Stories by Lucas Mearian

Review: Two USB Type C thumb drives -- one from Lexar, one from SanDisk -- go head to head

Two of the first companies to release USB Type-C thumb drives were SanDisk and Lexar, and while there aren't many systems that have the new 10Gbps ports, we found two and tested which drive performed better.

Google offers up to 1TB of free storage for 'Local Guides' posts

As part of its effort to populate its “Local Guides” feature, Google is offering up to 1TB of free cloud storage to anyone who reviews a restaurant.

China poised to play pivotal role in NAND flash industry

Led by state-backed conglomerate Tsinghua Unigroup, China's semiconductor sector is investing heavily in NAND production at home and abroad.

Tesla to take back some Autopilot controls

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that after seeing YouTube videos of some drivers use the Model S Autopilot feature without their hands on the steering wheel, changes will be made to ensure the driver remains engaged.

U.S. a top destination for solar panel manufacturers

The U.S. is among the top nations for manufacturers of solar panels because of its high domestic demand and ability to access global markets.

VW to focus on hybrids and electric cars, will revamp diesels

After being exposed for cheating emissions tests through embedded software, VW announced a new strategy to focus on all-electric vehicles and installing more traditional emissions control systems in diesels.

Tesla’s batteries to power two dozen Calif. office buildings

A California real estate developer has announced plans to create "a fleet" of hybrid-electric buildings powered by state-of-the-art energy storage systems from Tesla Energy.

Toyota to produce a self-driving car by 2020

Toyota has been testing a new automated driving test vehicle called Highway Teammate, with the aim of launching related products by around 2020.

Feds detail how healthcare industry should share medical info

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) today published its roadmap for how healthcare facilities and patients should share medical information.

Panasonic surpasses SolarCity with world's most efficient solar panel

Panasonic has achieved a new record for energy conversion in a photovoltaic panel, squeaking by SolarCity, which announced its own record last week.

SolarCity claims it has created the world's most powerful solar panel

Solar City said it has created a photovoltaic panel capable of 22% efficiency, about 7% more than average solar panels.

Hospitals flip the ICD-10 switch, adding 68,000 ways to tell you're sick

After two major deadline extensions, the new, vastly expanded ICD-10 medical classification system went live today, affecting every U.S. healthcare provider and insurance company, and dictating how $2.8 trillion that Americans spend each year on medical care is paid out.

Intel, Samsung launch their fastest SSDs with up to 5Gbps speeds

Samsung announced its fastest consumer SSD, which comes in a gumstick form factor and has a top speed of 2.5Gbps. Intel announced its fastest enterprise-class PCIe SSD, an expansion card with a top speed of 5Gbps.

iPhone 6S doubles down on memory and speed

Now that iFixit has completed its annual iPhone teardown, rumors that the new smartphone would have 2GB of DRAM have been confirmed, along with a performance surprise.

Backblaze goes after Google, Amazon with storage at half a penny a gigabyte

Online backup service Backblaze is challenging other cloud service providers with a new storage option that costs just half a penny per gigabyte.