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  • Government unveils $1.1b innovation agenda

    The federal government has unveiled its ‘National Innovation and Science Agenda’ with a range of investments in the Australian research sector and reforms designed to boost startups.

  • Local game developers call for government support

    An organisation representing video game developers has called for the federal government to reintroduce a self-sustaining funding program to help boost the industry.

  • In Pictures: 10 utterly wonderful technologies you shouldn't buy yet

    These are great! But be patient, 'cause they need a bit more time to be fully baked.

  • Budget 2015: StartupAUS sees missed opportunities in budget

    StartupAUS has welcomed government moves in the budget to support small business but says it has failed to address many of the key issues facing tech-focussed startups in Australia.

  • Australian developers re-architect government-focused CMS

    Australian web development shop PreviousNext is planning to release a significantly re-architected version of its aGov web platform before the end of the financial year.

  • Uber pushes for reform in wake of Harper review

    Uber has used the Competition Policy Review, released earlier this week, to push state governments for regulatory reform.

  • Introducing data retention 'an urgent priority', Brandis argues

    Attorney-General George Brandis has used an op-ed in The Australian newspaper to argue for the speedy introduction of a mandatory data retention regime.

  • 3D adds depth to The Flying Dutchman in Melbourne

    Victorian Opera seeks to revolutionize performance theatre by using movie-style 3D visual effects in its upcoming Melbourne production of Richard Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman.

  • Half-Life publisher Valve faces ACCC legal action

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has announced it is taking legal action in the Federal Court against Valve Corporation, the publisher of popular gaming titles including the Half-Life and Portal series.

  • Macquarie Telecom posts $0.8M loss

    Macquarie Telecom on Thursday reported a net loss of $0.8 million for its full year ending June 30, largely due to increased operating expenses as new data centre facilities go live.

  • Adult content could stimulate virtual reality market

    The adult industry will help drive adoption of virtual reality beyond gamers, according to the creator of one of the Internet’s first free porn websites.

  • ATO sets out treatment of Bitcoin

    Businesses that "supply Bitcoin" must "charge GST when they supply bitcoin and may be subject to GST when receiving bitcoin in return for goods and services" according to guidance on treatment of the crypto-currency issued today by the Australian Taxation Office.

  • GameSpy's shutdown spells doom for numerous PC games, but you can dodge disaster

    GameSpy is shutting down on May 31, and the Internet is furious. See, there's this list floating around of all the multiplayer PC games that will be rendered unplayable by the imminent demise of this matchmaking middleware. It's a doozy of a list--something like seventy games potentially affected.

  • Oculus Rift shows (virtual) reality of car crashes

    NRMA Insurance has used the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to promote car safety at a new exhibit in Sydney's CBD.

  • Fear, uncertainty and delays: The NBN in Tasmania

    Tasmanian business is desperate for certainty over the future of the National Broadband Network rollout in the state, according to witnesses that appeared before a Hobart hearing of the Senate’s Select Committee on the National Broadband Network.

  • In brief: NT education department signs with NEC

    NEC has won a half-decade ICT contract with the NT government's Department of Education.

  • TechEd: Shots from the show floor

    IT pros play with screens of all sizes at Microsoft's Gold Coast event.

  • ANZ Innovyz expands to startup graduates

    ANZ Bank and Innovyz announced they will expand their accelerator program to include companies that have graduated from the startup phase.

  • CQUniversity uses augmented reality to coach train drivers

    Central Queensland University researchers are enhancing train driving simulators with augmented reality in order to fast track drivers’ skills development.

  • Deakin crowdsources funding to discover what makes gamers tick

    Why is it that Australians see playing footy on the weekend to be nothing sneer-worthy, but admitting to spending the odd afternoon playing World of Warcraft marks you as a bit of a weirdo? And why is it that so many Australians who wouldn't consider themselves gamers pass the time in the sardine-can-like confines of public transport propelling birds at green pigs?