Stories by Phil Hochmuth

Open source 15,000-seat VOIP network arrives at uni

Open source tools such as Asterisk and SIP Enterprise Router are facing their biggest test yet at the University of Pennsylvania, where deployment of 15,000-seat VOIP network based on these open source IP telephony servers is rolling along.

Novell still feisty as it pushes Linux alternatives to Microsoft for SMBs

While Novell's partnership with Microsoft remains the subject of controversy, the NetWare-cum-Linux vendor is still pushing out Linux and open source products aimed at taking market share away from its patent-protection partner.

LINA brings Linux apps over to Windows, Mac users

Fans of cross-platform computing and the "write-once-run-anywhere" concept of applications and software will want to take a look at <a href="" target="_blank">LINA</a>. The open source software company plans to debut its eponymous (but note the capitalisation) LINA platform this month.

Fedora 7 tips its cap to the community

Latest Fedora release merges Fedora Core and Fedora Extra

Avaya's COO on what's next

The US$8.2 billion buyout of Avaya by Silver Lake Partners and the Texas Pacific Group will change how the VOIP vendor will operate and interact with customers. Avaya Chief Operating Officer Mike Thurk discussed where the company goes from here with Network World Senior Editor Phil Hochmuth.

Avaya buyout speculation reflects churn in VOIP market

With speculation that Avaya is in play for an [[ArtId:2028075792|acquisition|new]], things will be different for VOIP users or the overall market, analysts and observers say, no matter what happens.

Report says Avaya in talks for private-equity buyout

A private-equity firm is reportedly seeking a buyout of Avaya, according to The Wall Street Journal.

INTEROP - Web 2.0, enterprises meet: complications ensue

"Web 2.0 creep" going on inside the corporate firewall is challenging enterprise networks to handle the real-time demands and bursty nature of the latest collaboration and social networking software, according to IT executives attending Interop.

INTEROP - Cisco, Nortel weigh in on switches of the future

Ethernet switch makers Cisco and Nortel this week said network professionals should start paying a lot more attention to keeping their wiring closets cool and energy efficient as power consumption grows.

Force10 says it has Cisco Catalyst killer

Force10 Networks this week launched a mid-range Ethernet switch chassis aimed at taking on boxes such as the Cisco Catalyst 6500 and Foundry Networks' Super X series at the LAN edge and aggregation layer.

Cisco says FTP feature in IOS is a hacker backdoor

Cisco says a flaw in the FTP server utility in its IOS router/switch software could be used as a backdoor by attackers.

Foundry packs Gigabit, 10G power into small switches

Foundry Networks this week launched two Gigabit-to-the-desktop LAN switches with optional 10G uplinks, targeted at enterprises with growing bandwidth needs and slim IT budgets.

Extreme launches LAN, WLAN gear and management software

Extreme Networks this week is pitching wiring closet switches aimed at users who prefer advanced features -- such as Power over Ethernet, 802.1x and IPv6 -- over Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop.

Nortel warns of three VPN Router product flaws

Nortel has warned of several backdoors, and other flaws, in its VPN and secure routing products that could allow unauthorized remote access to an enterprise network.

Woven Systems looks to trump 10G Ethernet switches

Start-up Woven Systems this week is expected to launch its 10G Ethernet data centre switch -- a box the company says one-ups the switching power of Cisco, Force10 Networks and Foundy Network 10G gear and matches the low-latency performance of Fibre Channel and Infiniband with lower-cost Ethernet technology.