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  • Torvalds releases new test Linux kernel: 2.6 around the corner

    The latest Linux kernel is available for download after creator Linus Torvalds released the 2.6.0-test7 version Thursday.

  • Prepayment wins UK project with ERG technology

    A subsidiary of Australian smartcard company ERG has won exclusive supplier status for a new transit fare collection project in the United Kingdom.

  • Defence's NCW primed for budget funding

    The Australian Defence Force's ambition to acquire a network centric warfare (NCW) capability is gaining momentum, with Department of Defence CIO Patrick Hannan revealing final NCW conceptual paperwork will be ready within eight to 12 weeks.

  • New e-mail laws drafted

    After years of debate, industrial disputes and legal wrangling, legislation is finally being introduced to cover e-mail monitoring in the workplace.

  • Crowe swoops in on Microsoft .NET developer group

    Microsoft Australia has appointed former Borland Software Corporation sales manager Finula Crowe to the position of product manager, developer tools within its developer and platform strategy group.

  • Linux supercomputer does a teraflop

    A Sydney-based Linux cluster has cracked the teraflop barrier to become Australia's fastest supercomputer, its owners claim.

  • Vic Govt selects AMD-based PCs for education contract

    Champagne corks are popping at Melbourne PC assembler, Paragon Systems, after it secured the guaranteed component of a Victorian Government tender to supply 4150 PCs between February and June 2004.

  • 3Com has Cisco in its sights

    3Com is taking Cisco head on in the enterprise router space claiming its new line of WAN router products will be cheaper than Cisco's and prove a viable alternative to the market leader.

  • Pacific Internet launches VPN

    Pacific Internet is targeting SME's with its new range of private network solutions that allow small businesses to connect multiple sites to a secure wide area network (WAN).

  • ACTU blitz on call centre conditions

    The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) began a national call centre blitz this week, visiting up to 100 centres as part of a campaign to improve workplace conditions for staff.

  • Worms spreading faster and causing more damage

    Worms are spreading faster and causing more damage than ever before, with blended threats increasing 20 per cent in the first half of 2003, according to the latest Internet Security Threat Report from Symantec.

  • Defence outsourcing likely to stay in-house

    In a move that will bring little joy to battered outsourcers, the Department of Defence (DoD) has confirmed it’s running an internal bid for a tender to provide network management and support services for the Corporate Services and Infrastructure Group (CSIG).

  • Alphawest buys PowerPlus business

    Perth-based systems integrator and solutions provider, Alphawest, has acquired the information management business of PowerPlus.

  • Mooney Valley becomes Melbourne's first converged council

    Mooney Valley Council is believed to be the first Melbourne metropolitan council to implement a converged voice and data network.

  • Quantum previews Mako launch

    Quantum will launch its fifth-generation, high-end tape library at this year's Storage World to be held in Sydney on October 13-14.
    Dubbed Mako, it is based on prism storage architecture.

  • Sensis CIO searches for relevance

    Sensis's new CIO has a big-picture vision for the telephone book company and a warning about the perils of outsourcing.

  • Victorian government fails privacy audit

    The Victorian government has failed a privacy audit of its Web sites with about half not even providing the security necessary to protect personal information.

  • Lower prices no magic pudding

    Value for money and pricing recorded significant rises as issues of importance to IT managers during the first six months of 2003, according to the latest six-monthly instalment of the Corporate Report from research house InterData.

  • IBM 'improving' user relations

    IBM customers are often left feeling like they are dealing with a giant, which is no fairytale for end-users seeking fast, flexible support.

  • Customs tells CMR vendors to shape up

    The Australian Customs Service has moved to quell a revolt amongst external users of the second release (R2) of its Integrated Cargo System (ICS) software system, ordering participating IT vendors to put the stabilisation of the current release ahead of further development of the system.