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  • Biotech a healthy market for chips

    Intel is looking hard at the emerging market of biotech devices.

  • Westpac tunes in to IP telephony

    Telstra has launched an IP telephony service and named Westpac as the first major customer.

  • Microsoft plans security roadmap for enterprise

    The next step in Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing initiative is the release of a security roadmap in 2004 for customers deploying and integrating a broad range of products across their organisations, the company's chief security strategist Scott Charney revealed this week.

  • Convicted sysadmin calls for 'common sense' cyber laws

    IT consultant and author Randal Schwartz has called for common sense in the development of cyber laws.

  • Govt agency learns a lesson in open source, an IT government agency for education, has turned to open source software to develop Web services for its flagship portal.

  • ISPs get draft code of conduct

    After 18 months of deliberation the Australian Internet Industry Association (IIA) has released a draft code of conduct for Internet service providers (ISPs) assisting law enforcement in the investigation of cybercrime.

  • Internet worm hits CardCall

    The W32.Blaster.Worm hit prepaid communications provider CardCall yesterday causing a "fairly severe network slowdown", according to IT manager, Gordon Kenyon.

  • Sysadmins role ‘crucial' in purchasing’

    IT departments risk investing in inappropriate technology if system administration staff are shunned during the purchasing process, according to US Systems Administrators’ Guild (SAGE) president Geoff Halprin.

  • Microsoft hits crossroad

    What comes after world desktop domination? For Microsoft the challenge isn't Linux, open source or other IT vendors, but having to compete with itself, according to Meta analyst Mike Gotta.

  • Curtin Uni saves with real-time reports

    To cope with a network that has grown 50 per cent in less than three years, Western Australia's Curtin University of Technology has replaced its former ad hoc monitoring system with a new performance analysis and real-time reporting product.

  • Microsoft preaches software security

    Microsoft has urged software developers to change the way they work.

  • Anti-US hackers deface Australian government site

    An Australian government Web site has been revealed as another victim of Sunday night's Web defacement spree by hacker group The Ghost Boys, with the URLs and hijacked to show anti-US messages.

  • ICT thinktank set for September

    A number of ICT organisations have organised the first ICT Outlook Forum to discuss the challenges and opportunities for ICT research in response to the ICT Framework for the Future initiative announced last year.

  • CASA to implement new system

    The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is working on a project to consolidate aviation records and streamline processes for increased organisational efficiency for its 500 users.

  • Insourcing gains a stronger foothold

    While fewer than 15 per cent of IT departments are expected to insource their IT and business services before 2005, it appeals to IT directors like Diana Brown of Dun & Bradstreet for management and delivery of those tasks.

  • Linux ‘not ready’ for enterprise IT

    Linux is best deployed as a point solution and is not yet ready for mission-critical enterprise IT, according to delegates at this year’s SAGE-AU (System Administrators Guild of Australia) conference in Hobart.

  • Intel channel likely winner in $35 million Vic govt tender

    Probably the largest Victorian Government IT tender of the year - a spend of about $35 million by the Department of Education and Training (DE&T) - is looking like being a big win for Intel and its OEM channel.

  • TechEd: Don't mention the "L" word

    Microsoft kicked off its tenth annual Tech Ed conference in Brisbane yesterday by acknowledging that the environment it operates in is changing. While careful not to mention the dreaded Linux, there was recognition that the software giant was being forced to change the way it does business.

  • AGL takes on Telstra for $35m

    The merry-go-round of corporate telco deals has gone around again, this time in Telstra’s favour.

  • War Memorial gets fibre fit-out

    Supplementing its “forklift” networking infrastructure upgrade, the Australian War Memorial in Canberra has started transferring data between offices over a private fibre link.