Stories by Lucas Mearian

Backblaze goes after Google, Amazon with storage at half a penny a gigabyte

Online backup service Backblaze is challenging other cloud service providers with a new storage option that costs just half a penny per gigabyte.

Researchers can use MRIs to print a model heart in 3 hours

MIT and Boston Children’s Hospital have developed a system that uses MRI scans of a patient’s heart to print out a physical model, which can be used to practice surgery.

SunEdison supplies batteries for net-zero energy homes in California

SunEdison is offering lithium-ion batteries for nine residential homes that will produce 100% of the energy they use as a proof of concept ahead of California's 2020 goal for all new homes to be energy neutral.

Xerox introduces printed-memory labels to fight counterfeiting

Xerox's printed label contains 36 bits of rewritable memory that can store up to 68 billion points of data to determine if a product is genuine, among other things.

Will 4K video devour the latest iPhones' storage?

The new camera in the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus takes 4K video, generating large files that could eat into storage. But that didn't prompt Apple to upgrade the internal capacity of its new phones.

Samsung brings 6GB of DRAM to smartphones

Samsung announced today it's-mass producing a 12Gbit LPDDR4 DRAM module that's 30% faster than its 8Gbit predecessor and is twice as fast as DDR4 DRAM for PCs.

Solar windows can power buildings

Several companies are preparing technology that will allow window makers to incorporate photovoltaic technology into their products, helping to supplement the structure's power needs.

As police move to adopt body cams, storage costs set to skyrocket

Police body cams are a big business, but even bigger is the business of storing the video content that's created as camera adoption grows. Determining how much video to keep -- and for how long -- is also an issue.

Seagate breaks through the 1TB-per-platter barrier for laptop drives

Seagate today announced its first laptop drive that can store 2TB of data using just two platters, allowing the company to manufacture them in a 7mm-high form factor.

As energy push accelerates, battery costs set to plunge 60%

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency foresees up to a 60% price plunge for certain battery technologies by 2020 that will enable renewable energy storage.

More than 80% of healthcare IT leaders say their systems have been compromised

A survey of IT leaders in healthcare revealed that 81% of them believe their systems have been compromised by at least one malware, botnet or some other cyber-attack in the past two years, placing patient sensitive data at risk.

SK Hynix plans to invest $38.9B in new memory plants

The memory maker plans to build three new semiconductor facilities by 2024 in preparation for what it sees as future increased demand.

Hydrogen-powered iPhone 6 lasts a week without recharging

A British tech firm has developed a hydrogen fuel cell for smartphones that can last a week without recharging.

13 firms join to open up Ethernet, object-storage to everyone

The Linux Foundation has announced a collaborative of 13 industry-leading companies in support of open source object storage on next generation, Ethernet-enabled storage devices.

Intel to pilot cloud technology for sharing personalized cancer treatment

Intel and an Oregon hospital announced a technology that will allow clinics around the world to securely share patient genomic data, images and electronic health records as part of an analytical cloud platform to discover personalized cancer treatments.