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Continuous deployment made easy - try it for free
By HP | 26/5/2015
You’ve read about the advantages of continuous delivery. You’ve seen analyst reports describing the urgency of accelerating application delivery. Now… see for yourself. Start your free trial of HP Codar right now. Experience all of the new ways it can help you automate deployment and hit the accelerator on delivery of high-quality, rigorously tested applications.
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Succeed with Big Data
By EMC Corporation | 26/3/2015
This whitepaper explains how to apply big data approaches and technologies to identify and advance top strategic initiatives. By employing a data lake approach, you’ll gain a massively scalable, high performance, yet cost-effective platform to deliver data-driven insight and applications.
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How virtualization complements Shoretel’s highly reliable distributed architecture
By Shoretel | 20/1/2015
Enterprises of all sizes adopt virtualisation as a way to improve the efficiency of IT infrastructure and decrease total cost of ownership. This whitepaper looks at how customers who adopted virtualisation achieved better server utilisation, increased application uptime, and greater IT agility and responsiveness by enabling private cloud computing.
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Developing a new user agreement for BYOPC programs
By Dell | 15/6/2015
When implementing a new BYO program, you might need to modify existing policies and create new user agreements that help obtain employee acceptance of new policies. This whitepaper looks at the best practices for creating these policies that can help you construct your own successful user agreement for Desktop Workspace or another BYO solution.
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State of the Internet Security Report Q4 2014
By Akamai Technologies | 28/4/2015
This quarter’s report is the last time the State of the Internet Report will include a Security section covering attack traffic, reported DDoS attacks, and other security observations. Download today
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