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  • Windows systems are also vulnerable to FREAK attacks

    A cryptographic library used in all Windows versions is affected by a recently disclosed vulnerability in SSL/TLS implementations that allows man-in-the-middle attackers to force clients and servers to use weak encryption. Internet Explorer and other programs using the library are affected.

  • Time for all Windows users to FREAK out over encryption bug

    Microsoft on Thursday confirmed that Windows was vulnerable to FREAK attacks, and researchers changed their tune, saying Internet Explorer (IE) users were at risk.

  • The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Friday, March 6

    Bill to rein in data brokers restarts... Government funds China companies in global push...TurboTax users victimized... and more tech news.

  • SAP to cut 2,200 jobs, plans to recreate them in other parts of the company

    SAP will cut over 2,200 jobs this year in activities where it sees no future, but plans to create others around cloud services and its HANA in-memory database offering, where it sees more potential.

  • Amazon opens store on Alibaba to sell imported goods in China

    To reach more Chinese consumers, has opened an imported goods store on an Alibaba Group site.

  • Ditch PowerPoint and engage your audience: Garr Reynolds

    Death by PowerPoint presentation has become the norm but strong images and small amounts of data are better at engaging your audience, according to communications consultant Garr Reynolds.

  • VMware sued for alleged GPL licence infractions

    A Linux kernel developer is suing VMware in Germany, alleging the company has not complied with copyright terms for using open-source software.

  • ISIS supporters operated at least 46,000 Twitter accounts, study finds

    Supporters of the Islamic extremist group known as ISIS operated at least 46,000 Twitter accounts at the end of last year, a new study says, underscoring the challenge facing social networks as they become powerful tools for propaganda and recruitment.

  • Self-driving car technology could end up in robots

    The development of self-driving cars could spur advancements in robotics and cause other ripple effects, potentially benefitting society in a variety of ways.

  • Docker buys SDN start-up for container networking

    Linux container company Docker this week said it would acquire SDN start-up SocketPlane, a developer of a native networking stack for Docker software.

  • Airbnb offers a query tool for unlocking massive data sets

    Airbnb has open-sourced a tool that allows its non-technical employees to work like data scientists, and it hopes others will use the software to more effectively mine their own data

  • Microsoft unwraps Mac Office 2016 preview

    Microsoft today released a preview of Office 2016 for Mac, the successor to the four-year-old Office 2011.

  • Clinton's shadow IT would not have passed private sector muster

    There are many questions regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of her private email to conduct official business. A leading one is whether the department's IT managers did anything to question or stop it.

  • Dropbox for Business adds groups with open API

    Dropbox has added group sharing to the business version of its cloud storage platform.

  • Google's new car insurance site lets you compare rates

    Google has launched a new auto insurance site in the U.S. designed to simplify for consumers the process of shopping for policies.

  • Lawmakers target data brokers in privacy bill

    Four U.S. senators have resurrected legislation that would allow consumers to see and correct personal information held by data brokers and tell those businesses to stop sharing or selling it for marketing purposes.

  • An incredibly shrinking Firefox faces endangered species status

    Mozilla's Firefox is in danger of making the endangered species list for browsers.

  • Red Hat strips down for Docker

    Reacting to the surging popularity of the Docker virtualization technology, Red Hat has customized a version of its Linux distribution to run Docker containers.

  • Gmail's revised contacts page cuts down on clutter

    While users wait with bated breath to see if Google Inbox ends up becoming the new Gmail, Google has unveiled an incremental change to Gmail: a newly redesigned contacts page. It hasn't yet been rolled into Gmail proper, but is now available in preview form.

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