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  • Qld eHealth strategy to create 1000 jobs, minister says

    Queensland's new eHealth investment strategy will create around 1000 jobs, according to the state's health minister, Cameron Dick.

  • US DOJ tightens policies on use of simulated cells for surveillance

    The U.S. Department of Justice has issued new guidelines on the use of a cellular surveillance technology called stingrays.

  • ​AEC migrating IT infrastructure to NextDC's C1

    The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is migrating IT infrastructure from the Tuggeranong Data Centre (TDC) to NEXTDC’s Canberra 1 data centre in the ACT.

  • DJI software update brings new tricks to its drones

    Drone maker DJI is adding new features to some of its drones through a software update that should make them easier to fly.

  • ​2015 Cyber Security Challenge to attract over 250 students

    The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s annual Cyber Security Challenge is set to attract over 250 university undergraduates and undergraduate TAFE students from around Australia.

  • Paid endorsements get Xbox One marketer in trouble with FTC

    Online entertainment network Machinima has reached a settlement with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for failing to disclose it paid people to produce endorsement videos for the Xbox One gaming console.

  • New drone hopes to make aerial photography a Snap

    Vanatage Robotics' new Snap camera drone combines stabilized 4K video with a variety of shooting modes and a focus on safety and portability -- attributes it hopes will enable the product to stand out in an increasingly crowded market.

  • NT cops use facial recognition to fight crime

    The Northern Territory Police Force is using facial recognition technology to identify criminals through a database of photos and match them against any image or CCTV footage.

  • Telcos disagree over ACMA reforms

    There is a case for the government making significant changes to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), telcos have argued.

  • Boeing's laser hunts for drones

    Earlier this month, Boeing's portable drone-destroying laser system disabled a moving, untethered drone during a test in California.

  • Website blocking and the known unknowns of the copyright crackdown

    Rights holders are making noises about gearing up to use legislation that will allow them to obtain court orders forcing ISPs to block access to piracy-linked websites. But exactly how the law will function in practice is still somewhat unclear.

  • CSIRO Digital Productivity, NICTA to form Data61

    CSIRO's Digital Productivity business unit and NICTA researchers will come together to form a new entity called Data61 in July 2016.

  • Government's Digital Transformation Office launches recruitment drive

    The federal government's Digital Transformation Office is seeking to recruit around 20 new staff members, including developers, designers, researchers and product managers.

  • US agency tells electric utilities to shore up authentication

    A new U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology guide for electric utilities offers ways they can shore up their cybersecurity efforts.

  • Researchers envisage swarms of tiny drones for dangerous rescue missions

    Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are working on a new generation of disaster drones that can be deployed in swarms into buildings to give first responders a look inside, mapping out the interior as they go.

  • Industry groups back government on spectrum

    Industry groups Communications Alliance and the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) have backed the government's move to implement the main recommendations of the spectrum review.

  • IBM in bid to stop Queensland's damages claim

    Technology giant IBM can't be sued over Queensland's health payroll disaster under a 2010 agreement with the state, the company's lawyers say.

  • NBN still not sure about the state of Telstra's copper

    As NBN prepares for the commercial launch of fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) services on the National Broadband Network, the company's updated corporate plan reveals significant uncertainty remains about the state of Telstra's copper network.

  • NBN 2.0 costs more than expected

    NBN has confirmed that the revised National Broadband Network rollout is likely to cost more than was previously expected.

  • Pilgrim reappointed to Privacy Commissioner role

    Timothy Pilgrim has been reappointed to the role of Australian Privacy Commissioner, ending the vacancy since his previous term expired in July.