Stories by Jeremy Kirk


Botnets contributing more than ever to click fraud

Networks of hacked computers are being used more than ever to click on advertisements, a scam known as click fraud that cheats search engines, publishers and ad networks out of revenue.

Experts see forecast worsen for cybercrime

Law enforcement agencies can count a few recent victories against cybercriminals, but agents say the battle against them isn't getting any easier.

Coffins in the mail are a trick of the cybercrime trade

There's never been a better time to get involved in cybercrime.

Researchers see Gumblar attacks surge again

Security researchers are seeing a resurgence of Gumblar, the name for a piece of malicious code that is spread by compromising legitimate but insecure Web sites.

Zoho links project management tool with Google Apps

Zoho has integrated its online project management tool, along with some other features, with Google's Apps -- a linkage Zoho thinks will benefit users of both software suites.

Mozilla unblocks Microsoft add-on for Firefox

Mozilla has now unblocked a Microsoft add-on thought to pose a danger due to a software vulnerability, but a second add-on remains blocked, the organization said on Sunday.

Ericsson courts online publishers with mobile payments

Ericsson will soon launch a platform designed to let consumers buy online content such as news stories with the charge billed to their mobile phone rather than other payment methods, such as a credit card.

Hacked Facebook apps lead to fake antivirus software

New applications are turning up on Facebook. Unfortunately, some of them are fake antivirus programs.

Friendster partners on micropayments platform

Friendster will soon implement a micropayments platform for virtual gifts and games, seeking to bring in new revenue from southeast Asian countries where the social-networking site is popular.

UK investigates online pricing, behavioral advertising

The U.K.'s competition authority launched two studies on Thursday that will probe behavioral-advertising pricing strategies and if some pricing practices could potentially mislead consumers.

Delta Air Lines sued over alleged e-mail hacking

Delta Air Lines is being sued for allegedly hacking the e-mail account of a passenger rights advocate supporting legislation that would allow access to food, water and toilets during long delays on the tarmac.

Google to send detailed information about hacked Web sites

In an effort to promote the "general health of the Web," Google will send Webmasters snippets of malicious code in the hopes infected Web sites can be cleaned up faster.

Web gurus reveal how to attract and keep users

Anyone who is building a Web-based community, whether it be a social network or other application, faces the same initial hurdle as sites such as Digg did: getting those first few regular users can be quite difficult.

Microsoft wins appeal in Uniloc patent case

Microsoft will not have to pay $388 million to a security software company for infringing on a patent, U.S. District Judge William Smith ruled Tuesday.

Barrelfish OS will speed up future multicore systems

Without a radical change in the way much of it is written, software, sadly, just can't go much faster anymore.