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  • CA names new MD

    Computer Associates has appointed Gavin Selkirk as the managing director for the Pacific region following the promotion of John Ruthven to senior VP for the Asia Pacific and Japan.

    29 June 04 11:56 Written by Michael Crawford
  • Technology - friend or foe?

    The ultimate goal of many IT projects today is increased employee productivity but organizations soon discover that technology can be more of a foe, than friend.

    29 June 04 10:44 Written by Siobhan McBride and Sandra Rossi
  • ACA carrier license fees plummet

    Upstart telcos will find it cheaper to get started after July 1, 2004, following an announcement by the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) that it is slashing application and annual charges for telecommunications carriers.

    28 June 04 13:25 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • Gates and PM talk of Unlimited Potential

    After a tightly contained and formally-staged tech briefing, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates launched the warm and fuzzy Unlimited Potential community initiative with the Prime Minister John Howard earlier today.

    28 June 04 13:23 Written by Sandra Rossi
  • Gates touts licensing's economy, R&D

    There are very few topics Microsoft chairman Bill Gates didn't address during his media briefing in Sydney this morning from the "low cost" of Microsoft licensing to the "poor value proposition" of open source, and Apple's "diminishing" market share.

    28 June 04 12:30 Written by Sandra Rossi
  • Helpdesk costs hiding shadows and icebergs

    Most end users are guilty of it — instead of going to the IT helpdesk in their organization, they go to the resident IT guru who just happens to sit two desks away.

    28 June 04 10:27 Written by Siobhan McBride
  • Training in the tropics

    If location, location, location is the key to property investment, could it also impact on training investment?

    28 June 04 10:25 Written by Gabrielle Wheeler
  • Training is storage sector’s missing ingredient

    Storage technology may not be the most exciting aspect of IT — and it certainly doesn’t feature in IT Skills Hub’s list of expanding job opportunities — it is essential. So you would expect there to be some training avenues. But, again, there is little to report.

    28 June 04 10:24 Written by Tim Mendham
  • Meta Group CEO quits in disagreement

    Meta Group global CEO and president Fred Amoroso has quit the analyst firm after two years, citing irreconcilable differences with the board and particularly Meta co-founder and current chairman Dale Kutnick.

    28 June 04 10:00 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • Wireless remote access hub sprouts wings

    Faced with a ballooning bill for aerial maritime surveillance, the Australian Customs Service has followed in the footsteps of the Defence Science and Technology Organisation and is field-testing network centric Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to keep an eye in the sky for unauthorised arrivals.

    28 June 04 08:39 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • IT attracts auditors' unwarranted advances

    IT managers may be attracting the unwarranted advances of an auditor simply due to inefficient or completely non-existent digital record-keeping controls.

    28 June 04 08:36 Written by Michael Crawford
  • RFID: No great benefits

    Tasmanian shell fish marketing company Tasea which trialled RFID technology for its fresh cargo last year is grateful to be in a business where privacy is not an issue.

    28 June 04 08:33 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • RFID lacks consumer appeal

    Technology companies intent on selling RFID into the enterprise need to better communicate consumer benefits and ease off on the shareholder-pitched balance sheet savings, according to the CTO of supply chain software vendor Viewlocity, Michael Sherman.

    28 June 04 08:30 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • Novell and IBM combine on Linux training

    Novell and IBM have joined forces to offer IT professionals a series of one-day Linux technical workshops across Australia and New Zealand.

    28 June 04 07:30 Written by Darren Greenwood
  • Business travellers feel need for speed

    IT is a competitive advantage in the business traveller sector of the hospitality industry where technology is expected to equal that of an office environment.

    25 June 04 12:29 Written by Siobhan McBride
  • NSW Police sign scheduling deal

    The NSW Police has signed a $1 million contract for a labour management solution to streamline its complex rostering requirements, optimise staff levels and help improve operational agility.

    25 June 04 10:23 Written by Siobhan McBride
  • Wireless heads for pricing war

    A price war between wireless vendors is unfolding across the globe but is unlikely to reach Australian shores until 2005.

    25 June 04 08:18 Written by Michael Crawford
  • Hospitals ga-ga over RFID

    Tagging babies with radio frequency identification (RFID) chips has gained traction in the Western Australian healthcare system with strong interest in an industry-leading trial.

    24 June 04 15:12 Written by Steven Deare

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