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  • Chinese Android phone maker hides secret backdoor on its devices

    Chinese smartphone maker Coolpad has built an extensive "backdoor" into its Android devices that can track users, serve them unwanted advertisements and install unauthorized apps, a U.S. security firm alleged today.

  • BlackBerry's new Classic smartphone has a physical keyboard, sells for $449

    BlackBerry officially launched its Classic smartphone with a qwerty physical keyboard and trackpad on Wednesday for $449, unlocked, in the U.S. The release comes amid continuing worries about the company's declining market share.

  • Top five smartphone disappointments of the year

    The poor design of two different smartphones, a low-resolution front camera with the new iPhone, the Moto G's lack of LTE, and the hefty price tag of the Amazon Fire led to disappointment this year when it came to smartphone releases.

  • Apple shutters Russian online store as ruble plummets

    Apple's online store for Russian customers was offline all day Tuesday after the U.S. company shut down the mart because of the ruble's plunge.

  • Android apps exploit permissions granted, French researchers find

    Android apps really do use those permissions they ask for to access users' personal information: one online store records a phone's location up to 10 times a minute, French researchers have found. The tools to manage such access are limited, and inadequate given how much information phones can gather.

  • Apple, Xiaomi won big as Samsung's smartphone struggles continued in third quarter

    A successful iPhone 6 launch in the U.S. helped Apple increase its share of the smartphone market in the third quarter, but nemesis Samsung Electronics struggled, with upstart Chinese manufacturers nipping at its heels and growing ever stronger.

  • Walmart slashes iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus prices

    The new Apple iPhone 6 Plus phablet was nowhere to be found among all the blockbuster Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals last month, but <a href=";sourceid=30182817552573327969&amp;oid=183959.1&amp;u1=skim14610X714040X4231bc0f46c307c3f85af48283353e23&amp;affillinktype=10&amp;veh=aff">Walmart</a> has surprised this week by announcing a deep discount on the smartphones through February.

  • Big new United Airlines carry-on item: iPhone 6 Plus phablets for 23,000 flight attendants

    United Airlines this week announced that its flight attendants will soon be equipped with <a href="">Apple's iPhone 6 Plus phablets</a> to take care of your safety, food and entertainment needs.

  • Patent battles risk disrupting Xiaomi's international expansion

    There's blood in the water and it comes from Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone maker that risks becoming a target for patent holders that want the company to pay up.

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook among 8 finalists for Time's Person of the Year

    Apple CEO Tim Cook, who dazzled the industry with new iPhones and iPads and showed strength by becoming the <a href="">first Fortune 500 CEO to publicly announce he is gay</a>, has made <em>Time</em> magazine's short list for Person of the Year for 2014.

  • Economist survey foresees shift in IT service delivery

    63% of LOBs expected growth of third-party tech services, while increased spending on enterprise IT services is anticipated by 65% of CIOs


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