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Super Bowl cleats debut a 3D-printed design

Nike is debuting a new cleat in the upcoming Super Bowl, and for the first time, the footwear was designed on a 3D printer.

Bio-printing human parts will spark ethical, regulatory debate

The day when 3D-bioprinted human organs will be readily available is drawing closer, and will result in a complex debate involving a great many political, moral and financial interests.

Apple patents solar-powered MacBook

Apple has been awarded the patent for a MacBook shell that would combine smart glass and solar cells to generate power.

3D printing, now in living colour!

Stratasys today announced the first 3D printer that can not only print using a number of materials -- hard, soft, flexible -- but also with a wide range of colors.

Amazon and Microsoft drop cloud storage prices by up to 50%

First, Amazon dropped the price of its S3 cloud storage service by 22%. Now, Microsoft has followed suit by cutting the price for Azure by up to 50% to keep up.

Online movie streaming can be profitable as TV, disc sales

Online distribution of movies has as much earning potential using just a $15 monthly flat fee as do TV downloads and Blu-ray and DVD sales today.

Read this before you buy another hard drive

It's rare that a company would release internal data on drive failure rates -- even more so when that company, Backblaze, earns its living storing consumer data in the cloud. That makes the hard drive data released this week even more valuable.

Backblaze lists most reliable hard drives based on its massive cloud study

Cloud service provider Backblaze has been busily releasing data over the past several months from a massive study of more than 27,000 hard drives it uses in its data centers.

3D graphene-like material could lead to super electronics

Researchers at the University of Oxford have discovered a new material that could someday turn a 1TB hard drive into one that can store 10TB of data on the same volume.

Adobe enables 3D printing designs in Photoshop CC app

Adobe announced today that users can upload CAD images and save them as .stl files, allowing them to be manipulated and then printed on 3D printers.

Your next Hershey's Kiss may be 3D printed

3D Systems has signed a multi-year agreement with The Hershey Company to develop opportunities for using 3D printing technology in creating edible foods.

Micro-windmills can recharge cell phones

Researchers at the University of Texas at Arlington have built micro-windmills that could be embedded in a sleeve for a cell phone and, with a wave of the hand, used to recharge a device.

Box offers 50GB for free to users who try its Apple iOS app

In need of free cloud storage? Box today saids that those who download the new Apple iOS version of Box will get 50GB of free storage capacity.

Wireless chargers invade furniture, cars

Along with the Wireless Power Consortium, the Alliance for Wireless Power has announced several of its members will be selling charging devices for furniture and cars.

3D printer prices drop, food printers arrive at CES

The number of 3D printer vendors rose from five last year to more than 20 this year, and prices for their machines have come down dramatically.

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