Stories by Jeremy Kirk


Ham-fisted phishing attack seeks LinkedIn logins

Symantec has spotted an uptick in phishing emails over the last week that purport to come from LinkedIn support and attempt to steal users' account credentials.

Fake BBC site disappears after bogus story on Charlie Hebdo

A fraudulent website that cloned the BBC has gone offline after it received a surge of traffic for running a bogus story concerning the violence at French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

United, American airlines account fraud highlights hacker focus on travel industry

More than 20 travel-related websites have experienced data breaches in the past two months, according to a security expert who tracks the trade in stolen data.

Stolen credentials used to access United Airlines' MileagePlus accounts

Three dozen loyalty accounts belonging to United Airlines customers saw fraudulent transactions after hackers used login credentials collected from an unknown source.

Using spellcheck? Electromagnetic fields could reveal your writing

It has long been known that subtle electronic fields and noises emitted by computers can reveal clues about your activity, a powerful spying method that can be done from a few feet away.

CryptoWall ransomware variant has new defenses

CryptoWall, one of a family of malware programs that encrypts files and demands a ransom from victims, has undergone a revamp that is frustrating security researchers.

Microsoft reports variant of banking malware that targets German speakers

Microsoft says German speakers are being targeted by a new variant of a powerful type of malware that steals online banking credentials.

AOL halts malicious ads served by its advertising platform said Tuesday it has stopped malicious advertisements being served by its advertising platforms after being alerted by a security company.

Morgan Stanley fires employee who leaked sensitive client data

Investment bank Morgan Stanley has fired an employee who briefly posted account names and numbers for 900 clients on the Internet.

Firmware flaws could allow a malicious reflash, US CERT warns

Three vendors have released fixes for vulnerabilities found in the critical firmware used during a computer's startup, according to an advisory from the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team.

Holding masses of data, cybercriminals face new hurdles to cashing out

After Sony Pictures Entertainment's computer network was breached in late November, it appeared the hackers wanted to blackmail the company.

'SpoofedMe' attacks exploited LinkedIn, Amazon social login flaws

IBM's X Force security researchers found an easy way to gain access to Web accounts by taking an advantage of an oversight in how some social login services are configured.

Facebook bulks up defenses with a third anti-virus engine

Facebook is adding a third antivirus engine to its service to help catch malicious content in the News Feed and messages sent by users.

Court dismisses Apple 'App Store' trademark appeal

Apple lost an appeal in Australia's Federal Court on Wednesday over its bid for the "App Store" trademark.

New point-of-sale malware on underground markets for $US2000

A new kind of point-of-sale malware similar to that which struck Target is being sold in underground markets for $US2000.