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Experts: Oracle password protection is weak

A hacker using few resources could exploit weaknesses in Oracle databases to recover passwords, two security researchers concluded in a recent paper.

Microsoft releases Works Suite 2006

Microsoft has released an updated version of Works Suite, its package of productivity applications aimed at home computer users, the company announced Thursday.

Microsoft consolidates shared source licenses

Microsoft said on Wednesday that it plans to consolidate the licensing terms for its Shared Source initiative under three license templates in an effort to simplify the program for developers.

O'Reilly: Network has become the platform

The open-source community is in the midst of a change, with the network increasingly becoming its own platform built on open source software, said Tim O'Reilly of O'Reilly Media on Tuesday.

Sun official says open source needs governance

The open-source software community is in a dilemma: How do you provide the most freedom to a diverse base of developers?

HP recalls thousands of laptop battery packs

HP has recalled around 135,000 lithium ion rechargeable battery packs worldwide after several melted or charred the plastic cases of laptops.

Phishing scams harder to pull off, group says

The number of days a phishing site remains online has dropped to an average of 5.5 days, a sign that countermeasures against fraudulent Web sites are being enacted with increased speed, according the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), which monitors phishing trends and online crime.

Is security software the next battle for Microsoft?

Microsoft's moves into the security software market could be an agitator for more antitrust concerns over how it uses its market strength for other software offerings.

Novell aids open source desktop designers

Novell has announced it will release its research on desktop software designs to help open-source developers know what is appealing to end users.

Hitachi to expand work on vein-recognition systems

Hitachi Ltd. announced Tuesday it will expand its finger-vein authentication system business as interest in the technology grows.

UK hackers jailed over TK worm

Two British men who pleaded guilty to charges they helped create the "TK worm" were sentenced to prison Friday in Newcastle Crown Court. The worm infected thousands of computers, including two owned by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).

Microsoft issues service pack for Navision 4.0

Microsoft has released a service pack for Navision that adds a new portal to the suite of business management software.

F-Secure extends antivirus to Windows Mobile

F-Secure announced Monday its Mobile Antivirus software will be available for Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS.

Short movie envisions the growing Google 'EPIC'

As Google positions itself to be a total online content provider, the question of what is next for the search engine giant might be at least partially forecasted by U.S. journalists Matt Thompson and Robin Sloan.

Nokia puts Symantec on its mobile phones

Nokia has signed an agreement to include Symantec's Mobile Security software on its Series 60 and Symbian OS mobile phones.

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