Stories by Jeremy Kirk


New Chinese law takes aim at encryption

A new law passed by China's Parliament on Sunday requires technology companies to assist the government in decrypting content, a provision that the country maintains is modeled after Western law.

Attackers are hunting for tampered Juniper firewalls

An experiment by a cybersecurity research center shows attackers are trying to find Juniper firewalls that haven't been patched to remove unauthorized spying code.

Cisco launches code review after Juniper's spyware disclosure

Cisco Systems has launched an internal code review following Juniper's disclosure last week of unauthorised spying code found in its enterprise firewall products.

Juniper faces many questions after spying code planted in software

The discovery of spying code nestled deeply in Juniper's networking equipment, the latest example of a major IT vendor caught up in an damaging cyberattack, raises many questions.

Juniper warns of spying code in firewalls

Juniper, a major manufacturer of networking equipment, said on Thursday it found spying code planted in certain models of its firewalls, an alarming discovery that echoes of state-sponsored tampering.

Three men arrested in alleged wide-ranging spam operation

Three men have been charged over a hacking scheme that allegedly collected tens of millions of personal records for use in spam campaigns.

Google researchers find remote execution bug in FireEye appliances

Google researchers found a software flaw in several models of FireEye's security appliances which they say could give a cyberattacker full access to a company's network.

Tor hires former EFF chief as executive director

A former Electronic Frontier Foundation executive director will lead the Tor Project, the widely used anonymity tool that frequently comes up in debates over encryption and privacy.

Joomla patches critical remote execution bug

The open-source project behind the widely used Joomla content management system has issued a patch for a vulnerability that is now being widely used by hackers.

Police raid alleged bitcoin creator's home

The Australian Federal Police raided the Sydney home on Wednesday of an academic fingered by two technology publications of possibly being the programmer behind the virtual currency bitcoin.

Companies scramble to fix lack of encryption on mobile apps

More than a dozen companies are failing to encrypt data payment card information transmitted from their mobile applications, putting users at a security risk.

Mozilla nixes Firefox OS, bowing out of mobile race

Mozilla has ended its ambitious entry into the smartphone race, saying Tuesday it will no longer support its Firefox OS.

Instead of news, UK paper delivered ransomware

A major UK newspaper is cleaning up its website after a criminals tried to deliver ransomware to thousands of its readers.

Microsoft to open source Chakra JavaScript engine

Microsoft says it will open up its Chakra JavaScript engine as an open-source project on GitHub next month.

Former Secret Service agent sentenced for corruption in Silk Road investigation

A former Secret Service agent was sentenced Monday to 71 months in prison for stealing bitcoins from vendors on the Silk Road, the now-shuttered underground marketplace he was investigating.