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Zeroing in on the right devices for a client refresh
By Dell | 1/9/2014
This whitepaper discusses why the periodic refresh of an organisation’s PCs and devices makes sense from both IT and business perspectives, to maintain productivity and top-notch security. • As PCs age, the systems start to incur high maintenance costs and expose organizations to heightened security risks • There is a need to carefully match client computers to the requirements of the workforce • With the right combination of hardware, software and services, organisations can maximize the benefits of a client refresh while driving down cost and complexity
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MageMojo Boosts Security and Ensures Availability
By F5 Networks | 13/7/2014
Magento e-commerce hosting provider MageMojo needed to improve security after a series of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that took its site offline on Cyber Monday. Consolidating its DDoS mitigation and firewall needs in a high-performance F5 solution, MageMojo strengthened both its security posture and its business.
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Mitigating DDoS Attacks
By F5 Networks | 14/7/2014
The most basic network attacks attempt to overwhelm a defensive device with sheer volumes of traffic. Sometimes these volumetric attacks are designed to overload the connections-per-second (CPS) capacity (e.g., the ramp-up rate). Learn how to mitigate DDoS attacks
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Rackspace Hosting Links Dedicated Servers to Cloud for Maximum Scalability and Flexibility
By F5 Networks | 16/7/2014
Rackspace Hosting, the world’s leading specialist in hosting and cloud computing, wanted to offer its customers an easy way to link dedicated managed servers to cloudbased servers. The company used Application Delivery Networking devices from F5 to help build a hybrid service called RackConnect.
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Cloudera enterprise reference architecture for AWS deployments
By Cloudera | 31/10/2014
This whitepaper provides an overview of how companies can deploy the most effective enterprise data management system to shorten rest-to-growth cycles and instantly scale their data hubs as business grows. • Data management is best delivered through a single central system to store and work with all data with flexibility and compliance • There is a corporate-wide push to move this powerful data management infrastructure to the Cloud • Customers of Amazon Web Services (AWS) now have the ability to run a flexible enterprise data hub in the AWS public cloud
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