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The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Your Business on Social Media
By Citrix | 15/4/2016

Simple tips for building an online social presence worthy of your webinars.

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Hybrid Cloud for Dummies
By IBM Australia | 5/2/2016

This e-book gives insight into what it means to use a hybrid approach to cloud computing and the flexibility and choice that it provides. You will discover the type of technologies and approaches that are imperative for your organisation to create the business value and flexibility the constituents you serve demand.

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Planning for the Digital Economy
By Planview | 15/4/2016

The digital transformation is well underway. And, understandably, CIOs need clear priorities for successfully guiding their organisations through this evolution. However, plans developed during a typical strategic annual planning process often change before the ink dries, with numerous unplanned projects entering the landscape throughout the year. When coupled with the ongoing evolution, there’s no denying the dire need for more agility to respond to market needs while being smart about trade-offs.

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By HP | 26/4/2016

Computer vendors have carefully straddled the line between laptop and tablet, distributing features in both directionsas end-user demand transitions from one form factor to the other. Recent consolidation around convertible devices, which combine both form factors into a single coherent unit, has turbocharged the tablet into a productivity tool that is gaining currency amongst business users whose primary needs include productivity tools and access to cloud services.

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Why HCI and Why Now?
By VMware Australia | 28/4/2016

Discover the data center infrastructure strategy that radically simplifies storage. In this brief, you’ll learn: -The definition of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) - How HCI differs from traditional and converged infrastructures - The essential elements of an HCI solution

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