Stories by Jeremy Kirk


Losses likely to rise from latest Romanian crime ring

The losses caused by a cybercrime ring broken up on Tuesday by Romania could reach into the millions of euros, an official with the General Inspectorate of the Romanian National Police said on Thursday.

Google tweaks Gmail to stop auto-adding contacts

Google is rolling out a change this week to Gmail that gives users more control over their contacts list.

Activists raise awareness over targeted advertising

In June 2007, Stephen Mainwaring of Weston Super Mare, England, noticed something wasn't quite right with his Web browser.

Microsoft updates servers with latest Search features

Microsoft has released three bundles of fixes and new features for its server products.

Spammer gets 30 months for inundating AOL

A 27-year-old man was sentenced to 30 months in prison Tuesday for blasting AOL subscribers with spam over a four-month period.

Researchers trace structure of cybercrime gangs

The chain of command of a cybercrime gang is not unlike the Mafia, an evolution that shows how online crime is becoming a broad, well-organized endeavor.

CCTV camera identifies people by race

The eye of tech-artist Benjamin Males' custom-made surveillance camera is engineered for a black and white world.

Symantec: Microsoft Access ActiveX attacks will intensify

An easy-to-use toolkit used to hack computers has now been updated to take advantage of an unpatched security vulnerability in Microsoft's software, which could mean attacks will intensify, according to vendor Symantec.

Dear Sir or Madam: Lottery scams proliferate

Tom Ericson, a retired bank employee who lives in Denmark, still can't get over how he lost about Euro 60,000 (US$90,000) in a bogus lottery.

Google wraps search query volume data into AdWords

Google is adding a feature to its AdWords platform that lets advertisers see how frequently people use certain search terms in order to more finely tune their ad campaigns.

Adware company refines opt-out, notification technology

Facing heat over privacy worries, NebuAd said Tuesday it has a new notification and opt-out system for its targeted advertising system that critics say is invasive and spies on users.

Lithuania: Attacks focused on hosting company

A vulnerability in a Web server contributed to attacks on some 300 Web sites in Lithuania last week, according to a computer security expert.

Report: Yahoo-Google partnership under DOJ scrutiny

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has opened a formal antitrust investigation into the advertising partnership between Yahoo and Google, the Washington Post reported Wednesday.

Study: Unpatched Web browsers prevalent on the Internet

Only 59.1 percent of people use up-to-date, fully patched Web browsers, putting the remainder at risk from growing threats from diligent hackers, according to a new study published by researchers in Switzerland.

Google changes tack on pay-per-action offerings

Google is rolling out two new offerings that let advertisers more precisely target people who will likely be receptive to their products.