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2016 Veeam Availability Report: How to close a widening Availability Gap
By Veeam | 18/5/2016

While business transformation is driven by a new breed of user — one that desires a seamless, connected experience — the ability for modern enterprises to deliver non-stop services and continually innovate has never been more urgent. However, are today’s businesses delivering what users need?

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BYOD and Mobile Security – 2016 Spotlight Report
By Tenable Network Security | 21/7/2016

BYOD and Mobile Security – 2016 Spotlight Report

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Why Technology Supply Chain Resiliency Matters
By Juniper | 14/7/2016

With technology supply chains rapidly evolving to all corners of the globe, doors continually open for unsavoury elements to find new ways to take advantage. Whether for personal gain, monetary gain, criminal activity, espionage, or military threat, black hats keep unearthing opportunities to exploit supply chain vulnerabilities.

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Securing Upstream to Protect Downstream: Why Technology Supply Chain Resiliency Matters
By Juniper | 20/7/2016

This white paper explores the security implications for government, corporate, and defense technology infrastructure arising from technology supply chain management.

Despite common misconceptions that securing your technology infrastructure begins only at the point of purchase, this paper highlights the multiple points of potential security vulnerability that can be exploited earlier in the technology supply chain. To eradicate these vulnerabilities and mitigate the risk of adverse events triggered by hostile actors, organizations must secure the full technology supply chain and partner with technology vendors that can provide the same.

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By HP | 26/4/2016

Computer vendors have carefully straddled the line between laptop and tablet, distributing features in both directionsas end-user demand transitions from one form factor to the other. Recent consolidation around convertible devices, which combine both form factors into a single coherent unit, has turbocharged the tablet into a productivity tool that is gaining currency amongst business users whose primary needs include productivity tools and access to cloud services.

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