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Security issues relating to the use of mobile technologies will be among the MOST pressing priorities for businesses in 2012, due to the range of increasing vulnerabilities that affect popular mobile platforms – from the high risk of data loss and the availability of unsecured applications from app stores, to the growing threat from mobile malware, and secure printing.


HP Security Action Plan for Enterprise Printing and Imaging

Security is a part of how we work. When you walk through the front door of your office every morning, you probably pass a level of security. At your desk, it’s likely you log in to your computer and access files over a secure server. From security badges and ID cards to network firewalls and software security, it may seem like your organisation has taken every measure to protect its property, people and data..


Setting a strategy for secure mobile printing

Where, when and how we work is changing. Increasingly, we’re doing business on the road, at the office without a dedicated workstation and from our home offices. A 2010 InfoTrends survey of more than 1,400 mobile knowledge workers in Brazil, Germany, India, Japan and the U.S. echoes this trend. Respondents reported spending, on average, more than half of their time away from hard-wired network access. Implementing an effective strategy to make printing secure and simple for employees—regardless of where those employees happen to be—can help reduce security risks.


Print security and the mobile workforce

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Quocirca Report: Closing the print security gap

Today, many organisations continue to rely on printing to support business processes, particularly in the public sector, finance industry and legal profession. Whilst MFPs and printers have improved business productivity, they pose the same security risk as any networked device if left unprotected. With reported data breaches on the rise and growing industry and regulatory requirements around information security, businesses may suffer financial and reputational damage if they ignore the risks of unsecured printing.


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