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  • MP3 files cost business a motza

    Employees who bring an MP3 player to work could be costing Australian businesses as much as $60 million a year.

    26 Oct. 04 08:30 Written by Sandra Rossi
  • Outsourced security good for ROI

    Stretched in-house resources are driving the uptake of managed security services but one IT security provider warns the local market is still a bit like the Wild West.

    25 Oct. 04 07:45 Written by Michael Crawford
  • Printer fleet management the final enterprise sweet spot

    Implementing a document output strategy is one of the few remaining sweet spots in the enterprise where further cost savings can be made, according to Gartner's hardware and systems analyst Martin Gilliland.

    25 Oct. 04 07:43 Written by Sandra Rossi
  • Coonan retains IT ministry

    Senator Helen Coonan has retained the Information Technology, Communications and Arts portfolio amidst speculation the Liberal government would replace her position with Finance Minister Nick Minchin.

    22 Oct. 04 15:24 Written by Michael Crawford
  • SSA Global announce Regional President

    Enterprise services firm SSA Global has announced the appointment of Oscar Garcia-Velasco as regional president of SSA Global Asia Pacific Japan.

    22 Oct. 04 11:59 Written by Staff Writers
  • More Telstra jobs head offshore

    Telstra has announced plans to outsource what could potentially be 400 jobs in the applications, development and billing services division through Electronic Data Systems (EDS).

    22 Oct. 04 10:27 Written by Michael Crawford
  • Free software comes with moral price

    Preaching the virtues of free software for two decades has not dimmed the enthusiasm of Richard Stallman, as audiences across Australia discovered last week.

    22 Oct. 04 08:49 Written by Howard Dahdah
  • Wesley College rejuvenates its helpdesk

    Melbourne-based Wesley College has transformed the helpdesk services it offers to 3500 students and 600 staff across three campuses.

    21 Oct. 04 16:03 Written by Siobhan McBride
  • Govt backs Perth open source symposium

    Open source advocates will get an official boost next week with State Government support for the Australian Open Source Symposium in Perth.

    21 Oct. 04 15:31 Written by Dahna McConnachie
  • NAB upgrades service through knowledge management

    Organizational changes sweeping through the National Australia Bank (NAB) continue to influence IT projects and the company intranet is being ramped up to improve knowledge management.

    21 Oct. 04 14:34 Written by Steven Deare
  • Web services uptake still years away

    In 2001 Olex, one of Australia's largest cable makers, took the bold step of implementing a Web services infrastructure - three years later the company is still waiting for its customers and partners to follow suit.

    21 Oct. 04 11:42 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • Vodafone rolls out virtual staff

    Vodafone has introduced its latest voice recognition software and created its persona to match its pre-paid customers' stereotype ideal.
    'Her' name is Lara, a 28-year-old brunette with a penchant for popular music. And naturally, she is single. Very single.

    20 Oct. 04 08:07 Written by Michael Crawford
  • Hospital VoIP project strikes hang ups

    Newcastle Private Hospital has installed a converged VoIP network across two sites to offer voice, video and data communications via fixed line and wireless LAN.

    20 Oct. 04 08:03 Written by Michael Crawford
  • Tax Office rejects skills shortage claims

    The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is set to embark on one of Australia's largest document management projects and is confident IT skills shortages will have no affect on the rollout.

    20 Oct. 04 07:59 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • Wal-Mart comes down under to boost RFID fan club

    Recognising that technological innovation can drive business process change, Wal-Mart proudly takes responsibility for bringing RFID-tagged goods to the masses.

    19 Oct. 04 08:37 Written by Michael Crawford
  • Patties cooks up a dynamic supply chain environment

    Australian-owned Patties Foods has implemented a small-scale version of Wal-Mart's ambitious RFID plans as a precursor to a full supply chain rollout in the next couple of years.

    19 Oct. 04 08:35 Written by Michael Crawford
  • Customers flock to ERP solution pronto

    Uncertainty in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) market has allowed Pronto Software to attract 120 new clients in the last financial year, according to marketing manager Michael Panosh.

    19 Oct. 04 08:33 Written by Sandra Rossi