Stories by Lucas Mearian

Schooner intros SSD appliance that replaces 8 servers

Schooner Information Technology Inc. emerged from its development stage this month to launch the first two products in its family of flash-based data center servers: the Schooner Appliance for MySQL Enterprise applications and the Schooner Appliance for Memcached distributed memory caching systems.

Falling budgets force IT to update storage systems

Information technology managers are hoping that moves to expand the use of virtual technologies and so-called green products can help them better cope with decreasing IT budgets.


EMC introduces x86-based Symmetrix array for cloud storage

EMC Corp. Tuesday unveiled a high-end Symmetrix storage array that is based on Intel Corp.'s x86 quad-core processors and integrates VMware's APIs to automate the provisioning of storage for virtual machines across multiple tiers of disk drives, from solid-state to SATA.

Intel offers firmware upgrade for SSD performance problem

Intel Corp. has released a firmware upgrade for its consumer solid-state disk drive, the X25-M, which suffers from fragmentation issues resulting in performance degradation over time.

Processor technology promises big boost to consumer SSDs

SandForce Inc. announced today a new family of solid-state disk (SSD) processors that the company claims will allow lower-cost, commodity NAND flash memory to be used in data center operations. The disks will also be faster and more reliable for use in mobile applications, the company said.

Solid state disk adoption to be swift in corporations

Experts from IBM, Seagate Inc. and storage interface card vendor LSI Corp. Tuesday said solid state disk (SSD) drive technology will replace high-end Fibre Channel and serial SCSI disk drives for several I/O-intensive applications in the enterprise. However, the industry still needs standards to measure SSD performance and unit price will continue to limit adoption.

Zetta offers cloud storage for the enterprise

Start-up Zetta Inc. Monday unveiled an enterprise-class, software-as-a-service storage business with an architecture built on proprietary systems and offering an all-inclusive service starting at 25 cents per gigabyte of storage. The service is targeted at businesses with 200 to 2,000 employees.

AmeriVault, NTG merger produces a storage services provider

Backup provider AmeriVault Corp. and managed services provider Network Technology Group Inc. (NTG), both owned by Provider HealthNet Services Inc., Monday announced plans to join forces as Venyu Inc., which will offer data backup, disaster recovery and managed data center services to small- to mid-sized businesses.


EMC announces content archiving, e-discovery applications

EMC Corp. Thursday announced a new family of e-mail archiving and e-discovery applications that can centrally manage multiple content types in order to apply consistent retention, disposition and overall life-cycle management regardless of the hardware platform.

Corsair releases one-touch backup USB flash drive adapter

Corsair Memory Inc. Tuesday introduced a USB flash drive adapter that it said creates a push-button file backup for computers when any flash drive is plugged into it.

US Airways Flight 1549 passenger grateful for life, and data

Moments after Paul Jorgensen realized the commercial jet he was aboard was about the crash into the Hudson River, he turned to the passenger next to him, grabbed his arm and asked him, "Are we going to die? He looked me square in the eye and he nodded. He didn't say anything. He just shook his head up and down like saying yes, we're going to die," Jorgensen said.

Western Digital pays US$65M for solid state drive maker

Western Digital Corp. Monday announced that it has completed a $65 million cash acquisition of SiliconSystems, Inc., a small, Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based maker of solid-state drives.

Parascale launches cloud storage software

Grid storage computing startup Parascale Inc. Monday announced the availability of its new ParaScale Cloud Storage (PCS) software, which it said can be used to cobble together hundreds of commodity servers to act as a massively scalable, high-availability, file repository.

Start-up unveils hybrid cloud/on-site backup service

Axcient Inc. Tuesday announced the availability of a hybrid hosted/on-site data protection and business continuity service, which offers a pay-as-you-grow approach to data backup and replication.

Flash memory vendors slashing production, raising prices

NAND flash memory vendors responded to the slowing economy and weak consumer confidence by phasing out production of 200mm wafer manufacturing and cutting overall flash memory production to an industry-wide average of 70% in the first quarter of this year, according to analysts.