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Vulnerability Management Buyer’s Guide
By Rapid 7 | 1/3/2017

Exploiting weaknesses in browsers, operating systems, and other third-party software to infect end user systems is a common initial step for security attacks and breaches. Finding and fixing these vulnerabilities before the attackers can take advantage of them is a proactive defensive measure that is an essential part of any security program.

Overview of VM Program: Prepare Assess Remediate Track Progress

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A New Paradigm for Network Problem Solving
By NETSCOUT | 2/2/2017

It’s a paradox. As more reliability is built into networks, organisations still spend substantial time troubleshooting and are pressured to reduce time to resolve problems. This white paper discusses state-of-the-art network problem solving and how a new approach – based on the NETSCOUT OneTouch™ AT Network Assistant – can reduce troubleshooting time by one full week each month

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PCI: It’s Not Just for Card Companies Anymore
By LogRhythm | 19/4/2016

Companies and retailers that process credit and debit cards are required to implement the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This ebook looks at why many now feel that this standard should also be implemented by companies that are not required to do so due to its many benefits.

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Anatomy of a Hack Disrupted
By LogRhythm | 19/4/2016

With malware threats growing larger and more challenging to cope with each year, organisations can no longer rely on signature-based scanning of machines to identify these threats. Find out in this whitepaper how a comprehensive approach can ensure threats are automatically detected, isolated, identified, and disrupted well before any damage can be done.

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The Future of Cloud Communications in Australia
By Modality Systems | 6/3/2017

Today, we collaborate more than ever. We infuse our daily lives with rapid sequences of ideas-sharing. And we do it on the move. From the moment we wake up to the free moments in transit and through a whole succession of work spaces, we keep interacting with people,  media and digital resources. The result: our work culture is changing — fast.

Read this whitepaper to discover the future of Cloud communications in Australia.

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