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  • Tax to issue vendors with public report cards

    The days of vendors hiding behind commercial confidentiality clauses in government IT contracts appear numbered, with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to issue its vendors with public performance report cards.

    18 Jan. 05 08:50 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • Techies to survive vendor cannibalism: recruiters

    Despite a Christmas log-jam of IT vendor mergers - and the inevitable mass sackings that come with them - recruitment consultants believe core technical staff with IT vendors will retain their positions as their peers in sales, marketing and human resources are cut adrift.

    17 Jan. 05 14:18 Written by Michael Crawford
  • Follow the dollars to IT security jobs

    While some headlines might scream about a drop in job ads they don't reflect what's happening in the IT security sector.

    17 Jan. 05 14:16 Written by Gabrielle Wheeler
  • Veritas customers demand answers

    Australian IT managers are hoping the marriage between storage software vendor Veritas and security firm Symantec will spawn a superior product; however, many of Veritas' customers still seem blissfully unaware the merger is going ahead.

    17 Jan. 05 14:13 Written by Michael Crawford
  • Westpac cutover cuts off online banking

    Westpac's online banking customers have been left out in the cold with Australia's second-largest bank suffering a sustained outage this morning following problems understood to stem from a security-related system cutover over the weekend.

    17 Jan. 05 12:56 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • Federal guns database takes aim at states

    Emboldened by its Senate majority, the federal government is pushing ahead with a proposed national database to monitor firearms and their owners in Australia, with Justice Minister Chris Ellison describing the project as a "radical overhaul" of firearms licensing, registration and tracking.

    14 Jan. 05 08:27 Written by Michael Crawford
  • Siebel Australian MD quits

    The managing director of Siebel Systems' Australian operation, Rob McGregor, has quit the company - and IT altogether - after six years with the CRM vendor.

    13 Jan. 05 11:55 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • Unis lead race to IPv6

    If next-generation IP networks promise improved security and manageability, IT departments could look to the higher education sector for inspiration as Victoria's Monash University joined some eight other universities with IPv6 connections to GrangeNet this month.

    13 Jan. 05 10:38 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • Qld govt inks $8m Microsoft support deal

    The Queensland government has signed a three-year, $8 million agreement with Microsoft Australia to access software support services, the state's Minister for public works, housing and racing Robert Schwarten announced today.

    12 Jan. 05 15:22 Written by Computerworld Staff
  • Apple pins enterprise hopes on 'headless' Mac

    In what may be Apple's best shot since the first iMac at getting a foothold in the enterprise desktop market, a much sought after 'headless' Mac mini has been unveiled by CEO Steve Jobs at this year's Macworld conference in San Francisco.

    12 Jan. 05 15:01 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • Getronics wins $73 million on UNiTAB pokies

    IT services outsourcer Getronics has taken a punt on the poker machine industry and won, walking away with a lucrative $73 million deal over six years to service and maintain a fleet of 30,000 poker machines for totalizer, gaming and wagering consortium UNiTab in Queensland.

    12 Jan. 05 11:21 Written by Siobhan McBride
  • Software firm sues Vic Uni for $48m

    Software company iP3 Systems is suing Victoria University for $48 million in damages arising from injunctions issued during an intellectual property dispute about e-commerce software.

    12 Jan. 05 11:05 Written by Julian Bajkowski and Sandra Rossi
  • Tax searches for identity management

    Only weeks after announcing it will consolidate its mid-range infrastructure under one vendor, The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is out shopping for an identity management (IDM) solution for the 25,000 users working on the same machines.

    12 Jan. 05 10:56 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • Feds called in over Trojan tax scam

    E-mail scammers have shifted their sights from a staple diet of banks, betting shops and auction sites to government agencies, with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) calling in Australian Federal Police over a spam deluge that tries to send taxpayers to Trojan-infected Web sites.

    11 Jan. 05 15:19 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • Prototype renews NT vehicle registrations

    A prototype application for Web-enabling legacy systems has resulted in an online renewal service for vehicle registrations and driving licences in the Northern Territory.

    11 Jan. 05 10:54 Written by Michael Crawford
  • Veritas mum on merger specifics

    Veritas and Symantec sales staff should not meet customers to discuss concerns over the companies' impending merger, according to leaked documents.

    23 Dec. 04 12:38 Written by Steven Deare
  • Ephox snares new partner to spread Web authoring tool

    Brisbane-based software developer, Ephox has inked another partner deal for its popular HTML text engine, building on recent success with leading US content and document management firms.

    22 Dec. 04 08:01 Written by Howard Dahdah
  • Computer glitch brings traffic to a standstill

    Sydney motorists' Christmas cheer was sorely tested this morning as a computer systems error forced the closure of a major tunnel linking the south-east to the city, bringing traffic to a standstill.

    21 Dec. 04 10:10 Written by Howard Dahdah
  • Recruiter: IT pros need to consider the bottom line in 2005

    Technology professionals wanting to upskill for next year should start looking at combining their technology skills with an increased knowledge of business, according to Executive Director of RSP Group, Gary Hinksman.

    20 Dec. 04 11:07 Written by Dahna McConnachie

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