Stories by Lucas Mearian


Elon Musk to open up Supercharging patent designs

Tesla CEO Elon Musk plans to open up the designs for free, fast-charging electric vehicle stations in order to create a standard other car makers can use.

Enough with all the apps in my car! say drivers

Industry research as well as a focus group revealed that people don't want more apps in their vehicle, but they want apps that are as intuitive and work as well as the ones on their smartphones.

GM app lets you scan a license plate, then text the driver

GM has its share of challenges creating mobile apps for cars in China, but the R&D team there has come up with quite a few, including one that'll let you scan another driver's license plate and then message them.

Blackberry partners to offer infotainment system in digital instrument clusters

Blackberry released an infotainment system interface for digital instrument clusters and a platform for vehicle active and passive safety features.

Coming soon from Google, Apple or Samsung -- a car?

Within two years, a tech bigwig like Google, Apple or Samsung will be offering a car packed with the latest mobile connectivity features, according to a Gartner official who spoke at the Telematics Detroit 2014 Conference.

Inside Ford's 3D Printing Lab, where thousands of parts are made

Without 3D printing, the Ford Motor Co. would not be able to meet new model vehicle build deadlines. Here's a look at how Ford is using the technology.

SanDisk ships superfast Extreme Pro SSD for gamers

With up to 550MB/s throughput SanDisk's Extreme Pro SSD promises a gaming/video rendering experience that never stutters or pauses.

Wireless charging for phablets, tablets gets a Computex debut

PowerbyProxi is demonstrating two new chargers to handle larger mobile devices by offering more than twice the power of its previous technology.

Q&A: 3D gun maker Cody Wilson defends freedom to print guns

Cody Wilson, founder of Defense Distributed, contests claims his 3D printed gun isn't safe and will try to continue to make 3D gun plans available.

Lab tests show 3D printed guns can be useless -- and dangerous

Tests by the National Ballistics Intelligence Service in Birmingham, England and Warwick University found that 3D-printed plastic guns can be more dangerous to the user than the intended target.

Curved screen TVs expected to quickly flatten out

Curved screen televisions are nothing more than a gimmick, and one that will quickly die off once users realize anyone watching from the periphery has a sub-par view, industry analysts said this week.

Solar Roadways project blows past $1M crowdfunding goal

A crowdsourcing project to raise money for solar panels that snap together to form roadways has blown by its $1 million goal.

Wireless power comes to patient microimplants

A Stanford engineer has figured out how to charge implanted batteries the size of a grain of sand that will then run devices such as pacemakers and nerve stimulators.


You could one day be driving on a solar-powered smart streets

Solar Roadways uses hexagon-shaped panels that collect energy from the sun and could be part of a smart system that changes lighting configurations to alert traffic to highway issues.

Solar power to provide HP's HQ with 20% of its electricity

A new solar power project will provide HP's Palo Alto headquarters with 20% of its power and save it $1 million over the next 20 years.