Stories by Liam Tung

Ex-Anon: Good liars undermine information security

Self-exiled, gun-loving ex-Anon, who goes by the name SparkyBlaze on Twitter, claims that skilled liars are the number one concern for information security.

After DDoS and Patriot Act order, WikiLeaks opens floodgates

WikiLeaks made public thousands of US diplomatic cables on Wednesday hours after its Californian DNS host was ordered to hand to authorities everything it had on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

Protestors rig Android dog-fight app with ‘rabies’ trojan

Symantec believes animal rights protestors against the “Dog Wars” app for Android were behind a fake version that has been laced with a Trojan.

UK wants all Google products to have a ‘Privacy Story’

Despite Google’s efforts to bolster internal privacy initiatives after its Street View fiasco, there was still room for improvement, according to the UK’s Information Commissioner.

Google adds VPN and virtual desktop to Chromebook

Google has added virtual private network (VPN) and secure WiFi support in its latest stable Chrome OS release for its pay-as-you-go laptops.

Staying alive after migrating to the cloud

Multi-tenant cloud providers might promise greater resiliency, ‘five nines’ uptime and better security than some in-house managed infrastructure, but organisations would be wise not to assume the provider has covered all bases.

Microsoft: five disclosed flaws likely exploited next month

Microsoft has released 13 security updates for its August Patch Tuesday update, five of which it considered likely to see reliable exploits developed for within the next 30 days.

EMC expects RSA breach to cost US$81.3 million

EMC has squirrelled away US$81.3 million in reserve to cover the cost of customer remediation in response to the attack on RSA’s SecurID system it revealed in March.

A quarter of infected Windows PCs have UAC turned off

Despite Microsoft’s efforts to make its User Access Control (UAC) security prompts less annoying, many users are still turning it off and in doing so helping thieves do their job, according to Microsoft.

Cisco ships malware-infected warranty CDs for a year

Cisco has admitted to sending customers warranty CDs that, when opened in a browser, took users to a website know to have hosted malware.

Anonymous leaks 7,000 cops' emails and passwords

Anonymous on Sunday leaked the personal details of 7,000 police officers taken from the Missouri online training database, explaining via a You Tube video that it was retribution for recent raids.

Apple patches iOS flaw that threatens encrypted traffic

Apple on Monday issued a new patch that fixes a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to spoof an X.509 certificate used to encrypt web sessions on 4.3.4 iOS devices.

iPad sings a sad tune for security vendors

Is the cost of Windows security driving people to Apple? Afterall, running a Mac without any security software is inadvisable but running Windows without any is insane.

Smartphones: the grey area of enterprise security

Senior executives on the hunt for greater mobility are pushing for smartphone and tablet adoption in the enterprise, but can these devices be adequately secured

IE 9 anti-malware kingpin in browser face off

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 is hands-down superior at detecting security threats delivered by malicious websites, according to testing company NSS Labs.

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