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  • Jive adds Office 365 connectors for its enterprise social suite

    Jive has built links between its enterprise social networking (ESN) suite and Microsoft's Office 365 to let users leverage Jive collaboration features with the cloud versions of Outlook, Office, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business.

  • IBM Watson Analytics preps the data so you don't have to

    With the newest commercial service to spring from its highly publicized Watson cognitive computing initiative, IBM is attempting to streamline the process of analyzing data so business managers can pull insights from data sets without the help of IT experts.

  • IBM wants to replace the spreadsheet with Watson Analytics

    In an ongoing effort to commercialize its Watson analysis technology, IBM is testing a new service that can answer questions business managers might have about their data.

  • Infor plots move into cloud financials in strike against Workday

    Infor is hoping to elbow its way into Workday's turf with an upcoming cloud-based financial software suite dubbed Financials Xi.

  • BlackLine creates APAC vice president role

    Cloud finance and automation software vendor BlackLine has hired Todd Hunt for the newly created role of Asia Pacific vice president and general manager.

  • Microsoft bringing more mobile, cloud products to China with new subsidiary

    Microsoft is eying China with plans to develop more mobile and cloud-based technologies for the country at a new subsidiary in Shanghai, despite the regulatory hurdles the U.S. company has been facing in the country.

  • Skype version for broadcasters released to manufacturers

    A special version of Skype designed for professional TV broadcasts reached another milestone with its release to manufacturers and the signing of three hardware partners.

  • HP buys Cloud provider Eucalyptus

    Hewlett-Packard has agreed to buy Cloud platform provider, Eucalyptus, stepping up HP's efforts in the growing field of Cloud computing.

  • Responding to critics, Google makes Drive, Docs suite more accessible for the blind

    Google has added features to Drive and the Docs apps suite to make the products easier to use for people who are blind or have poor eyesight, an issue over which the company has been criticized.

  • Dropbox reports a steady rise in government data requests

    Interest in Dropbox is growing among users, and law enforcement too.

  • Former Red Hat CTO now head of Google Cloud

    Brian Stevens, the former chief technology officer for Red Hat, is now managing Google Cloud.

  • Apple starts selling lower-cost iCloud storage, adds iCloud Drive to beta website

    Apple on Wednesday flipped the switch on its new iCloud storage plan prices, and added iCloud Drive to a beta version of the website.

  • OneDrive now allows files of up to 10GB

    Addressing an issue often overlooked by cloud storage users when choosing a service, Microsoft has increased the maximum size for files uploaded to OneDrive from 2GB to 10GB.

  • Apple reveals new iCloud storage prices

    With no fanfare -- admittedly Apple had more important things to trumpet Tuesday -- the Cupertino, Calif. company yesterday published monthly prices for its expanded iCloud storage plans.

  • Aaron Levie doesn't want his company to get boxed in

    When Aaron Levie co-founded Box in 2004, he envisioned how businesses would benefit from cloud storage and file sharing -- improved data access and collaboration -- and, since few vendors grasped this, Box cashed in when this technology got popular years later.

  • Are Microsoft's 'Chromebook killers' better for the enterprise?

    A wave of inexpensive Windows laptops meant to compete with the Google Chromebook is coming, but analysts say enterprises should carefully consider their requirements before choosing a low-cost device from either company.

  • launches $100 million venture capital fund

    While has been an active investor in startup companies for years, it's taking these efforts to the next level with its first dedicated venture capital fund.

  • Tibco going up against Oracle, IBM and Adobe with new customer engagement platform

    Add Tibco to the list of vendors pushing a full stack of so-called "customer engagement" software, which companies use to track and analyze consumer behavior in hopes of building deeper relationships with them and ultimately, selling more products and services.

  • IBM secures SoftLayer with Intel trusted modules

    Fortifying its SoftLayer cloud services for enterprise use, IBM has started using Intel's chip-based Trusted Execution Technology to help organizations in highly regulated industries meet their auditing and security compliance requirements.

  • News platform records 4.1b hits during FIFA World Cup

    A news, video and photo platform developed for the FIFA World Cup recorded 4.1 billion hits during the tournament in 2014 as soccer fans from around the world tuned in online.