Stories by Lucas Mearian

Plexiglas-like DVD to hold 1TB of data

At the upcoming CES conference in Las Vegas, one company plans to demonstrate the ability to store half a terabyte of data on a DVD disc that is made of a polymer similar to Plexiglas.

Switch maker introduces a 'Data Center Fabric' architecture

Brocade Communication Systems announced that it is developing what it calls a Data Center Fabric architecture, a product strategy built around optimized server and storage virtualization, application services and policy-based automation that will materialize over the next six months with new products in five categories.

Universal data retention specification demonstrated

Vendors such as EMC, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems and Vignette will demonstrate this week their software interfaces for a new specification that offers a universal way for users to store and access unchanging or fixed data regardless of the application that created it.

Users want more disk backup -- right now

Fed up with slow tape backup systems and under pressure by regulators and auditors to keep data online and readily available, large and midsize businesses are making disk-to-disk backup technology a top priority in their data centers this year.

Clustered NEC arrays scale from gigabytes to a petabyte

Taking a cue from its supercomputing legacy, NEC Corporation of America Wednesday introduced a series of storage arrays that achieve new benchmarks in scalability, performance and availability for the storage vendor by scaling from a terabyte to a petabyte nondisruptively and offering different hard drive classes in the same enclosure.

Seagate debuts the world's most secure laptop drive

Seagate Technologies Monday announced the availability of the first laptop hard drive with native encryption capabilities, which is aimed at protecting data if a machine is lost or stolen.

Technology uses bacteria for data storing

A Japanese university announced scientists there have developed a new technology that uses bacteria DNA as a medium for storing data long-term, even for thousands of years.

64 DVDs on a disc: holographic storage to ship

InPhase Technologies announced Monday it will start bulk shipments of the industry's first holographic disc drive this July in a format able to store 300GB of uncompressed data on a single platter. That capacity will expand to 1.6TB per disc within three years, the company said.

Symantec unveils IM archiving and backup reporting

Symantec this week announced Veritas Backup Reporter 6.0, an enterprise backup reporting tool that provides IT administrators with a single corporate view of backup and recovery operations.

Multivendor SAN management standard gains ISO approval

A specification designed to help multivendor storage systems interoperate, freeing up the movement of data and giving IT managers a single view of their environment, has been designated a standard by the international standards community.

Symantec launches Storage Foundation 5.0 for Windows

Symantec Tuesday announced Veritas Storage Foundation 5.0 High Availability for Windows, which adds dynamic multipathing, fail-over and disaster recovery capabilities for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and SharePoint Portal Server.

Symantec's CIO on piracy, new licensing portal

Symantec launched a new online software licensing program on Nov. 6, about the same time it unveiled Veritas Backup Exec 11d. Users are complaining that they have to wait for Backup Exec upgrade notices because of a backlog of people trying to register on the new licensing site. Symantec's CIO, David Thompson, and public relations manager, Cris Paden, told Computerworld that the new licensing system is necessary to help thwart a "humongous" piracy ring that has been costing Symantec more than US$10 million every year. Excerpts from the interview follow:

Symantec puts encryption on the backup server

Symantec Tuesday announced a new encryption feature for its flagship NetBackup backup and recovery software that takes the CPU-intensive load off of application servers and places the burden onto the backup server.

Quantum announces data de-duplicating backup arrays

Quantum announced the availability of data de-duplication technology in two new models of its DX family of virtual tape libraries (VTL), claiming the new technology can reduce capacity requirements by a factor of 10 to 50.

Microsoft, Dell team up on NAS/iSCSI array

Dell and Microsoft Wednesday announced a storage array that can serve up either file or block-based data and has software that supports features such as data snapshots and replication.