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In Pictures: The 20 best iPhone/iPad games of 2012 so far

Angry Birds Space isn’t the only iPhone/iPad game in town!

Google-Motorola Mobility merger will be done this week

Now that Google has gotten permission from China's Anti-Monopoly Bureau to acquire Motorola Mobility, the companies are expected to complete their merger by the middle of this week.

Chrome streaks past Internet Explorer to become world's top browser

If the numbers at StatCounter are accurate then the world has a new Web browser champion: Google Chrome.

Big cable companies pooling Wi-Fi hotspot resources

The big cable companies know that if they want to stay relevant in the wireless market, they can't do it on their own.

With Verizon pushing more into data caps, Sprint touts unlimited option

If you're a Verizon customer upset that your next smartphone contract won't include unlimited data, Sprint would like to remind you that you have an alternative.

Comcast ditches flat 250GB bandwidth cap for tiered service approach

Comcast is trying out more flexible ways to implement its bandwidth caps by experimenting with tiered service options.

Google's new Knowledge Graph: Three key features

Google has unwrapped the first of its long-promised semantic search capabilities, dubbed Knowledge Graph.

Samsung is the big daddy of Android phones

Samsung has become the clear leader in sales of Android smartphones as Gartner today reported that it accounted for 40% of worldwide Android sales in the first quarter of 2012.

Appsbar gives small businesses a simple (and free!) template for app building

If you've ever wanted to build a mobile app for your small business but have been intimidated by the cost of hiring developers, Appsbar has a proposition for you.

No tablet comes close to touching iPad: iSuppli

After a brief dip in late 2011, the Apple iPad has firmly reasserted its position as the dominant player in the tablet market.

Angry Birds tops companies' app blacklist

It seems that your boss doesn't want you to launch digital birds at evil green pigs during office hours.


Apple dominates other smartphone vendors in consumer satisfaction

The latest American Customer Satisfaction Index has found, not surprisingly, that people really like their iPhones.

American moms love Facebook, Nielsen survey shows

If you're looking for a last-minute gift for Mother's Day, don't bother sending her a Facebook invite - chances are, she's probably already on it.

CTIA 2012: A non-stop spectrum beg-a-thon

NEW ORLEANS - No one will ever say that America's wireless carriers are too proud to beg.

CTIA: At a show full of pom-pom waving, Sprint's Hesse sounds a warning

NEW ORLEANS - CTIA is normally a show where you hear about the dazzling future that the wireless industry will bring about. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, however, thinks carriers might be getting a bit ahead of themselves.

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