage of an infrastructure rebuild centred on its new supercomputer to boost its security posture.

  • The US FAA has banned drones from 50km around the Super Bowl

    San Francisco Bay Area residents looking for something to do other than watch the Super Bowl on Sunday can cross "flying my drone" off the list.

  • NSW launches MyServiceNSW

    New South Wales today unveiled its new single customer account for accessing state government services.

  • Australia signs TPP agreement

    Trade minister Andrew Robb today signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement alongside representatives from 11 other nations that are party to the TPP.

  • Data breach notification: Senate calls for government to explain delays

    The Senate yesterday backed a motion introduced by Greens Senator Scott Ludlam that called on the government to explain delays in introducing a mandatory data breach notification scheme.

  • This bird could be a drone's worst enemy

    When it comes to the problem of stopping errant drones, there's been a number of high-tech solutions. From radio jamming to laser beams to nets launched by other drones, but a group in The Netherlands is proposing a low-tech solution that's much more elegant.

  • TSSR: Concerns persist over government’s telco security reforms

    The government’s second attempt at a draft bill intended to strengthen the security of Australia’s network infrastructure has had a better reception among industry stakeholders, but major telcos have expressed continued reservations about the ‘Telecommunications Sector Security Reforms’ (TSSR).

  • Obama administration pushes for more computer science education

    The United States may direct billions of dollars funding towards teaching America's youth computer science, if President Obama has his way.

  • ​Toowoomba Regional Council embarks on digital transformation

    Toowoomba Regional Council in Queensland is transitioning from a paper based organisation to a digital one over the next five years.

  • Almost 300,000 drones have been registered with the FAA

    The Federal Aviation Administration says its drone registration system has hit almost 300,000 registrations, one month after launch.

  • Criminal charges filed against two LA drone pilots

    The Los Angeles District Attorney filed criminal cases against two drone pilots on Wednesday for allegedly flying their drones in controlled airspace.

  • Australia and US to hold annual cyber security dialogue

    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has revealed that the US and Australia will conduct an annual ‘Cyber Security Dialogue’, held under the auspices of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute and the US Centre for Strategic and International Studies.

  • Data retention: EFA calls for govt to reject orgs seeking ‘metadata’ access

    Civil liberties advocacy group Electronic Frontiers Australia has called on Attorney-General George Brandis to reject the majority of the organisations that have sought ongoing authorisation to access telecommunications data without a warrant.

  • Data retention: Document reveals agencies seeking warrant-free access to telco data

    A document released under freedom of information legislation has revealed the breadth of federal and state agencies seeking authorisation to access telecommunications data covered by the government’s data retention scheme.

  • ​ACORN receives 39,000 cybercrime reports in 2015

    Over 39,000 reports about cybercrime were received from individuals and organisations in 2015 by the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN).

  • Telstra warns of potential for NBN ‘mission creep’

    Telstra has indicated it is concerned about a government bill that would allow the communications minister to alter NBN’s line-of-business restrictions, which are intended to ensure it remains focussed on being open access, wholesale network​ provider.

  • Optus calls for changes to NBN bill

    Optus has called for changes to be made to a government bill intended to implement a number of recommendations of the Vertigan review into the National Broadband Network.