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  • Westbus hits the road with spam solution

    Sydney's largest private bus operator Westbus has just completed an implementation that has cut spam by 85 percent and blocked 95 percent of non-productive URLs.

    28 Sept. 04 10:01 Written by Siobhan McBride
  • Telco group sets up Web resource

    The Service Providers Association (Span) has launched an online resource centre for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) among telecommunications service providers.

    28 Sept. 04 08:51 Written by Computerworld Staff
  • Ingram Micro buys Tech Pacific for $700 million

    Ingram Micro has bought Tech Pacific in a deal estimated at $700 million. The announcement will see Ingram significantly strengthen its IT distribution arm in Asia-Pacific, a move which had been highlighted as a company priority. The deal is expected to be finalised by the end of the year.

    27 Sept. 04 16:48 Written by Brian Corrigan
  • Aggressive Oracle plays musical chairs

    Aggressive acquisitor Oracle Corporation has reshuffled its top antipodean management with current Australian and New Zealand MD Brian Mitchell dispatched to Asia to "lead merger and acquisition activity and integration across the Asia-Pacific".

    27 Sept. 04 13:19 Written by Julian Bajkowski
  • Woolworths outsources service management

    Woolworths has inked a five-year IT contract with IBM Global Services to supply Total Service Management (TSM).

    27 Sept. 04 12:46 Written by Computerworld Staff
  • NSW Uni adds postgrad IT degree

    The University of New South Wales Faculty of Commerce & Economics has launched a Master of Information Systems degree for established information systems and technology professionals who aspire to management roles in the industry.

    27 Sept. 04 10:52 Written by Dahna McConnachie
  • Linux support a 'black hole'

    Industry murmurs about a lack of commercial support for Linux are justified, according to Education in the Workplace Institute director Ihian Mackenzie who believes the "free" nature of Linux is stifling its penetration in the business market.

    27 Sept. 04 10:16 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • Carriers get an ACA report card

    Most Australian telcos meet or match the Australian Communications Authority's Customer Service Guarantee Standard and improved customer service levels in the June quarter, according to the commission.

    27 Sept. 04 10:10 Written by Computerworld Staff
  • CIO debate gets a dose of reality

    Recently compiled salary research has added a dose of reality to media reports spruiking the million-dollar salaries paid to Australia's most prominent CIOs.

    27 Sept. 04 08:34 Written by Michael Crawford
  • Hostworks switches solutions to ramp up scalability

    Australian outsourcer Hostworks recently bought more than 20 switches from Avocent after realizing it would have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in new hardware to complete an upgrade with its incumbent supplier.

    27 Sept. 04 08:32 Written by Siobhan McBride
  • Nicta humanises the computing environment

    With four months of setup work behind them, National ICT Australia researchers have started using the new Visual Information Access Room (VIAR) in Sydney to explore ways in which data visualization techniques can help people better understand and share information.

    27 Sept. 04 08:28 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • Comindico goes into administration

    News that Comindico has gone into voluntary administration following the breakdown of investment negotiations has sent shockwaves through its ISP community.

    24 Sept. 04 11:28 Written by Brian Corrigan
  • Vic Commission urges workers' privacy rules

    Workers need greater protection from covert surveillance and employer monitoring, according to a Victorian Law Reform Commission report released Wednesday.

    24 Sept. 04 08:56 Written by Computerworld Staff
  • Crowded networking market heats up

    A crowded Australian market has created a fiercely competitive environment for networking providers with end user companies in a position to drive hard bargains.

    24 Sept. 04 08:22 Written by Sandra Rossi
  • Legal threats used to assert control over customers

    Litigation, or the threat of it, appears as an increasingly used ploy in vendorland as suppliers strive for the upper hand in dealings with customers. And signs emerge that this ugly trend - the flipside of customers suing vendors - has reached Australian shores.

    24 Sept. 04 08:20 Written by Siobhan McBride
  • Local startup serves Windows with Linux

    Allowing multiple users to seamlessly access Windows desktop and applications remotely without the performance hit associated with thin clients is being put into production by Sydney-based startup NetLeverage.

    23 Sept. 04 11:28 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • Users demand vendors take responsibility for buggy software

    Users faced with buggy software say they get a rough deal from vendors to the point where a tertiary institution maintains a full-time department dedicated to checking and re-testing new applications.

    23 Sept. 04 11:26 Written by Michael Crawford
  • Version 2004 the BizTalk of the town

    Local interest in Microsoft's latest release of BizTalk Server has soared this year, with one major partner needing to significantly expand its numbers to account for the growing deployments.

    22 Sept. 04 11:40 Written by Howard Dahdah