Stories by Lucas Mearian

Micron ships 16nm node SSDs, cheapest price yet

Micron today announced a new SSD that uses its densest process to date and has a chip that can program the memory to act as high performance SLC or high-capacity MLC flash.

A wireless router may someday charge your mobile devices

For all intents and purposes, the new Apple Watch is not a mobile device that uses wireless charging. While its charging cable uses magnetic inductive coupling, the wire must still physically attach to the watch in order to work.

SanDisk announces world's highest capacity SD card: 512GB

SanDisk today unveiled what it calls the world's highest capacity SD card -- more than half a terabyte.

Quantum Dot technology may smother OLED TVs in the crib

For the past year, manufacturers have heralded OLED ultra-high definition (UHD) TVs as a harbinger of sea change in the home entertainment industry, affording thinner and even flexible panels with higher quality pictures than today's LCD sets.

New StarTech disk drive duplicator copies at 22GB per minute

StarTech today released its latest disk duplicator, a standalone USB 3.0/eSATA docking station that offers the company's fastest sector-by-sector drive cloning to date.

Consumers warm to 4K TVs as they reach 6% market penetration

About 14 million ultra-high definition (UHD) 4K2K television sets have been shipped globally in 2014, penetrating 6-7% of the overall TV market, according to WitsView, a subsidiary of Taiwan-based market intelligence firm TrendForce.

WD leapfrogs Seagate with world's highest capacity 10TB helium drive, new flash drives

Western Digital's (WD) HGST subsidiary today announced it has added 8TB and 10TB hard drives to its HelioSeal product line, which hermetically seals in helium in order to reduce internal drive friction and power use.


If Tesla's Gigafactory can run on 100% renewable energy, why can't others?

Tesla's Gigafactory, the world's largest lithium-ion battery factory, is expected to generate as much renewable energy as it needs to operate -- and then some.

Stratasys unveils triple material 3D printers, thermoplastics for outdoor products

Stratasys Ltd. has introduced two new multi-material 3D printers that allow up to three thermoplastic materials to be combined to manufacture products.

Tesla chooses Nevada for its $5B Gigafactory

Tesla Motors appears to have chosen Nevada as the site for its $5 billion battery factory, known as the Gigafactory.

Quantum-dot 55-in. UHD TV to sell for one-third the price of OLEDs

TCL today announced what it's calling the first 55-in., 4K UHD TV with a full color spectrum comparable to OLED TVs, but that will sell for one-third the price.

Western Digital enters the wireless driver fray

Western Digital (WD) executives knew they were behind the curve in releasing a wireless hard drive. Seagate, Kingston and Corsair are among those with their own models.

Insurers will now be able to track driver behavior via smartphones

A new usage-based insurance (UBI) software platform will allow companies to track drivers' behavior through smartphone sensors and geolocation services.

Drivers want their cars to get to know them better

Consumers want their vehicles to anticipate their personal technology demands and to provide the same functionality as their mobile devices, according to a survey.

Freescale introduces multi-standard, programmable wireless charging chips

Freescale Semiconductor today introduced a range of fully programmable wireless charging chip and reference designs for consumer and automotive applications.