Stories by Lucas Mearian

Researchers make a 3D-printed jet engine

A group of researchers at an Australian university, along with its spinoff company, have used 3D printing to make two metal jet engines that, while only proof-of-concept designs, have all the working parts of a functioning gas turbine engine.

Toyota begins production of its first hydrogen fuel cell car

Toyota this week began production of its first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV), the Mirai, which will have a starting price of $57,500.

Samsung mass produces 128GB smartphone memory with 2X-plus performance

Samsung is mass producing the industry's first 128GB embedded flash memory based on the Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 2.0 standard.

Sen. Nelson questions use of StingRays for phone surveillance

A U.S. Senator is questioning why the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved of a controversial cell phone surveillance device that both federal and state law enforcement agencies are using to track suspects, often without court orders to do so.

With $15 in Radio Shack parts, 14-year-old hacks a car

A teenager not even old enough to drive a car was able to wirelessly connect to a vehicle's internal computer network and control various functions.

There's no way of knowing if the NSA's spyware is on your hard drive

Malware intentionally created by the U.S. National Security Agency to infect personal computer hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs) cannot be detected by antivirus programs.

3D circuit-board printer a smash hit on Kickstarter

A 3D printer that dispenses conducting ink to create circuit-completed boards has garnered nearly five times its $70,000 crowdsourcing goal.

Apple's $850M solar plant rockets it to first place among U.S. corporations

Apple over the next year or so is expected to surpass Walmart as the largest corporate user of solar power.

Sometimes it's ethical for the doctor to Google you

The medical community needs ethical guidelines for doctors who Google their patients for information because such a move can erode confidence and trust.

Security, privacy gaps put U.S. drivers at risk

As vehicle manufacturers rush to adopt mobile-friendly platforms and wireless technologies, they've neglected to plug security and privacy gaps, a new report revealed.

Office complex implants RFID chips in employees' hands

The corporate tenants of a Swedish high-tech office complex are having RFID NFC chips implanted in their hands, enabling access through security doors, as well as services such as copy machines, all without PIN codes or swipe cards.

Over-the-air software coming soon to your next car

Using a capability that is unique in the auto industry, Elon Musk last week tweeted that over-the-air (OTA) software upgrades would soon come to its P85D Model S sedans as the cars sat in garages and driveways around the world.

Back to the future: Toshiba touts a USB flash drive with keypad passkey

Toshiba this week announced a secure USB flash stick that uses a 10-number mini-keypad to authenticate access to data stored on the device.

Backblaze releases raw data on all 41,000 HDDs in its data center

Cloud data backup provider Backblaze has popped the cork on files containing raw data collected over three years on the reliability of more than 41,000 hard disk drives (HDDs) in its data center.

Addonics releases external drive with Blu-Ray player, DVD burner

Addonics Technologies today announced two new external hard drives that also come with either a Blu-ray player or a DVD burner.