Bell Bay (7253), Burnie (7320), Deloraine (7304), Devonport (7310), George Town (7253), Hobart (7000), Kingston Beach (7050), Launceston (7250), Midway Point (7171), Scottsdale (7260), Smithton (7330), Sorell (7172), St Helens (7216), Triabunna (7190)
NBN plans near:
NBN Deployments in Tasmania

Tasmania has been chosen as an NBN test site for the National Broadband Network (NBN).

As part of formulating and testing construction techniques, the government plans to:

“fast-track negotiations with the Tasmanian Government, as suggested by the Panel of Experts, to build upon its National Broadband Network proposal to begin the rollout of a FTTP network and next generation wireless services in Tasmania as early as July.”

After a tender process, Aurora Energy, was chosen to roll-out backhaul fibre between points of interconnect in Tasmania, as well as fibre to the premises in conjunction with Tasmania NBN Co (TNBN Co).

The Tasmanian test sites will be rolled out in three stages. The first stage covers the towns of Midway Point, Scottsdale and Smithton, with intentions to deliver the first NBN services beginning July from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Internode, iiNet and iPrimus.

Second stage towns include Sorell, Deloraine, George Town, St Helens, Triabunna, Kingston Beach and South Hobart.

90,000 premises will be connected in Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie, as part of the roll-out’s third stage.


A E Smith JP



Why are Tasmania's two largest cities with the most revenue returns being left to the third stage?

r giec


is there any chance that places like franklin will be included in the rollout? if so, when is this likely to occur?

Dr. David George


The con behind the launch of the NBN in Tasmania is readily exposed as deceitful when one looks at a map of Tasmania: it is clear that only 60-70% will get optic fibre (others, inc. The Australian (03/02/2011) have calculated as low as 200,000, i.e. 40%), the rest wireless or satellite – delivering far lower speeds.
The independents trumpeted the claim that they would look after country people. How many farmers will get optic fibre? Very few, if any!
i.e. it’s not the NBN as such that’s the problem, it’s the gross unfairness to country Australia in the choice of fibre, a choice which makes second-class citizens of all Australians who choose to live outside an urban centre!
Dr. David George
Karoola, Tasmania

Neil Capill


I live at St. Marys, just 6kms. from the St.Helens- Triabunna cable; we have a Hospital, High School+, Police Station and an Emergency Sevices Centre for the area are we then to get the second rate wireless or satellite link? Crazy. Of course our local A.L.P. M.P. never replies.



And whey are they leaving the 7248 post code out. I live in Mayfield launceston it's not listed in the 3rd phase.

Colin Smee


Here we are just across the Tamar River from George Town and Bell Bay, it looks a big con of the Labor Party government. Beaconsfield does't get a mention

John Routledge


Living as I do at the end of a copper landline on a country road at Molesworth, Tasmania, I am asking what hope there is that I will be supplied with a NBN line to my home. I have already tried a wireless broadband connection and the signal in this area is poor to, at times, non existant. At present I am receiving my internet connection at a speed of 31.2Kbps at present. Is there any possibiliy that, one day, I may get something better and FASTER!

My postcode is 7140.



I completely agree with "Dr. David GeorgeWed" - 25/05/2011

At least offer competitive prices for wireless/satellite for those who cannot get fiber optic cable.

Its just totally unfair!

John Routledge


Why I bothered to ask anything on this page I don't know. Almost 12 months ago I asked about NBN at Molesworth - the end of the earth - and have had no reply. I might as well have placed this on Facebook, at least someone would add a comment. I have now a WiFi account so I couldn't give a stuff about your 'National' network, My access speed is fine by me.



John Routledge, I am also in molesworth. We have a download speed of 800+kBps but only 40kBps upload.



John Routledge, I am on Wyre Forest Rd.

Shevill Mathers


I am on the physical end of pair sharing copper at Cambridge, not far from where the NBN roll-out started. We regularly have poor or no line connection at all, so unless we can get fibre, we are stuck with aging failing copper wires, the weakest link in Turnbull's offering, which will not benefit us at all. Who voted the current mob in? I have yet to find one?



I never voted the current mob in, hells bells, they are going to take us further back in time, yes TASMANIA as a whole is a weak link, to Turnbull and to the current Government all big gullies when it comes to the mouth department and no promises to be fullfilled even for this wiring so it leaves me in the copper zone again..............even as i try to comment on this, my internet (fails and crumbles and i sit here waiting to finish my comment)



I think you guys have it all wrong!

What if we were to adopt a user pays NBN solution, whereby the default is fibre to the node or fixed wireless and then you are given the choice to pay extra for the last mile of service. Would you put your money where your mouth is then?

Can you tell me why you need 100Mbs for your home connection, when it is predominantly for entertainment?

It was populist politics that made them target home consumers, rather than focussing on businesses where the value of NBN could be exploited. Votes was the goal, not common sense.

Commencing the rollout plan in Midway Point and Scottsdale beggars belief when we have a multibillion dollar asset that has low adoption and high costs per capita, due to this decision. Surely starting in high population areas to allow the NBN Co to achieve some ROI is just plain sensible?

The aim should be to maximise the performance of businesses who rely on communications, thus creating community wealth through employment opportunities and stability. This then enables everyone to afford the NBN bandwidth that they want, rather than engendering a handout mentality for which Tasmania is renowned throughout Australia. Your comments just lend weight to the claims that we are the mendicant state, waiting to be bailed out by the resource states.



Mark, your comments only make any sense if all business is conducted in the CBD of our major cities. It isn't and never will be!

My business operates in a rural area, but its future relies heavily on having a very good internet connection. The nature of the business precludes it from establishing in the CBDs and without good internet connection it has no viable future.

Following your logic means that well paid jobs disappear in an area of high unemployment. With good internet, these businesses are not transient "suitcase" industries, but a long term players creating community wealth through employment opportunities and stability.

Scott fisher


So when is old beach going to get started ??



a physical system of provision is a nonsense in a country this large.

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