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  • At Black Hat: A free tool for spear phishing Twitter

    A spear phishing tool to automate the creation of phony tweets - complete with malicious URLs – with messages victims are likely to click on will be released at Black Hat by researchers from ZeroFOX.
    Called SNAP_R (for social network automated phisher with reconnaissance), the tool runs through a target Twitter account to gather data on what topics seem to interest the subscriber. Then it writes a tweet loaded up with a link to a site containing malware and sends it.

    22 July 16 08:04 Written by Tim Greene
  • Microsoft, IBM tout cloud services as key drivers of earnings strength

    It is earnings season, which for publicly-traded technology vendors in the cloud market means it’s time to update investors on the momentum of emerging products helping to displace eroding revenue from legacy offerings. For two technology vendor stalwarts – Microsoft and IBM - cloud computing has played a significant role in their earnings this quarter.

    21 July 16 02:32 Written by Brandon Butler
  • How Facebook keeps you from hating its apps

    Nothing provokes app uninstalls like sluggish performance and aggressive battery consumption. Facebook reveals how it uses mobile device testing to prevent those uninstalls.

    14 July 16 04:05 Written by Steven Max Patterson
  • America’s data centers are getting a lot more efficient

    U.S. data centers have used about the same amount of energy annually over the past five years or so, despite substantial growth in the sector, according to a new report published by scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

    29 June 16 00:12 Written by Jon Gold
  • Windows 10’s biggest controversies

    Since its release last July, the newest version of Windows has generally been considered a success, especially compared with its predecessor Windows 8/8.1. However, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. Here are 7 controversies that have been stirred up by Microsoft’s latest OS.

    27 June 16 20:38 Written by Howard Wen
  • Windows 10 Anniversary Update: A guide to the builds

    The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is due this summer -- but if you don’t want to wait, you can install the various builds via Microsoft’s Insider Program. Here is a guide to what each build brings.

    20 June 16 20:00 Written by Preston Gralla
  • 16 ways to build a better dev team

    The secret to building and maintaining a great development team requires transparency, flexibility, and yes, good vibes

    20 June 16 20:00 Written by Paul Heltzel
  • Opening Siri to developers should make the A.I. system smarter

    With Apple pushing ahead to expand Siri, industry analysts say the increasing A.I.-focused competition among industry giants Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple should propel smart technologies to a whole new level in a few years.

    15 June 16 06:28 Written by Sharon Gaudin
  • Infrastructure monitoring products: Users pinpoint the best and worst features

    Monitoring software for servers, networks and applications is supposed to help IT departments spot problems early and avoid business downtime. At IT Central Station, IT managers provide their peers with insights about the pros and cons of four leading products: CA Unified Infrastructure Management, SevOne, Nagios and Opsview Enterprise.

    04 June 16 03:19 Written by IT Central Station

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