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  • Amazon Web Services goes gunning for gamers with free FPS framework

    Amazon Web Services is handing PC and console game developers new tools to encourage them to use its cloud services for their back-end server infrastructure.

  • Facebook faces restrictions in France on data transfer to US, tracking of users

    The French data protection authority has ordered Facebook to stop some transfers of personal data of its users to the U.S. and to change the way it handles the data of users and non-users visiting its website.

  • NAB prepares for national rollout of personal banking platform

    National Australia Bank expects to complete the nationwide​ rollout of its Personal Banking Origination Platform (PBOP) by the end of the calendar year, following trials in the South Australia and the Northern Territory.

  • Microsoft's Azure Stack beta gets new services and DevOps tools

    People testing out the public beta of Microsoft's Azure Stack private cloud system have some new platform services and DevOps tools to play with less than two weeks after it initially launched.

  • Prysm combines displays with SaaS to extend the reach of enterprise collaboration

    The increasingly busy enterprise collaboration space got a new entry Monday with Prysm's new platform designed to support dispersed, multidevice workplaces.

  • Microsoft previews enterprise-grade setting sync in Windows 10

    Microsoft has announced that a public preview of the enterprise-specific synchronization of settings, apps and passwords between devices running Windows 10 is now available.

  • Forget Trump and Clinton: IBM's Watson is running for president

    If company CEOs can be replaced by computers, why not the president of the United States?

  • Facebook's Free Basics prohibited in India

    Facebook's Free Basics service has been dealt a severe blow by India's telecommunications regulator, which ruled on Monday that telecom service providers are prohibited from charging differently for data depending on the content or the application that the user is accessing.

  • What makes ‘smart contracts’ smart?

    Contract law has been a fundamental cornerstone of the formation of modern human society. Smart contracts, an expression coined by Nick Szabo, represent a digital evolution of contracts.

  • Now that AI has mastered 'Go', are all our jobs next?

    One by one, artificial intelligence has overcome the obstacles set before it. Is this all part of an inevitable trend leading to humanity's obsolescence -- or, at least, unemployment?

  • UN panel backs WikiLeaks' Julian Assange, but he may not go free

    A UN panel has ruled that the time Julian Assange has spent cooped up in the London embassy of the Ecuador government amounts to arbitrary detention by the U.K. and Sweden, but it is unlikely that the founder of the WikiLeaks whistle-blowing website will walk away free soon.

  • Dragula looks to take the bite out of drag-and-drop

    The open source library exclusively focuses on drag-and-drop, allowing users to move elements around a Web page

  • How to secure Amazon Web Services like a boss

    Amazon does a great job with infrastructure, but securing your cloud applications and environment is up to you. Here's how

  • M2-Vocus merger greenlit by court

    Monday is expected to be the last day that M2 shares will trade on the ASX after the Victorian Supreme court today gave the go-ahead for a merger with Vocus Communications.

  • Local Intel, IBM heads laud Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement

    Yesterday’s signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the first step in a still lengthy road to ratification for the controversial trade agreement, drew a warm reception from the local heads of tech companies IBM and Intel.

  • IBM doubles down on data with four new cloud tools

    Data is what makes today's business world go 'round, and IBM on Thursday launched a suite of new tools designed to help companies make the most of what they've got.

  • Open Networking User Group looks to reign in ‘Wild West’ of hybrid cloud

    A working group made up of 10 Fortune 500 customers is urging for easier interoperability between public and private clouds.

  • A.I. and virtual reality may propel future of retail

    Retail is no longer about having the latest products on shelves in brick-and-mortar stores or having a cool website. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality are the new tools consumers will use to go shopping.

  • The US FAA has banned drones from 50km around the Super Bowl

    San Francisco Bay Area residents looking for something to do other than watch the Super Bowl on Sunday can cross "flying my drone" off the list.

  • In search of IBM Verse

    It’s been almost exactly 10 months since IBM formally launched its analytics-infused messaging system called Verse, and while the company’s announcement of “software for a new way to work” generated a relatively positive blast of press and analyst coverage, buzz about the cloud-first product has dwindled since. So I went in search of signs of excitement, or even signs of life, for Verse upon heading to the IBM Connect conference this week in Orlando.