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    H-1B loophole may help California utility offshore IT jobs

    Southern California Edison is outsourcing part of its IT operations, and the jobs may be going overseas.

  • Employers scramble to fill 'in demand' IT roles

    The tech skills shortage continues to bite as employers scramble for the right candidates in numerous high demand areas like software development, infrastructure, and project management, according to the latest Hays Quarterly Hotspots report for April to June.

  • Oracle legal letter prompts closure of independent JD Edwards help site

    The operator of an independent website aimed at helping users of J.D. Edwards enterprise resource planning software has shut it down after Oracle alleged the site infringed on its copyrights.

  • An unnecessary path to tech: A Bachelor's degree

    Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Edward Snowden all launched tech careers without four-year college degrees, and that may be true for a large percentage of techies.

  • H-1B applications surge to 172,500, twice the cap

    The U.S. received twice as many H-1B visa petitions as it can give out under its 85,000 visa cap, and is thus distributing the visas via lottery.

  • Airline hopes gamification can make its Oracle ERP users soar

    Canadian airline WestJet believes gamification, the notion of applying elements of game design to a workplace setting, can help its employees use more effectively its Oracle J.D. Edwards ERP (enterprise resource planning) system.

  • Intel cuts 1,500 jobs in Costa Rica, consolidates some operations in Asia

    Intel is cutting 1,500 jobs in Costa Rica as it takes steps to cut 5 percent of its workforce by the end of the fiscal year.

  • Parliament should unite to remove innovation barriers: Clare

    The government and opposition can agree to fix issues holding back Australian startups and innovation, according to Communications Shadow Minister Jason Clare.

  • U.S. hits H-1B cap with 'high number' of petitions

    The U.S. government said today it has reached the H-1B cap, and if this year is similar to previous years, 70% of applicants are under the age of 35, and a major portion will take jobs at offshore outsourcing companies.

  • SAP wants to make business users head-over-heels for HANA with new MOOC

    SAP is hoping that a new massive online open course will help plant seeds of interest in its HANA in-memory database platform and also lead business end users to understand it better.

  • Westpac unveils IT scholarships as part of $100M program

    Westpac Australia has announced funding for up to 40 three-year IT undergraduate scholarships from 2015 as part of a $100 million education program.

  • Juniper to lay off more than 500 and close facilities

    Juniper Networks will lay off about 6 per cent of its workforce and back out of application delivery controllers as part of a restructuring intended to cut costs and focus the company on markets where it can grow fast.

  • CompTIA now offers its research without charge

    CompTIA, a 32-year-old tech industry group best known for its IT certifications, is broadening access to it resources by making them free.

  • Durbin warns Republicans standalone H-1B hike plan will fail

    A push by the high-tech industry to support a stand-alone H-1B increase is drawing the ire of U.S. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.).

  • IT project managers, business analyst contractors in demand: Hudson

    IT project managers, change managers and business analyst contractors that can help companies with business transformations are in demand, in Australia according to the latest Hudson employment trends report.

  • How to find a co-founder for your startup

    You may have a great idea for a startup, but you’re not going to be able to start a business on your own.

  • Reforms promised, officials removed following audit of troubled Obamacare site built by Oracle

    A newly released, independent audit of Oregon's disastrous Obamacare website implementation takes both state officials and site contractor Oracle to task, saying each side contributed to problems that have generated a political firestorm in recent months.

  • NICTA concerned over IT security brain drain

    Australia needs to create a cybersecurity ecosystem of companies so there are more opportunities for computer scientist and software engineering graduates according to NICTA software systems research group leader Scientia Professor Gernot Heiser.

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    H-1B visas produce net IT job boost

    The high-tech industry contends that Congress' failure to raise the cap on H-1B visas is costing the U.S. an opportunity to create a new job every 43 seconds.

  • Data#3 general manager Mark Esler retires

    Data#3’s (ASX: DTL) Queensland general manager Mark Esler has retired after 30 years at the system integrator.

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