Stories by Gregg Keizer

Google amps up assault on adware

Google yesterday said that 1 in 20 personal computers is infected with what it called an "ad injector" as it previewed a few factoids from research it will publish in just over a month.

Microsoft resurrects the Surface with third try

Microsoft has announced the Surface 3, a new entry in its not-a-tablet-it's-a-notebook line, pitching the smaller device as a "more compact and efficient package" than the Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft updates Windows 10, debuts Project Spartan browser

Microsoft on Monday released an update to Windows 10 Technical Preview that included Project Spartan, the code name for the new browser that will be the default in the operating system as the company pushes Internet Explorer (IE) into the background.

Microsoft applies 'freemium' tactic to mobile device management for Office 365

Microsoft today made good on a promise from last fall, adding several basic mobile device management (MDM) tools to all commercial Office 365 subscriptions.

Google integrates Now with Chrome OS's app launcher

Google last week added its Google Now personal assistant to the app launcher in a preview of Chrome OS, the browser-based operating system that powers Chromebooks.

Microsoft should forget the Surface, stick to the Pro 2-in-1 line

Microsoft will resuscitate its Surface tablet with a new model powered by Windows 8.1, ditching the flop that was Windows RT for a lower-priced device, according to an online report.

Microsoft name games continue as 'universal apps' become 'Windows apps'

Microsoft has again changed the lexicon it wants others to use to describe the apps that run on Windows.

Spartan forecast: Browser of choice for 1 in 7 Windows users within a year

One of every seven Windows PCs will be running Microsoft's new Project Spartan browser within a year of the firm launching Windows 10 this summer, according to historical data from a Web metrics company.

More than half of all IE users face patch axe in 10 months

More than half of all Internet Explorer (IE) users have less than 10 months to discard their browsers, and either update to a new edition of IE or dump Microsoft for one of its browser-making rivals.

Microsoft updates Windows 10 preview for 'slow' testers

Microsoft today released the March Windows 10 Technical Preview update to testers who have stuck with the "slow" cadence.

Microsoft draws line between Spartan and IE11 browsers

Microsoft has said that, contrary to earlier statements, it would not make Project Spartan, the new browser for Windows 10, backward compatible with websites and Web apps designed expressly for Internet Explorer (IE).

Microsoft offers enterprises slower Office 2016 update tempo

Microsoft said it will offer businesses a slower update tempo for Office 2016, just as it has already promised for Windows 10.

Office 2016 for Windows preview not open to all O365 biz subscribers

Microsoft has limited the Office 2016 for Windows preview to customers with subscriptions to the enterprise-grade plans ProPlus, E3 and E4.

Microsoft answers Windows device share slump with freemium strategy

Microsoft's strategic shift to creating apps and services for rival operating systems was born from the hard realization that Windows' share of the total device market was in the middle of a three-year slump, according to new forecasts Thursday by research firm Gartner.

Pirates will stay pirates, even after Windows 10 upgrade

Although Microsoft will let pirates upgrade to Windows 10, the company's not giving them a free pass, the company confirmed today.