A-PDF Slide Powerpoint

A-PDF Slide Powerpoint is powerful and lightning-fast ppt to flash converting software for users to show two PowerPoint slides at same time online. With A-PDF Slide Powerpoint can present two consecutive PPT slides side-by-side in animated flash eBooks. Then you can view two slides at once to compare and contrast the slides more easily and clearly.


Publisher’s notes: Why A-PDF Slide Powerpoint
Too much information on each slide can mean that your message loses its impact. A-PDF Slide Powerpoint allows you to show two slides at the same time to DOUBLE the impact, DOUBLE audience engagement and DOUBLE your success! All without changing how you create presentations.

With A-PDF Slide PowerPoint, you can convert your presentations into vivid and animated flash booklets which can be published online or burned to CD. The program A-PDF Slide PowerPoint provides multiple different output modes for you to choose: “HTML” is for publishing online, “ZIP” can be much easier for emailing, “EXE” is an intergraded format for quickly viewing, “Burn to CD” to output your digital books directly on CD-ROM.

Double the IMPACT from your PowerPoint Slides!
1. Compare 2 slides side by side.
2. Give presentations a fresh new look.
3. Boost audience retention.

Compare two PowerPoint presentations
Compare two PowerPoint presentations by viewing them side by side on screen at the same time. Present 2 PowerPoint slides at the same time without changing how you create presentations.

1. Compare 2 slides side by side: comparing data slides side by side allows audience to realize full impact.

2. Give presentations a fresh new look: Impress your audience with this cool effect without changing how you create your slides.

3. Boost audience retention: Slide content is displayed longer and put into context with previous and next slides.

Main Features
1. Convert PPT to side-by-side flash booklets.

2. Output in 4 different formats: HTML, EXE, Zip and Burn to CD.

HTML: allows you to upload to a website to be viewed online.
EXE and Zip: allow you to send to your user by email to be viewed on their computer.
Burn to CD: allows you to burn to disk so you can send out with physical media.

3. Provide multiple templates with previewing effects instantly.

4. Set eBook title and margin manually.

5. Insert background music, always play or define times.

6. Set background color, image or flash.

7. Enable full screen and zoom in.

8. Allow view from right to left.

9. Auto and loop play slides from the very beginning.

10. Export and save settings for future uses.

A-PDF Slide Powerpoint produces compact interactive Flash presentations extremely fast for effective communication and sharing your movies with the worldwide audience online.

The system requirements to your site are minimal. You do not need PHP, ASP, mySQL or any other server applications to be installed. You do not need programming skills. The installation procedure is just a files copying on the server.

Save Your Money
A-PDF Slide Powerpoint is a standalone program costing only $39.

Platform Version Release Date Size
Windows 2000, 7, Vista, XP 1.0.0 Aug. 9, 2011 4.9 MB Download
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