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  • China signals censors will continue to crack down on VPN services

    China has defended its growing attempts to control the Internet, after disrupting several services that allowed users to view the Web free of censorship.

  • Facebook, Instagram temporarily down in many countries

    Facebook and Instagram were down temporarily late Monday, suggesting that common infrastructure used by these services was hit.

  • DEA cameras tracking hundreds of millions of car journeys across the US

    A U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration program to keep tabs on cars close to the U.S.-Mexican border has been gradually expanded nationwide and is regularly used by other law enforcement agencies in their hunt for suspects.

  • Oracle and Samsung said to be teaming up for mobile cloud delivery

    Oracle and Samsung Electronics have reportedly forged a new partnership through which they will work together to deliver mobile cloud services.

  • Microsoft results buoyed by cloud products, but profit drops

    Microsoft generated $2.3 billion in revenue last quarter from a business that didn't exist only a year earlier: phone hardware. Were it not for Nokia's old business, Microsoft would have been a poorer performer in the last three months of 2014, at least in terms of sales.

  • IBM denies employee "bloodbath" is fast-approaching

    IBM has strenuously denied circulating media reports that the company will slash 110,000 jobs under a scheme known internally as Project Chrome, representing 26% of its global workforce.

  • Facebook testing spartan Android 'Lite' service

    Facebook is testing a stripped down version of its mobile app that requires far less data, which could help increase usage of the social networking service among people with weaker Internet service or older phones.

  • States threaten lawsuit against Obama's municipal broadband plan

    If the U.S. Federal Communications Commission moves to preempt state laws that limit municipal broadband projects, as President Barack Obama recently asked the agency to do, it will likely end up in court.

  • Simple Google search outed alleged Silk Road founder

    It was a simple Web search that led to the arrest of Ross Ulbricht, accused mastermind of the Silk Road underground online marketplace, a U.S. Internal Revenue Service special agent testified Monday in a Manhattan federal courtroom

  • Apple readies another crack at ending Yosemite's Wi-Fi ills

    Apple is putting the final touches on the next update to OS X Yosemite as it again tries to stamp out Wi-Fi problems customers have experienced -- and reported -- since the operating system launched three months ago.

  • Gartner foresees 250m connected vehicles on the road by 2020

    If you buy a car during the next five years, there's a good chance it will have a wireless network connection that will enable a myriad of mobile services.

  • Facebook blocks content in Turkey deemed insulting to the Prophet Muhammad

    Facebook has blocked some content in Turkey after Turkish authorities said the material was illegal because it was insulting to the Prophet Muhammad.

  • Coinbase set to launch licensed Bitcoin exchange in the US

    Bitcoin wallet provider Coinbase will launch the first U.S. licensed exchange for the digital currency on Monday, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

  • What is home automation and how do I get started?

    From flicking a light switch to opening your garage door with a remote control, our homes have been automated for decades. The concept goes as far back as the 1934 World's Fair in Chicago where the "home of the future" was unveiled. In the last 80 years, however, the automated home has morphed into the smart home, courtesy of the Internet, sensors and connectivity. The modern automated home can do more than turn on our heating and our lights--it can actually think for us.

  • NIST pledges transparency in NSA dealings over crypto standards

    A U.S. agency that develops widely used standards for encryption has pledged to be more transparent about its dealings with the National Security Agency, amid concerns the NSA undermined those standards to boost its surveillance efforts.

  • What can I do with home automation?

    Once reserved primarily for the wealthy due to its complexity and whole-home-or-nothing model, today home automation is more accessible, no matter what your budget. Instead of buying into a $50,000 whole-home system, you can build a smart home yourself piece-by-piece.

  • Broward County rolls out its own fiber ring, shifts to VoIP

    "TOO SLOW!" "It takes me over 5 minutes just to log in!"

  • AT&T to acquire Nextel Mexico assets for $1.9 billion

    AT&T has agreed to acquire mobile carrier Nextel Mexico for UDS$1.9 billion from parent company NII Holdings, in an effort by AT&T to win a larger slice of the Mexican mobile market, the company announced Monday.

  • Facebook in Turkey ordered to block material insulting Prophet Muhammad

    A Turkish court has reportedly ordered Facebook to block access to pages that share material insulting the Prophet Muhammad, threatening to block access to the site in the whole country if it does not comply.

  • Motorola returns to China, touts phone customization

    Would you like your smartphone's cover in wood or leather? And how about the device's metal trim?