Stories by Jeremy Kirk


Latest Kaspersky mobile software wipes data via SMS

Kaspersky Lab's latest mobile security software due to be released next week can wipe data with a text message command even if a thief has swapped out the phone's SIM card.

Twitter gets targeted again by worm-like phishing attack

Twitter users have been tricked into divulging their login and password details to a Web site that then spammed their contacts.

Mobile phone location technology fights card fraud

Ericsson is courting major banks with a security service the company thinks could cut down on credit card fraud as well as eliminate an inconvenience for travelers using cards overseas.

Google Street View hits privacy gridlock in Germany

Germany and Google remained at odds Wednesday over how the company holds certain data used for its Street View map imagery.

Adobe snaps to attention over security vulnerabilities

Adobe Systems, whose applications have been hit hard by hackers, is combing through legacy code for bugs in its products and plans a regular quarterly patch release, according to a top security official.

Microsoft opens up mobile backup application to all

Microsoft is now letting anyone download My Phone, a mobile data backup program for Windows Mobile devices, which was released in February as an invitation-only beta.

Small company develops new way to stop form spam

Spam isn't just a problem for people with e-mail addresses, but also for companies and organizations running Web sites with various types of feedback forms.

As economy softens, Microsoft ramps up research

Even as the world economy languishes, Microsoft is putting an increasing focus on its research efforts in areas well beyond its traditional desktop and office software domain.

Apple, Opera slammed over browser patch regimes

Apple and Opera lag behind Google and Mozilla when it comes to distributing Web browser updates due to how they've structured their patch programs, according to new research.

Microsoft's Windows 7 release candidate goes public

The near-final version of Microsoft's next operating system, Windows 7, became available late Monday to the general public.

Adobe promises fixes for latest flaws by next week

Adobe Systems expects to have patches ready to fix the latest flaws in Acrobat and Reader by next week.

Botnet probe turns up 70G bytes of personal, financial data

Researchers from the University of California gained control over a well-known and powerful network of hacked computers for 10 days, gaining insight into how it steals personal and financial data.

Software system sniffs out insider trading

Researchers are developing a software program that will correlate stock price movements with news story headlines as a way to detect insider trading.

Companies still dragging their feet with patches

A study from security vendor Qualys has found that companies are patching just a hair faster than they were five years ago.

Europe funds secure operating system research

A Dutch university has landed a European Research Council grant to continue work on a Unix-type operating system that aims to be more reliable and secure than Linux or Microsoft Windows.