Stories by Jon Gold

Qualcomm: Interoperability, community keys to wearable technology success

A full and healthy ecosystem of products and services built around wearable technology will require major efforts to ensure interoperability, according to Qualcomm senior vice president of interactive platforms Rob Chandhok.

Wearables will make first breakthrough in enterprise, panelists say

Fitbits and smart watches and Google Glass are all well and good, but the most meaningful early use of wearable technology will happen in industrial and enterprise settings, according to experts on a Wednesday panel discussion at the Wearable Tech Expo in New York.

Pebble: Next-gen wearables will require new tech, also your personal data

One of the most successful purveyors of wearable technology says that there are technical hurdles -- as well as philosophical ones -- to be overcome before the next generation of devices can emerge.

Verizon amps FiOS upload speeds for all residential customers

Previously, FiOS service tiers offered upload speeds of anywhere from one-half to one-fifth of the advertised download speed. The new scheme will see those equalized -- so entry-level consumers with 15Mbps download connections will get 15Mbps upload speeds as well, as opposed to the 5Mbps they currently receive.

MIT may have just solved all your data center network lag issues

A group of MIT researchers say they've invented a new technology that should all but eliminate queue length in data center networking.

It's alive: New supercomputer reborn from old supercomputer parts

An older supercomputer from the Los Alamos National Laboratory has been cannibalized and rebuilt into a new one, thanks to a team from Carnegie Mellon University.

MIT invents T-1000 robot precursor technology, may have doomed us all

A new generation of robots will have the ability to become alternately squishy and stiff, thanks to a phase-changing material developed by researchers at MIT.

In Pictures: Yahoo, you’re dead! 8 services in Yahoo’s graveyard

More casualties of Yahoo’s attempts to narrow the focus

Bell Labs claims new speed record over regular old copper wiring

Most of the higher-speed Internet connections used by businesses these days require fiber-optic cabling, but Alcatel-Lucent's Bell Labs division claimed this week to have reached 10Gbps using nothing but new transmission technology and ordinary copper wiring.

Thieves steal 40,000 gadgets from Samsung factory in Brazil

A Samsung factory in Brazil was robbed of at least $6.3 million in hardware by a gang of about 20 armed people at around midnight on Monday, according to reports from local media.

Bloody June: What's behind last month's DDoS attacks?

The list of DDoS attacks in the month of June has made for grim reading. High-profile sites have been targeted by extortion demands, online games got disrupted and at least one company was put out of business as a direct result.

Government crackdowns, surveillance could destroy the open web, Pew says

The Internet as we know it faces several major dangers in the next 10 years, including interference from nation-states, an undermining of trust caused by governmental and corporate surveillance scandals and the corporate world's influence on its basic structure, according to a new report.

Google is killing off Orkut

Orkut, one of Google's first forays into social networking, will be closed down by the search company at the end of September.

In Pictures: Google’s I/O announcements

A new version of Android, a TV suite and a whole lot more.

Smooth like btrfs: Inside Facebook's Linux-powered infrastructure

Facebook engineer Chris Mason is unequivocal about the primacy of Linux in Facebook's storage infrastructure.