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Gartner forecasts growing BI market

Licensing revenue for BI (business intelligence) software is expected to rise from US$2.5 billion this year to US$3 billion by 2009, with the fastest growth in Latin America and Asia, Gartner said Tuesday.

CIOs will see pressure for BI from executives

Businesses will face a 10-fold increase in the amount of information from their IT systems over the next five years, an influx of data that will pose tough decisions for smoothly using BI (business-intelligence) software.

Russian hackers sold exploit, analyst says

Security vendor Kaspersky Lab says that it appears two or three Russian hacker squads sold an exploit for the WMF (Windows Metafile) vulnerability that raised alarms in December.

Microsoft says e-government will offer savings

Microsoft officials have been hammering home a key theme to government leaders gathered this week in Lisbon: modernizing their IT systems will provide better service to their citizens and save them money.

Microsoft increases funding for computer training

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates announced Wednesday that the company will increase funding for a program that provides basic computer training and job skills to people in countries lacking those services.

Microsoft revamps blogging policy

After outrage from many of its own employees over its abrupt censoring of a Chinese blogger, Microsoft has formulated a new policy to deal with requests from a government that alleges posted material violates its laws.

Microsoft expands IP licensing program

Microsoft is expanding a program under which technologies it has developed in its research labs are either licensed to startup companies or offered in exchange for profit sharing or an ownership stake.

Gates to unveil Microsoft's strategy for government IT

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates is planning this week to unveil the company's strategy for the government IT market, an intensely competitive area that has seen open-source software gain a strong foothold.

MessageLabs launches email archival service

MessageLabs has launched its first email archival product that company officials claim will allow for fast access to messages that must be stored for regulatory and legal reasons.

Trade show offers matchmaking system

A new Web-based matchmaking system will help align businesses with outsourcing suppliers at the Cebit trade show, event organizers said Friday.

Oracle fires back at security researcher

Oracle and a security researcher are trading heated barbs over a vulnerability in the company's software that has gone unpatched since it was discovered in October.

Europe grants an extension for Microsoft

The European Commission has given Microsoft an additional month to comply with a part of its antitrust ruling that requires Microsoft to provide information allowing competitors' server products to interoperate with its software.

Kama Sutra worm programmed to overwrite data files on Feb. 3

Antivirus vendors are still warning of a rapidly-spreading worm that is carrying a potentially destructive set of instructions. The Nyxem worm -- also nicknamed the Kama Sutra worm -- is programmed to overwrite all of the files on computers it infects on Feb. 3, said Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at F-Secure.

Bulgaria arrests eight for phishing operation

Authorities in Bulgaria arrested eight people last week who allegedly stole financial information using a variety of fake Web pages carrying Microsoft logos, netting the group at least $US50,000.

Microsoft to bolster Software Assurance program

Microsoft is planning several major changes to beef up features of Software Assurance, the company's maintenance and upgrade program that has been criticized for its expense and slow follow-up with new products.

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