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  • In a haystack of data, Alation helps find the needle

    One of the paradoxes of today's data-driven world is that the very data we seek for competitive advantage can be both a curse and a blessing. Businesses need the right data to gain a leg up, but each new bit they acquire makes it harder to uncover the data they need.

  • Apigee aims to unify IoT with APIs

    Internet of Things devices aren't terribly useful without apps and services. Apigee says it can help glue these elements together using APIs.

  • Datacom scores $242 million Department of Health contract

    Datacom has signed a five-year contract with the Department of Health. Under the $242 million contract, which replaces existing agreements the department had with IBM and Accenture, Datacom will provide ICT infrastructure and support services.

  • EPIC appeals to court for FAA drone privacy rules

    The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) asked an appeals court on Tuesday to force the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to come up with privacy rules concerning drones.

  • Verizon subscribers can now opt out of 'supercookies'

    Verizon customers can now opt out of having a unique identifier placed on their phones that critics have labelled a 'supercookie' because it's almost impossible to remove.

  • Thousands call on Congress to overturn net neutrality rules

    Opponents of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's new net neutrality rules aren't giving up, with a conservative advocacy group saying it has collected more than 540,000 signatures on a petition asking Congress to overturn the agency's action.

  • Amazon tries a physical button for making purchases

    Amazon might be on to the killer app for restocking toilet paper from the privacy of your home.

  • HP hits former Autonomy execs with $US5bn suit

    The UK's Serious Fraud Office may have dropped its investigation of software firm Autonomy earlier this year, but that doesn't appear to have done much to allay HP's ire. HP -- which acquired Autonomy in 2011 -- has confirmed that it plans to sue Mike Lynch and Sushovan Hussain, Autonomy's former CEO and CFO, for $5.1 billion.

  • Microsoft consolidates enterprise editions of Visual Studio

    For the next version of its Visual Studio, Microsoft has consolidated the enterprise versions of the integrated development environment (IDE) software into a single product so it can be more easily managed by large organizations.

  • SAP co-founder Tschira dies at 74

    Klaus Tschira, an SAP co-founder who helped pioneer the development of modern ERP (enterprise resource planning) software and turn the Germany-based company into a global software powerhouse, died Tuesday in Heidelberg at 74.

  • Microsoft resurrects the Surface with third try

    Microsoft has announced the Surface 3, a new entry in its not-a-tablet-it's-a-notebook line, pitching the smaller device as a "more compact and efficient package" than the Surface Pro 3.

  • Google gives Apps admins more control over their files and docs

    Google is giving systems admins more control over Apps documents in an attempt to alleviate concerns about securing company data after moving email and productivity software to the cloud.

  • Infinit speeds up video, photo sharing via smartphones

    French company Infinit has released Android and iOS applications for free file-sharing that promise improved transmission speeds over cloud-based services.

  • Facebook tracks all site vistors, violating EU law, report says

    Facebook tracks everyone who visits its site, including people who don't have an account, and even continues to track users and non-users who have opted out of targeted ads, researchers at two Belgian universities have found.

  • Cloudyn helps companies keep track of Microsoft Azure deployments

    Israeli cloud monitoring company Cloudyn has added support for Azure, helping companies stay on top of their Microsoft deployments.

  • Indiana law is fast having 'definite negative impact' on tech

    Organizers of the upcoming Indy Big Data Conference are feeling the impact of the tech industry's anger over Indiana's new "religious freedom" law and want state lawmakers to correct the law -- quickly.

  • Arista decouples switch, software pricing

    Arista Networks this week decoupled the pricing of its software and switch hardware as a consumption option for cloud providers.

  • Microsoft's Surface 3 starts at $US499, eligible for free Windows 10 upgrade

    Microsoft wants laptop diehards to switch over to its lightweight Surface 3 tablet, which will offer PC-like performance and be eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 10 later this year.

  • Stanford crypto expert Dan Boneh wins $175K computer science award

    Stanford University computer science professor Dan Boneh has been named as the recipient of the 2014 ACM-Infosys Foundation Award in Computing Sciences for his work in cryptography.

  • The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Tuesday, March 31

    Former agents charged with stealing Silk Road bitcoins... Intel wants to quadruple SSD space... smartwatches forecast to boom in 2015... and more tech news.