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  • Deloitte Consulting may cut 30 local IT jobs

    In a move which could make 30 local IT staff redundant, Deloitte Consulting is believed to be progressively closing down its Asia-Pacific and Africa IT support team. The move follows the consultancy's reintegration with its parent Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, according to a former Australian IT professional with the company.

  • Alston flags convergence of airwave regulators

    In a significant tactical move in the growing media consolidation debate, Communications minister Richard Alston has flagged the government's intention to merge communications regulatory bodies the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) and the Australian Communications Authority (ACA).

  • Laiki Bank extends infrastructure outsourcing deal

    Cyprus-based Laiki Bank Australia has extended its infrastructure outsourcing agreement with KAZ Group for another five years.

  • ERG collects $30m fare deal in US

    Perth's ERG Group has signed a $30 million contract for a major transit fare collection project in the US in Washington DC, Maryland and North Virginia.

  • Veritas gets Precise about performance

    With the completion on Tuesday of its purchase of Precise Software Solutions, Veritas Software will add "a new but complementary sector" to its offerings, according to Craig Stevens, vice president of Asia-Pacific sales.

  • Customers overlooked in merger mania

    Customers have been abandoned in an acrimonious battle for shares that has emerged in the takeover fight between Oracle and PeopleSoft.

  • Call centre project sparks off business benefits

    Using software rather than personal preferences to roster call centre staff is bound to ruffle a few feathers but the business benefits have made the $500,000 investment worthwhile.

  • Big Blue goes small, and medium

    IBM’s push at the small and medium business (SMB) market with its Express middleware software is part of a move comparable to the company’s strategic shift into services a decade ago, according to Steven Worrall, general manager, commercial sector, ANZ, IBM Australia.

  • 3Com switches onto enterprise opportunities

    Networking vendor, 3Com, is to launch a new switch later this month as it seeks to deepen its footprint in the enterprise market.

  • S. Australia joins high-performance computing fraternity

    South Australia's fledgling biotechnology industry has received the first of two shots in the arm with the commissioning of Hydra, a $AUD1.7 million system that is Australia's third-largest supercomputer and the largest of its type.

  • Need an IT job? Defence might need you

    Nearly half the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) IT-related skillsets are at critical status, according to an audit report released Thursday.

  • Intrusion detection debate heats up

    Australia's Information Security Interest Group (ISIG) has rejected a Gartner report that calls intrusion-detection systems (IDS) a failed technology, blaming instead CIOs who do not know how to manage the technology.

  • Second attempt at broadband inquiry succeeds

    A second opposition attempt to force a Senate committee inquiry into the state of Australian broadband competition passed through the upper house today after two new terms of reference were added to the original proposition.

  • New laws pave the way for Telstra privatisation

    The federal government today introduced laws into Parliament to pave the way for the full privatisation of Telstra.

  • EDS Australia awaits local details of job cuts

    IT services provider Electronic Data Systems (EDS) is unable to rule out job cuts on the local front following the announcement this week of a global restructure to reduce costs and improve its bottom line.

  • Labor slams Telstra's 'intimidation' of broadband customers

    Labor has accused Telstra of employing standover tactics against consumers wishing to change from its broadband service to those provided by other ISPs across its wholesale network.

  • IT shops unfazed by SCO's Unix offensive against IBM

    Corporate users and developers remain the least concerned about The SCO Group's Unix offensive against IBM.

  • Feds dedicate $10m fund to rural IT training

    The federal government will spend around $190 million to provide IT training and support services to remote Australia and will allocate more than $10.1 million to fund a four-year IT training and support program in rural Australia.

  • Spam hits the summit at Parliament House

    A Spam Summit will be held at Parliament House on Thursday, June 26, as a prelude to the introduction of antispam legislation expected in 2004.

  • Palladium no threat to antivirus industry: Dozortsev

    Microsoft's controversial Palladium security initiative's ability to kill off the antivirus industry by eliminating vulnerabilities lies within the same realm of probability as a collision between the earth and the moon.