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  • The Grill: Becky Blalock counsels women to get in front of decision-makers

    In her 33-year career with $18 billion Southern Co., IT veteran and first-time author Becky Blalock held positions in accounting, finance, corporate communications, external affairs and IT, where she rose to the rank of senior vice president and CIO before retiring in 2011. Regardless of the department, she continually encountered young women starved for career tips who sought mentors to share lessons learned and real-life how-to information. That experience, combined with the fact that she always wanted to write a book and "couldn't just go from being CIO to doing nothing," led her to pen Dare: Straight Talk on Confidence, Courage, and Career for Women in Charge, which was published last month.

  • 10 questions for Ping Identity CTO Patrick Harding

    Name: Patrick Harding

  • 10 questions for Layer 7 Technologies CTO Scott Morrison

    Name: Scott Morrison

  • Career Watch: A certification for risk professionals

    Q&A: Allan Boardman

  • 10 questions for InnerWorkings CFO Joe Busky

    Name: Joe Busky

  • 10 questions for Symplified founder and CTO Darren Platt

    Name: Darren Platt

  • 10 questions for CHR Solutions CFO Mark Vance

    Name: Mark Vance

  • 10 questions for Gehry Technologies CFO Michael Lin

    Name: Michael Lin

  • 10 questions for Hortonworks CTO Eric Baldeschwieler

    Name: Eric Baldeschwieler

  • Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst weighs in on strategy, Oracle and growth

    Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst is coming up on his five-year anniversary at the helm, following his arrival in December 2007. Under Whitehurst's leadership, Red Hat's revenue has grown from US$523 million in its fiscal 2008 to more than $1.1 billion in its fiscal 2012, without deviating from its core strategy of open-source infrastructure software.

  • 10 questions for The Children's Center CFO Michael Miligan

    Name: Michael Milligan

  • 10 questions for Bit9 CTO Harry Sverdlove

    Name: Harry Sverdlove

  • 10 questions for Cormant CFO Catherine Goodison

    Name: Catherine Goodison

  • 10 questions for Imperva CTO Amichai Shulman

    Name: Amichai Shulman

  • Steve Jobs interview: One-on-one in 1995

    In April of 1995, Steve Jobs, then head of NeXT Computer, was interviewed as part of the Computerworld Honors Program Oral History project. The wide-ranging interview was conducted by Daniel Morrow, executive director of the awards program.

  • Hitachi GST CEO claims hard drive future hangs in Cloud

    In March, Western Digital agreed to buy Hitachi Global Storage Technologies> (HGST), the disk drive subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd., in a stock and cash transaction valued at $US4.3 billion. HGST CEO Steve Milligan will join WD as president at the closing of the deal, expected in the fourth quarter.

  • The grill: Barbara Koster

    Barbara Koster, CIO of Prudential Financial, oversees 1,700 IT employees and formulates policies, establishes standards and architectures, and develops guidelines and management practices for the financial services giant. She also manages the company's global networks and data centers and other technology infrastructure.

  • CIO Rebecca Jacoby steers Cisco's IT ship

    Running the internal IT operations of Cisco Systems is a big job not just because of the size of the company -- more than 70,000 employees worldwide and a market capitalisation in the range of $US100 billion -- but also because Cisco is continually developing new IT products across a broad range of technologies and is known for rapidly adopting those products for its own use. Cisco CIO Rebecca Jacoby spoke with IDG News Service on the sidelines of the NetWork conference last week and shared some insights into the legendary enterprise IT company's own enterprise IT.

  • Interview: Royal District Nursing Service of South Australia CIO

    Health check - an interview with Royal District Nursing Service SA CIO, Jodie Rugless

  • Q&A: Austereo CIO Ross Forgione

    What does an average work day involve for you at Austereo? The average day at Austereo is an adventure. It's a combination of managing daily operational needs and activities and taking on the new challenges associated with an organisation that continually pushes itself and the traditional boundaries of our industry.