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Define Your Services for Fast and Accurate Service Delivery
By ServiceNow | 22/3/2017

When it comes to delivering IT services, think about how you would rate your organisation on its speed, consistency, and accuracy. Would it earn stellar marks or is there room for improvement?

Read on for guidance - including action plans, best practices, and success metrics - on how to increase IT efficiency, lower costs, and deliver great business value.

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The Future of Cloud Communications in Australia
By Modality Systems | 6/3/2017

Today, we collaborate more than ever. We infuse our daily lives with rapid sequences of ideas-sharing. And we do it on the move. From the moment we wake up to the free moments in transit and through a whole succession of work spaces, we keep interacting with people,  media and digital resources. The result: our work culture is changing — fast.

Read this whitepaper to discover the future of Cloud communications in Australia.

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How to Overcome Today’s Top ITSM Challenges
By ServiceNow | 9/3/2017

Turn your service desk into a business function you and your company can be proud of – one that delights your customers with superior support, delivers a predictable user experience, and provides the agility to help you get ahead of the needs of your business.

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A Practical Guide to Efficient Security Response
By ServiceNow | 22/3/2017

Data breaches constantly threaten the modern enterprise. And the risk continues to grow: In 2015, the total number of identities exposed via data breaches increased 23%, to 429 million. Time-to-compromise is now measured in minutes, and data exfiltration happens in days.

Worse still, detecting a breach can take months, with a median of 201 days to discovery. Unable to quickly respond, organisations risk exposing valuable data and confidential information. The recovery process can be incredibly expensive and the damage to the business reputation incalculable.

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Anatomy of a Hack Disrupted
By LogRhythm | 19/4/2016

With malware threats growing larger and more challenging to cope with each year, organisations can no longer rely on signature-based scanning of machines to identify these threats. Find out in this whitepaper how a comprehensive approach can ensure threats are automatically detected, isolated, identified, and disrupted well before any damage can be done.

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