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  • Council showcases broadband technology

    A city council in Western Australia is boasting the implementation of Australia's biggest computer-based, wide-area network telephone system.

  • Less work, more workers squeeze IT job market

    IT professionals are finding it hard to secure employment as the IT job market struggles to recover, according to the results of a Computerworld Quickpoll.

  • ESM a minefield

    A very fine line determines whether enterprise systems management (ESM) solutions are the eighth wonder of the world or the kiss of death.

  • HP/COMPAQ: Brandling to be HP's Aussie boss

    With resolution of the Hewlett-Packard and Compaq merger yet to be finalised, Compaq boss Paul Brandling has been selected to run the new HP in Australia.

  • Big business rates low on privacy report

    Airlines, banks and IT companies have failed on a report card into the impact of Australia's new Privacy Act, forcing the Federal Government to review the legislation and consider the introduction of tougher penalties in 2003.

  • Choose carefully as BPO spirals

    Business process outsourcing, the fastest growing part of the IT services and sourcing market, will attract many players and that could lead to high-profile failures, warns research firm Gartner.

  • IT growth to benefit economy

    Australia's economy will reap the benefits of increased involvement by business in the information economy.

  • IBM spins internal portal technologies out to customers

    IBM hopes to make imitation profitable through a newly created business unit that will sell to customers the same corporate collaboration systems it designed and uses in-house to keep executives and employees in touch.

  • Australia Post monitors speech-recognition postcode helpline

    Australia Post is monitoring the success of a speech-enabled postal code helpline that Singapore Post (SingPost) debuted last week.

  • Report: CIA warns of Chinese cyberattack preparations

    Australia Post is monitoring the success of a speech-enabled postal code helpline that Singapore Post (SingPost) debuted last week.

  • Instant messaging may bring bad news

    Instant Messaging (IM) is emerging as the new battleground for IT security managers with users unwittingly exposing corporate information to hackers and exposing networks to malicious worms.

  • IT spending boost likely from Q3

    IT spending is set to rebound in Australia and Asia with modest recovery in the second half of 2002, according to the latest research from Gartner.

  • Wollongong Uni notches up early ROI on $2m upgrade

    Wollongong University expects a full return on investment within six years on its recent $2 million enterprise resource planning upgrade.

  • E-mails may trap ISPs in web of intrigue

    Internet service providers may be forced to assist in criminal investigations and face more incidents of data surveillance if proposed changes to the laws on e-mail interception by law enforcement agencies proceed.

  • Vague about middleware? Watch its bite

    Middleware may turn out to be the villain of the decade for IT professionals who face turbulent times if they relax their gaze, according to analysts.

  • Enterprise networks: a one-horse race?

    A leading US analyst has warned enterprise users to be cautious when dealing with the majority of networking vendors, predicting troubled times ahead for tier-two and tier-three vendors.

  • Mainframe skills head for the Jurassic age

    Experts are predicting a mainframe skills shortage in five years time as ageing IT professionals begin retiring in large numbers.

  • IBM pries lid off new Linux toolkits

    IBM bolstered its support for the Linux development community on Monday unveiling its WebSphere Studio Application Developer for Linux along with WebSphere Studio Site Developer, both of which are built on the company's Eclipse open-source development platform.

  • Siebel's Q1 report aims to soften the blow

    Siebel Systems Australia has refuted suggestions the vendor skewed its latest earnings results to soften the blow of negative income growth in the first quarter of this year compared to the same quarter a year ago.

  • auDA suspends ING's accreditation

    Domain name registrar auDA has suspended Internet Name Group's (ING's) provisional accreditation following action taken by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) alleging the company made false and misleading representations.