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Health Unit Boosts Disaster Recovery Capabilities with NetIQ
By NetIQ | 8/2/2015
The Health Unit needs to provide continuous and secure access to online medical services, and must safeguard citizens’ health information held in its medical centers.
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Manufacturing Overview
By Epicor | 17/12/2013
An enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution provides the ability to access the right information, from the right source, at the right time, empowering all users throughout the supply chain. This report explains how your solution can identify the resources needed to capture, produce, ship, and account for customer orders, while supporting the various manufacturing processes.
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The F5 cloud migration reference architecture
By F5 Networks | 12/11/2014
Migrating services to an IaaS provider and reaping the benefits of the cloud can be painless for employees and customers alike – but you need a migration solution that doesn’t introduces complexities or poor user experience – otherwise it can be painful. •Learn the key to delivering on a hybrid architecture: the creation of a consistent and simple-to-consume environment •Understand how hybrid cloud solutions automate and orchestrate the deployment of application services across both traditional and cloud infrastructures •Decide which applications are better for public or private IaaS providers
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DDoS Protection: Recommended Practices
By F5 Networks | 16/7/2014
A DDoS attack can be a stressful engagement where parts of the network will be unresponsive and equipment may be failing all around. That is not the time to be planning a defense—preparing your network applications during “peacetime” will go a long way to helping you mitigate the attack in the future.
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How faster database performance can change the face of an organisation
By Dell | 19/3/2015
The faster customers and employees can access their data, the better. This whitepaper looks at the performance of two popular caching services to see where the biggest advantages are. See how: caching software speeds up applications to handle higher level transactions, two system configurations can yield extremely different results and having a system that doesn't perform can hold back your business.
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