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In Pictures: The Apple Watch

“The most personal device we’ve ever created.” – Tim Cook, Apple CEO

What an Apple mobile payments system on iPhone 6 might look like

Speculation is soaring that Apple's expected unveiling of iPhone 6 on Sept. 9 will also include some kind of mobile payments system, often dubbed "iWallet." The basic idea is to let consumers use their iPhone in place of cash or physical credit, debit, and various kinds of prepaid cards.

iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending Aug. 30

The iOSphere became still more convinced that mobile payments via iPhone are just days away with the expected Sept. 9 unveiling of iPhone 6.

What Apple can do to improve the iPhone 6 display

For over a year, the main obsession about the upcoming 2014 iPhone models (i.e. iPhone 6) has been the size and resolution of the screen. But Apple faces other challenges for its mobile touchscreens, and how, or whether, it deals with those may have a bigger impact on the user experience than simply a bigger screen.

Apple confirms September 9 media event

Apple Thursday mailed formal invitations to a media event on September 9, to be held at the Flint Center, in Cupertino at 10 a.m. Pacific time.

Some iPhone 5 owners eligible for free battery swap

Apple has launched a battery replacement program for a "very small percentage" of iPhone 5 units. But that could mean hundreds of thousands of phones.

iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending Aug. 22

iPhone 6 rumors swarmed as iOSpherians count down the days and hours until the expected, but not confirmed, Sept. 9 announcement. Panic ensues.

iPhone 6 rumour rollup for the week ending August 16

The iOSphere is more and more certain it knows the details of the Apple iPhone 6, even though there is less and less to go on.

iPhone 6 rumour rollup for the week ending August 8

It may be that the world will end September 9, or at least the World-as-we-know-it-without-the-iPhone-6. That's The Date the new iPhone(s) will be announced, according to one unsourced declaration.

What will Apple unveil on Sept. 9?

Apple will be announcing...something on Sept. 9, according to the technology news site, re/ But if re/code knows what it is, it is not saying.

Sapphire displays for iPhone 6 may be hard to come by: report

Whether Apple can deliver the iPhone 6 with super-tough synthetic sapphire displays is still very much up in the air, according to a press release from a research firm that tracks the materials industry. Unspecified "bottlenecks at various levels" of the sapphire production process mean that Apple may limit this year's introduction of sapphire iPhone displays or possibly even scrap the plan.

iPhone 6 will not be delayed by Chinese wheel hub factory explosion

An explosion Saturday at a Chinese factory that electroplates aluminum wheel hubs will almost certainly not cause a delay for Apple's iPhone 6, despite anguished speculation on a range of news, technology and Apple-focused websites.

iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending Aug. 1

Just in time for trick or treat 2014, the iPhone 6 actually will be available in October, a somewhat skeptical iOSphere learned this week. Because it will be announced nearly a full month earlier, in September, we can just savor the pending release over the subsequent weeks.

BlackBerry buying German firm for voice encryption

BlackBerry has always touted its mobile devices as secure. But now it plans to make them "more secure" by acquiring a German company that specializes in voice encryption.

Are IT groups really ready for BYOD security challenges?

A new survey of IT security professionals shows that many businesses are barely starting to exploit mobile technology, and some of them may be a mobile security nightmare waiting to happen.