Stories by Lucas Mearian

SSD prices plummet again, close in on HDDs

Consumer-grade SSDs saw a 12 per cent price decline over just the past quarter. Based on DRAMeXchange’s analysis, the price difference between 128GB SSD and 500GB HDDs will shrink to less than $US3 in this year.

The irony in the FBI's request to unlock the iPhone

As the FBI presses forward with its court case to force Apple to create software to unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino terrorists, it could be opening a huge security hole for government employees everywhere.

China's Unisplendour forced to drop bid to buy WD stake

Unisplendour had agreed to pay $3.78 billion for a 15% stake in drive maker Western Digital, but the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. thwarted the plan. With the loss of the deal, WD also altered its plans to purchase SanDisk.

New ReRAM chip consumes 50-100 times less power for IoT

Adesto Technologies, a semiconductor maker in Sunnyvale, Calif., released a new non-volatile resistive RAM memory product that consumes up to 100 times less power than traditional NOR flash memory used in sensors and "smart" IoT devices.

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