Stories by Jeremy Kirk


Microsoft's Windows 7 release candidate goes public

The near-final version of Microsoft's next operating system, Windows 7, became available late Monday to the general public.

Adobe promises fixes for latest flaws by next week

Adobe Systems expects to have patches ready to fix the latest flaws in Acrobat and Reader by next week.

Botnet probe turns up 70G bytes of personal, financial data

Researchers from the University of California gained control over a well-known and powerful network of hacked computers for 10 days, gaining insight into how it steals personal and financial data.

Software system sniffs out insider trading

Researchers are developing a software program that will correlate stock price movements with news story headlines as a way to detect insider trading.

Companies still dragging their feet with patches

A study from security vendor Qualys has found that companies are patching just a hair faster than they were five years ago.

Europe funds secure operating system research

A Dutch university has landed a European Research Council grant to continue work on a Unix-type operating system that aims to be more reliable and secure than Linux or Microsoft Windows.

Facebook moves ahead with new terms of use

Facebook, the world's most used social-networking site, will soon move ahead with revised rules for how it operates following a row with users earlier this year.

Worm solves Gmail's CAPTCHA, creates fake accounts

A Vietnamese security company has detected what it believes is a new worm that thwarts Google's security protections in order to register new dummy Gmail accounts from which to send spam.

Vendors release password cracking, management tools

As full-disk encryption becomes increasingly used to protect data, new software tools that can recover lost passwords or change forgotten ones are being released.

Nokia: We don't know why criminals want our old phones

The mystery why cybercriminals want a discontinued Nokia phone isn't getting any clearer.

Criminals pay top money for hackable Nokia phone

Criminals are willing to pay thousands of euros for a discontinued Nokia mobile phone with a software problem that can be exploited to hack into online bank accounts, according to a fraud investigator in the Netherlands.

Researcher offers tool to hide malware in .Net

A computer security researcher has released an upgraded tool that can simplify the placement of difficult-to-detect malicious software in Microsoft's .Net framework on Windows computers.

Researcher finds possible bug in Apple's iPhone

Famed Mac hacker Charlie Miller has found another possible security vulnerability in Apple's iPhone.

Stealthy rootkit slides further under the radar

Thousands of Web sites have been rigged to deliver a powerful piece of malicious software that many security products may be unprepared to handle.

Security vendor Marshal8e6 buys Avinti

Security vendor Marshal8e6 will buy Avinti, a company which specializes in behavioral technology that scans e-mail and tests malicious content in a virtual machine.