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  • Investor visa overhaul to boost venture capital for startups

    An overhaul of the significant investor visa will increase startup access to venture capital in Australia, according to the Australian Industry (Ai) Group.

  • Software developer shortage transcends international boundaries

    The dearth of software development talent isn't an issue restricted to U.S. businesses. Finding programmers, especially to fill positions in the growing field of health IT, is a global challenge, said speakers Tuesday during a panel discussion on developing a health IT workforce.

  • Sprint cuts 452 HQ jobs in IT, network and technology areas

    Sprint recently cut 452 jobs from its headquarters in Overland Park, Kan., an amount that equals about 6% of the 7,500 workers there.

  • In brief: ACS hunts for new CEO after Patterson exits

    The Australian Computer Society's chief financial officer, Kim Finch, will act as CEO for the organisation after the departure of Alan Patterson.

  • Former AAPT CEO joins Nextgen Networks

    Former AAPT CEO, David Yuile, has been appointed managing director of Nextgen Networks.

  • Security: Incident response is everything

    This year so far has had a number of information security incidents that have cost likely billions of dollars, and they've cost even more as damage to the reputations of some well-known businesses. US retailer Target, Home Depot, Apple, Sony, JP Morgan Chase, and the list goes on.

  • Chipmaker AMD will cut staff by 7 percent

    AMD's new chief is making her mark quickly: By the end of 2014, the chipmaker will cut worldwide headcount by about 7 percent in a restructuring plan it hopes will put it on the path to improved profits.

  • Life as an IT contractor

    The upside of life as an IT contractor is alluring. You get to be your own boss, accept only the jobs you want, and work flexible hours. With each assignment comes the opportunity to learn new skills and gain exposure to different environments.

  • Despite recent gains, the best year for tech employment remains 2001

    In 2001, the tech industry employed 6.5 million people. Then the bubble burst, and payrolls shrank dramatically.

  • Warm response to funding for coding education

    The government will spend $12 million improving STEM education in primary and secondary schools as part of its 'Competitiveness Agenda', which also includes changes to how employee share options are taxed.

  • Startups applaud death of Labor tax rules on employee share options

    Australia’s startup scene has welcomed changes by the Abbott government to taxation of employee stock option plans (ESOPs) as a positive first step toward a thriving startup ecosystem.

  • Oracle database certifications aren't 'permanent' anymore

    Oracle is requiring database administrators to upgrade their certifications if the ones they hold are for older versions of its platform.

  • Startups win reform in Abbott's competitiveness agenda

    The Australian government will reform how employee share options are taxed to make it easier for startups to attract and retain talent, as part of a $400 million Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda unveiled today by Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

  • Aegis expansion could lead to 550 new jobs in Melbourne

    Outsourcing and IT services company Aegis Limited is planning to build a $4 million Asia Pacific centre for analytics, social media and multilingual language services in Melbourne, leading to the creation of up to 550 new jobs, the company said.

  • Curriculum review falls short on ICT, says ACS

    The Australian Computer Society hit out at a recommendation of the government-commissioned review of the Australian school curriculum that the 'technologies' subject should be introduced at Year 9 as an elective for students.

  • Millennials choose enterprise IT -- really!

    As a millennial entering the workforce, Amy Jackson had an enviable array of experiences under her belt.

  • ACS youth festival, YITCON14, kicks off in Melbourne

    The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is holding a two-day youth festival of ICT, ACS YITCON14, in Melbourne today and tomorrow.

  • Computer engineering degrees pay off big time

    Computer engineering majors are some of the highest paid workers in the country, according to new data analyzed by the Brookings Institution.

  • UK tech firm WM360 sets up shop in Melbourne

    United Kingdom based IT services firm WM360 has chosen Melbourne as the location for its Australian headquarters and plans to create up to 20 new jobs over the next three years.

  • Generation Nervous? Millennial searches focus on anxiety meds

    An analysis of U.S. employee web searches for healthcare services showed that millennials search more frequently for anti-anxiety meds and women use specific medical terms while men tend to generalize.