Stories by Jeremy Kirk


Yahoo previews online ad management platform

Yahoo said Monday it will have a Web-based system in place to buy online ad space across some 600 newspapers and other online sites as soon as July.

Yahoo again rebuffs Microsoft in letter

Yahoo called Microsoft's threat of a hostile takeover "counterproductive" on Monday, while also saying it is open to a deal but only at a higher price.

Hackers tuck attack code into UK government site

A Welsh government Web site has been hacked to serve up malicious JavaScript, a sign that the spate of attacks first spotted last month are continuing, analysts from security vendor Sophos warned.

Symantec, Microsoft resolve spat over storage tech

Microsoft and Symantec have asked a US federal court to dismiss a two-year-old lawsuit after the companies settled a dispute over storage technology.

Dell looks to emerging markets, services

Dell, the world's second largest PC seller, will move faster into emerging markets and increase its services offerings as part of a plan to reverse poor financial performance, top executives said.

Microsoft signs on to MIT Kerberos Consortium

Microsoft has joined the MIT Kerberos Consortium, an organization that develops the widely-used network authentication standard. It joins Apple, Google and Sun on the consortium's executive board.

OOXML results in, but ISO delays announcement

The vote result on whether the Microsoft-built Office Open XML file format will become an international standard won't be officially revealed until Wednesday, the International Organization for Standardization, based in Geneva, said late Monday.

BLACK HAT - Analyst: Money will fuel mobile spying programs

Spying programs for mobile phones are likely to grow in sophistication and stealth as the business around selling the tools grows, according to a mobile analyst at the Black Hat conference on Friday.

BLACK HAT - Professor: Computers plus people equals risk

Companies are relying too much on technology to run their businesses, a trend that doesn't account for unpredictable situations that humans still deal with better than machines, a technology expert said at the Black Hat conference in Amsterdam this week.


BLACK HAT - Ethical hacker group to counter 'black PR'

A self-styled ethical hacker group plans to counter moves by companies that attempt to bury security vulnerability information in order to protect their businesses.

BLACK HAT - Microsoft vs. Apple: Who patches 0-days faster?

Apple's teasing commercials that imply its software is safer than Microsoft's may not quite match the facts, according to new research revealed at the Black Hat conference this week.

Hackers seize on Excel vulnerability

Researchers at Symantec said late Tuesday they've spotted a Web site that tries to exploit computers lacking one of the recently issued patches for versions of Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet program.

FaceTime security product scans Skype's encrypted IM

Security vendor FaceTime Communications has released the only security product on the market allowed to look at encrypted instant messages sent between Skype users.

Court orders UK patent office to accept software patent

A U.K. appeals court decision is causing confusion over long-standing European regulations that generally forbid granting a patent for a computer program.

UK tech group questions legality of targeted ad service

A service soon to be implemented by several U.K. ISPs that records people's Web activity in order to serve them targeted advertisements may violate data protection laws, a technology policy group warned the British government on Monday.