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  • Streamlining IT a hospital cure-all?

    Solving the dilemma of disparate health care IT systems and duplicate patient records could go some way towards reducing the nation's hospital waiting lists.

  • Programmers: when less is definitely less

    Australian programmers need to move with the times before their opportunities and pay packet dry up due to the increasing trend for Australian companies to outsource to Asia and India.

  • Medicare numbers debatable identifiers in medical database scheme

    Two years into legislative development there has been no resolution to the debate on the use of Medicare numbers as an identifier in the Federal Government's HealthConnect scheme.

  • Vanilla system powers up utility to save $1.5m

    When Northern Territory's Power and Water went commercial and chose a "vanilla" IT system, it set itself up to save $1.5 million a year.

  • Flexibility offsets longer hours for IT staff

    IT professionals are clocking up longer working hours than those in other sectors but have more flexibility and options to juggle a career and family life.

  • Virgin Blue bypasses Cute

    Dirty play, or the hint of it, is enough reason for Virgin Blue's refusal to bow to Sydney Airport's demand it uses its IT infrastructure.

  • Telstra buys into 802.11b

    Telstra has bought Australia's biggest public wireless local area network (WLAN) from SkyNetGlobal for $3.3 million.

  • TNZ committed to AAPT despite writedown

    Telecom New Zealand (TNZ) says it remains committed to its Australian business following an $NZ850 million ($722 million) write-down on its Australian unit AAPT.

  • Sell 'fear' factor to get disaster recovery funds

    Disaster recovery planning is like insurance - you buy it hoping you'll never need it - so IT executives can best sell it to the board of directors using the approach that sells insurance: fear and emotion.

  • IDC: Slowdown slams A-P handheld market into reverse

    Sales of handheld devices such as PDAs (personal digital assistants) in Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) in the first half of 2002 were 19 percent lower than in the second half of 2001, according to figures released Wednesday by research company IDC.

  • Attorney general backs global call for security guidlelines update

    Operators and users of communication networks and critical information systems are being called upon to implement new security guidelines as part of a global initiative.

  • CR-X takes Bate, launches telco software

    Sun Microsystems veteran and notable industry figure Russell Bate has joined the board of emerging home-grown telecommunications software developer CR-X. His appointment comes as the Melbourne-based company prepares to springboard its black-box software into the telco and utilities sectors.

  • SingTel Q1 results boosted by strong Optus

    A strong performance by its recently-acquired Optus unit in Australia has enabled Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. (SingTel) to post revenue and profit growth for its first quarter of fiscal 2002/2003 despite challenging market conditions, SingTel said in a statement Wednesday.

  • IT execs cold on Microsoft's new licensing model

    In the first few days of its new software-licensing program, Microsoft remains mum on the number of customers who have signed up, but so far customers and industry observers have met the new strategy with confusion and frustration.

  • Ford, Caterpillar team with SAP on spares project

    Ford Motor Company and construction and mining equipment manufacturer, Caterpillar have selected SAP AG to develop a supply-chain management system for spare parts.

  • Corel hatches licensing agreements of its own

    Seizing upon negative market response to Microsoft's latest software licensing changes, Corel has announced a special trial offer of its WordPerfect 10 product for Microsoft Enterprise Agreement holders.

  • Satellites track icebergs

    In May this year the National Ice Center in the US reported the sighting of a new iceberg, C-19 which broke off from the Ross Ice Shelf down in the Southern ocean.

    C-19 is a large sheet of glacial ice which extends from the Antarctic mainland into the southern Ross Sea. The imagery used by the NIC in ice identification is satellite derived. In the case of C-19, the iceberg was spotted by the Center using the latest satellite image from the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program's Operational Line Scan Infra-red sensor.

  • Student records scam shows up systems flaw

    Sabotage of student records at a Sydney university exposed serious weaknesses in NSW public universities' computer systems, an independent commission has found.

  • Storage needs soar, budgets stagnate

    IT shops are turning to new ways to manage ballooning storage volumes, according to analysts Meta Group.

  • Investment banks spend more for less IT

    Investment banking spends 30 per cent more on IT than its retail cousins but shareholder pressure for dollar delivery leaves it with under performing IT systems and huge legacy issues.