Stories by Lucas Mearian

Table salt found to boost data storage density

Researchers in Singapore say they've found a way to use common table salt to increase by 5.3 times the density by which bits of data can be stored on a hard disk drive platter.

SOS Online Backup launches cloud backup for Facebook, devices

SOS Online Backup today announced a cloud-based backup service for mobile devices, desktop systems -- and Facebook.

NASA CTO says help desks will soon be thing of past

ORLANDO -- Like the 30 spacecraft his agency has launched, Tom Soderstrom, CTO at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), sees everything through the clouds.

IBM to sell global data migration engine, NAS/iSCSI SAN

ORLANDO - IBM next week plans to unveil software that will allow data to be automatically migrated between storage tiers on an array and between arrays -- no matter where they are in the world.

JetBlue supports iPhone -- as long as it's the employee's device

ORLANDO -- Since it almost went under in 2007, Jet Blue has undertaken several cost-saving and technology streamlining initiatives, including outsourcing its data center infrastructure and rolling out desktop virtualization this year in support of its 14,000 employees.

Thunderbolt vs. SuperSpeed USB 3.0

Intel will tell you its new high-speed interconnect technology, Thunderbolt, is not in competition with Universal Serial Bus (USB), the ubiquitous standard for connecting computers with other devices.

Toshiba doubles capacity, adds encryption to enterprise hard drive

Toshiba America Electronic Components today announced its highest-capacity 2.5-in. enterprise-class drive, which will offer up to 300GB of storage.

Overland Storage unveils NAS/iSCSI SAN array

ORLANDO -- Overland Storage today introduced its first storage array for small- to mid-size businesses (SMBs) and distributed enterprises that can serve up both file- and block-level data over a single controller.

University medical center virtualizes, cuts storage needs by 65%

ORLANDO -- After upgrading storage systems twice in three years, Jeffrey Orndoff, IT director at the University of Kansas Physicians , earlier this year virtualized his storage and server environment in the hope that it would let departments quickly deploy new applications as services while maintaining the security of patient information.

HP set to release NAND flash replacement in 18 months

A Hewlett-Packard senior fellow this week told attendees at the International Electronics Forum 2011 in Seville that his company will have a new non-volatile memory chip ready to replace NAND flash and solid state drives (SSD) within 18 months.

Imation launches line of NAS appliances for nearline, offline storage

Imation, a vendor of removable storage medium that includes hard disk drives and magnetic tape, today announced its first network-attached storage appliance aimed at offloading data from primary storage to near-line disk backup and remote disk archives.

BofA says it wasn't hacked; website problems persist

After days of spotty online access, Bank of America (BofA) today said its Web and mobile services have not been hit by hacking or denial-of-service attacks. But the nation's largest bank would not disclose what's causing its website problems.

Symantec updates flagship storage, high availability suites

Symantec Corp. this week unveiled version 6.0 of its flagship storage management and high availability suite of products, which include upgrades designed to help users build private-cloud architectures out of existing infrastructures.

Cloud storage arrays to generate $1.45B in 2015

Worldwide revenue from vendors selling external disk storage subsystems for cloud-based systems will grow from $267.4 million this year to $1.45 billion in 2015, according to Gartner.

Fusion-io doubles flash card's speed, capacity; halves price

Fusion-io today released the first upgrade to its in-server NAND flash card, the ioDrive2, doubling the card's speed, bandwidth and density, while maintaining its resiliency and endurance.

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