Stories by Lucas Mearian

Back to the future: Toshiba touts a USB flash drive with keypad passkey

Toshiba this week announced a secure USB flash stick that uses a 10-number mini-keypad to authenticate access to data stored on the device.

Backblaze releases raw data on all 41,000 HDDs in its data center

Cloud data backup provider Backblaze has popped the cork on files containing raw data collected over three years on the reliability of more than 41,000 hard disk drives (HDDs) in its data center.

Addonics releases external drive with Blu-Ray player, DVD burner

Addonics Technologies today announced two new external hard drives that also come with either a Blu-ray player or a DVD burner.

Radio Shack may sell half its stores to Sprint, close the rest

Once the store of do-it-yourself electronics innovators, Radio Shack is reportedly in talks with Sprint to whom it would sell half of its retail locations and then close the rest.

SanDisk enters the auto industry, sets sights on wearables

SanDisk today announced its first automotive grade NAND flash devices for next-generation 'connected cars' and auto infotainment systems.

Brief: Tesla boosts 0-60 acceleration with over-the-air software upgrade

Tesla's dual motor Model S P85D is a sedan that can already go from 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds - faster than a Ferrari Enzo or a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

Reddit handed over user info for 58% of government requests

Reddit today released what it called its first "transparency report," which details requests for user information from both government entities and private lawyers.

Gartner foresees 250m connected vehicles on the road by 2020

If you buy a car during the next five years, there's a good chance it will have a wireless network connection that will enable a myriad of mobile services.

U.S. to impose big tariffs on China and Taiwan for dumping solar panels on market

The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has voted to uphold earlier findings that Chinese and Taiwanese photovoltaic manufacturers have been saturating their market with low-cost photovoltaic (PV) panels.

IT shops grapple with new healthcare codes for hurled turtles, fiery water skis

While much of the media's focus of late has been on electronic medical records (EMRs), what is proving to be a more daunting task is a new medical coding system affecting healthcare provider and insurance backend systems.

Ford opens autonomous vehicle R&D center in Tesla territory

Ford on Thursday announced that it is opening a research center in Palo Alto, California, to accelerate its development of autonomous vehicles and how they will communicate with cars and the infrastructure around them.

LulzBot Mini 3D printer delivers outstanding details

There are about a dozen metrics by which I judge 3D printers when testing them, including speed, noise and the materials with which they can print.

Verizon unveils aftermarket vehicle diagnostics service

Verizon today announced a new aftermarket vehicle diagnostics and roadside assistance service that works by plugging a dongle into any car's OBD computer port.

New service wants to rent out your hard drive's extra space

While not a new concept, a new decentralized service is beta testing a peer-to-peer network that would "rent" unused capacity from your computer's hard drive as part of a cloud service to store files from other users.

Investment in renewable energy soars for first time in three years

Corporations and venture capitalists loved renewable energy last year, and will continue to embrace it this year.