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  • Acer chooses AMD chips for new netbooks

    Acer on Friday announced new netbooks based on chips from Advanced Micro Devices, a win for the chip company's efforts to grab market share from rival Intel.

    19 June 10 03:27 Written by Agam Shah
  • Your next laptop: Concept designs point the way

    Tired of the stale cookie-cutter designs that make all laptops look basically alike? You're not alone. A group of intrepid designers and engineers is doing something about the "sameness syndrome" that permeates notebook design. They're working on groundbreaking concept designs that not only turn heads but also point to new ways to work and play on the road.

    11 June 10 09:25 Written by Brian Nadel
  • MSI shows prototype laptop with convertible keyboard

    Taiwan's Micro-Star International showed for the first time on Monday a laptop computer with a keyboard that flips over to reveal a sensor pad for pen input. The Sketch Pad, which is still a prototype, was unveiled at the same time it launched a Windows 7-based tablet PC.

    31 May 10 16:40 Written by Martyn Williams
  • Intel offers low-power chips for thin, light laptops

    With the aim of bringing down the price of laptops, Intel on Monday launched a family of low-power processors for thin and light machines that could be more affordable than conventional laptops.

    25 May 10 05:43 Written by Agam Shah
  • Dell looking into AMD's Fusion chips

    PC maker Dell is looking into Advanced Micro Devices' Fusion processors for use in future laptops and desktops as it tries to make PCs smaller and more power-efficient, a company executive said.

    12 May 10 14:03 Written by Agam Shah
  • Intel looks to boost performance of Atom netbooks

    Intel's plan to improve its Atom processor line, including the launch of a dual-core version this quarter, could help sustain demand for mobile products including netbooks.

    01 May 10 05:35 Written by Agam Shah
  • German court orders Lenovo to stop using 'smartbook'

    A German court on Thursday issued a restraining order at the behest of Smartbook AG to stop Lenovo from using the "smartbook" trademark to describe low-cost laptops in Germany.

    12 Feb. 10 05:07 Written by Agam Shah
  • Seagate to release world's thinnest laptop drive

    Seagate Technology today announced what it's calling the world's thinnest laptop and netbook hard drive, the Momentus Thin drive, which at 7mm, is just over a quarter of an inch thick and is 25% slimmer than a traditional .37-in. (9.5mm), 2.5-in. hard drive.

    15 Dec. 09 03:26 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • Dell's Latitude Z laptop goes for the high end

    Dell, once the king of low-cost over-the-phone computer sales, has recently been trying to find its niche as a purveyor of luxury goods in what could charitably be called a stuttering economy. Having first gone for the high-end consumer market with its sleek Adamo notebook released in March, it has turned its sights to the corporate sector with the sleek, expensive and better equipped Latitude Z.

    30 Sept. 09 02:43 Written by Barbara Krasnoff
  • Intel shows laptop with four screens

    Intel is showing off a prototype laptop this week that has four screens, increasing the display area so that multiple applications can be viewed simultaneously.

    24 Sept. 09 07:07 Written by Agam Shah
  • Dell previews ultra-thin Adamo laptop design

    Hoping to generate some buzz around its Adamo laptops, Dell showed off an ultra-thin design on Wednesday that could heat up the race between PC makers trying to build the world's thinnest laptop.

    10 Sept. 09 06:14 Written by Agam Shah
  • Sony warns of laptops with faulty Nvidia chips

    Sony has said some of its Vaio laptops are equipped with faulty graphics chips from Nvidia, which the graphics company has said could cause some laptops to overheat and ultimately fail.

    12 Aug. 09 10:49 Written by Agam Shah