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  • The Texas woman on fire about H-1B visa use

    Jennifer Wedel, whose husband was unemployed at the time she asked President Obama about the issue, is now an H-1B activist.

    28 April 16 05:14 Written by Patrick Thibodeau
  • How many H-1B workers are female? U.S. won’t say

    The U.S. government has information about the gender of H-1B visa applicants, but refuses to release it, saying doing so would be burdensome.

    01 April 16 21:02 Written by Sharon Machlis, Patrick Thibodeau
  • Mingis on Tech: IT Salary Watch -- show me the money!

    Executive News Editor Ken Mingis and Senior Features Editor Tracy Mayor dive into some of the details of Computerworld's latest IT Salary Survey. It's all about the money....

    29 March 16 21:00 Written by Computerworld Staff
  • The road to success: Tech leaders tell all

    To get to the top of the org chart, you'll need more than basic dev skills. Today's head honchos offer their wisdom on getting ahead

    28 March 16 21:00 Written by Paul Heltzel
  • At Hertz IT, sheriffs, shock and tough choices

    The IT outlook in Oklahoma, the site of the Hertz layoff, is not booming right now, so the job prospects for those who were laid off is iffy.

    11 March 16 08:37 Written by Patrick Thibodeau
  • The 6 hottest new jobs in IT

    These leading-edge jobs could prove to be the most lucrative careers in tomorrow’s tech

    07 March 16 21:53 Written by Bill Snyder
  • How the next president will change the H-1B visa

    Florida is the most recent battleground over H-1B use; that could shape up to be the most telling contest on the issue when the primary is held on March 15.

    03 March 16 21:53 Written by Patrick Thibodeau
  • Video profile: Behind the scenes at Akamai

    What's it like to work at this fast-growing content delivery and cloud services company? Computerworld checked out the scene at Akamai's Cambridge, Mass., headquarters.

    19 Feb. 16 22:23 Written by Tracy Mayor
  • How to get a job in IT consulting

    Whether it's for a global giant like Deloitte or Capgemini or a small boutique firm, working as an IT consultant is never dull. Here's how to nab a coveted position.

    17 Feb. 16 22:23 Written by Howard Baldwin
  • White House education plan leaves visa critics flabbergasted

    Infosys, Tata, Microsoft, Google and are all contributing, but some critics question the message that linking up with India's top outsourcers gives to current IT practitioners.

    01 Feb. 16 06:09 Written by Patrick Thibodeau
  • 5 signs your startup is screwed

    The founders of failed startups share lessons learned along the way -- and signs of impending doom they wish they'd spotted sooner

    04 Jan. 16 14:00 Written by JR Raphael
  • IT pro's revitalization guide 2016

    Happy New Year, techies! Before you jump back into the grind, take a moment to refresh your personal and professional goals via our most insightful tech-management articles and videos.

    01 Jan. 16 14:30 Written by Computerworld Staff and Contributors
  • Q&A about SunTrust’s cooperation clause

    The bank is asserting that the clause it's using in its severance deal with IT workers is being misconstrued. The full clause is offered for readers to make up their own minds.

    21 Oct. 15 22:45 Written by Patrick Thibodeau
  • Tech pros make the most of the 'gig economy'

    Younger IT workers are increasingly choosing independence over full-time employment. Is the 'open talent economy' right for you too? Three 20- and 30-somethings share their experiences working for everyone from giants like Microsoft and Google to nonprofits and startups.

    08 Sept. 15 13:17 Written by Tam Harbert

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