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  • Public wireless proliferates

    A barrage of public wireless access services based on the 802.11 "WiFi" standard have hit Australian shores, with new retail hopefuls unleashing a plethora of products and services into the marketplace this month.

  • Microsoft, Feds set up cyber security talks

    The US Government may have snubbed Microsoft by not even mentioning the software giant in its draft cyber security plan but in Australia the company is scheduled for high-level briefings with the Federal Government next month on how to protect the nation's IT infrastructure.

  • Wireless sidesteps industry rules

    The Federal Government will today sign a ministerial determination allowing wireless Internet companies to sidestep telecommunications industry rules.

  • Olex names $5m managed services contract winner

    Power cable manufacturer Olex Cables has awarded a $5 million contract for IT managed services and infrastructure over three years at 13 sites to Hewlett-Packard (HP) Services.

  • Lack of IP hampers IT

    Australia's low, and slipping, levels of intellectual property and technology production has increased the ICT balance of payment deficit.

  • Windows XP slow to gain foothold

    Corporate users are still putting off plans to migrate to Windows XP nearly one year after the desktop operating system was introduced.

  • How to manage propeller heads and code monkeys

    For IT managers who have risen from the ranks of the technical professional, leading other technical gurus can be a daunting task.

  • Commission queries wholesale telco pricing

    Australia's competition watchdog has released a discussion paper seeking input on pricing guidelines for accessing wholesale telecommunications services.

  • Feds reject secure software submission

    The Federal Government has rejected a submission from industry seeking tougher laws to penalise vendors for selling software that is not up to scratch.

  • CIOs help those who help themselves

    Insourcing end-user support services - moving them back in-house -- is gaining momentum as IT managers struggle to maintain costs and vendors slash headcounts.

  • Tax Office ruling may hit more than hip pockets

    Thousands of foreign IT consultants could find themselves out of pocket and asking for higher pay following an Australian Taxation Office (ATO) ruling last week. The move may see the scrapping of tax-free allowances for overseas contractors living away from home.

  • Tax office staff stage walkout

    Tax office staff across Australia walked off the job for two hours today in a dispute over rostering and weekend work, which is expected to cause lengthy telephone queues and delay the processing of tax returns.

  • Windows locks out OS competitors

    Windows 98 is maintaining its market dominance as the leader in operating systems worldwide and is used by roughly 35.12 per cent of computer users.

  • Virgin Mobile closes call centre

    Virgin Mobile will close its Sydney call centre this Friday leaving 35 people out of a job.

  • Esprit updates on the IT front

    Fashion retailer Esprit Australia is undertaking an extensive overhaul of existing infrastructure, which is earmarked to generate savings of more than $100,000 a year over the next five years.

  • Defence adds one-stop IT shop

    The Australian Defence Force has opened a new customer support centre to handle all its users' IT woes.

  • Serious new worm targets Linux/Apache servers

    A new worm with distributed denial of service (DDoS) capabilities and the ability to grant hackers backdoor access to remote systems is being actively propagated across the Internet, according to Internet Security Systems Inc.

  • Medical group researches mobile phone health impact

    A $2.5 million research centre will be launched in Canberra to study possible damaging health effects of mobile phones.

  • Telstra's national numbers out of action

    Telstra's main national numbers are out of service including 1800, 1900 and 13 number prefixes.

  • PWC partners approve IBM sale

    Partners in the member firms of PricewaterhouseCoopers voted overwhelmingly in favour of the sale of the management consulting and technology services unit to IBM for $US3.5 billion in cash and stock.