Stories by Lucas Mearian

Toshiba announces industry's densest 3D flash memory

Toshiba today announced the development of the first 48-layer, three-dimensional flash memory.

Ford to put brakes on speeding with new tech

Ford has announced a new technology that will read speed limit signs and other road restrictions and automatically slow a vehicle.

EMTEC Type-C flash drives to begin shipping

EMTEC this week became the second company to announce it's preparing to ship a USB Type C pocket flash drive, following SanDisk's release of a thumb drive earlier this month.

SolarCity to build its own power grids

Seeing a complete reliance on the utilities' grids as increasingly troublesome, rooftop solar distributor SolarCity has decided to begin selling its own power distribution systems.

Holy smoke! The new MacBook literally is twice as fast

When Apple launched the new MacBook Pro earlier this month, the company claimed its performance would be double that of the previous model.

Triple-level cell flash set to dominate market

The latest form of NAND flash, which can store three bits of data per transistor, is quickly becoming the leading memory technology in mobile devices and laptops.

Tesla announces over-the-air upgrade with range assurance

Tesla founder Elon Musk today announced an over-the-air (OTA) software upgrade for all Model S sedans that not only tracks charging station locations but alerts drivers when they're out of range of those stations.

Tesla's Elon Musk says driving may someday be illegal

Tesla founder Elon Must believes there may eventually come a day when people are no longer allowed to drive vehicles because it's not safe.

Self-driving Audi to drive from California to New York

Automotive component-supplier Delphi is about to launch a self-driving Audi SUV on a 3,500-mile journey from San Francisco to New York.

Hertz is installing car cams that point at drivers

Over the past year, Hertz has been installing inward-facing video cameras in about 12% of its rental vehicle fleet as part of an upgrade to the NeverLost onboard navigation system.

New 3D printer claims to be 25X to 100X faster than the competition

A 3D printing company has just emerged from quiet mode to announce its technology: a machine that can create objects 25 to 100 times faster than the typical 3D printer.

Solar in California's urban areas could provide 5 times the power the state needs

The amount of energy that could be produced through solar equipment constructed on or around existing infrastructure in California would easily exceed the state's demands, according to a new study.

Elon Musk promises to end Tesla range anxiety

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk used Twitter to announce he'll hold a news conference this week to tout an upgrade for the company's Model S cars to address their limited range.

Why Apple may go its own way with wireless charging

When the iPhone 5 was launched in 2012, I wrote an analysis about what it had and what it lacked; most notably, it didn't support wireless charging.

Why is Apple avoiding wireless charging?

First, the iPhone 6 arrived last year without it. Now, comes the Apple Watch. Same story. Wireless charging seems to be something Apple's going to wait on even as major mobile manufacturers adopt it.