Stories by Lucas Mearian

SanDisk and Toshiba team up to create 3D SSDs

Toshiba plans to demolish its No. 2 flash memory plant in Japan and replace it with a new facility where it and SanDisk will produce 3D NAND.

SanDisk ships its first self-encrypting SSDs

SanDisk today announced its SanDisk X300s SSD line-up, which uses TCG Opal 2.0 and Microsoft Encrypted Hard Drive hardware-based encryption, coupled with a new SSD administration dashboard.

AT&T may buy DirecTV for $50B

AT&T is in advanced talks to acquire DirecTV for about $50 billion, according to published reports.

USB SuperSpeed will relegate Thunderbolt to a niche

With new specs increasing USB's throughput to 10Gbps, its power up to 100 watts and its cable to a reversible design, Thunderbolt's future could be dim.

Judge orders chip maker Marvell to pay Carnegie Mellon $1.54B in patent case

Chip maker Marvell Technology has been ordered to pay Carnegie Mellon University $1.54 billion for infringing on two hard drive chip patents the school applied for in 1997.

100 self-driving Volvos to hit the streets of Sweden

Volvo Car Groups Drive Me project, which will feature 100 self-driving Volvos on public roads, has kicked off and its first test vehicles are now cruising around the Swedish city of Gothenburg.

OWC releases 10TB, 10Gbps Thunderbolt desktop array

OWC today announced a desktop drive that comes with up to 10TB of capacity, one USB 3.0 port and two Thunderbolt ports that offer 10Gbps throughput.

Bye-bye, Blu-ray: Video-on-demand and streaming options are gaining on you

The Blu-ray disc format, once seen as a savior for the home entertainment industry, is struggling to survive under the assault of video-on-demand and downloads.

SanDisk announces 4TB SSD, hopes for 8TB next year

While announcing the launch of its new line of 4TB enterprise-class SSDs this week, SanDisk also said it plans to up the ante for capacity.

DreamWorks CEO says screen size will dictate movie download costs

DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg said movies will eventually have a three-week release window after which the public will pay to see them based on screen size.

3D printing moves from prototypes to production

3D printing will become a mainstream production method within a decade as the range of industrial applications skyrockets and printer speeds double or triple.

TDK moves quickly to commercialize wireless charging for electric cars

TDK today announced it is licensing wireless charging technology that it plans to sell it to makers of electric vehicles to enable wireless battery recharging.

This 3D printer technology can print a game controller, electronics and all

A group of Stanford students have created a working prototype of a 3D printer head that lays down sensors and circuitry along with thermoplastics to create functioning electronic devices.

Consumers are still meh about 3D printers

3D printers may be gaining ground in the workplace, but the same isn't true for consumers, according to Juniper Research.

In Pictures: Cool tech and hot cars from the N.Y. Int'l Auto Show

The New York International Auto Show, which runs through April 27, allows automakers to show off the latest technology on four wheels. Here are some of the highlights from this year's big event.