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Grey areas in new privacy laws: Pilgrim

There are still some grey areas in the new data privacy laws, including how to determine if an online company is undertaking business in Australia and how to go about investigating a company with operations based overseas, says Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim.

Litchfield Council pushes data visualisation out into the field

Litchfield Council in the Northern Territory is using GIS system MapInfo to visualise data from its Civica Authority system to help speed up the process of maintenance work for field workers.

Airflow prediction to make more energy efficient drones

RMIT University and the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) are developing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that can predict different levels of airflow and avoid flying against turbulent winds to save on energy.

ALRC proposes unified, technology-neutral surveillance laws

The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) has released a discussion paper proposing a unified, technology-neutral approach to surveillance laws across different states and territories.

Tough questions to put to cloud providers

Cloud vendors may have a slick sales pitch, but it won't always match what's in their contracts — so it’s up to you to ask the hard questions. Here are some tough questions to ask cloud providers.


SAP’s global data centres to be 100 per cent green

SAP has announced it will power all of its data centres around the world with 100 per cent renewable energy starting 2014, following a report on its carbon footprint that showed an increase in emissions.

Turnbull talks challenges with open data in government

The government’s push for more open data and transparency no doubt opens the doors for private sector organisations to be more innovative, but it doesn’t come without its challenges.

How Hunter Water is saving $50k a year in software licences

NSW government owned corporation Hunter Water has managed to save $50,000 per year on Microsoft licences since deploying Microsoft Systems Centre 2012.

Privacy Act lacks sufficient protection against drone invasion

The exemptions of certain groups of people from drone surveillance is an issue that’s top of mind of Australian Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim.

Copyright reform: ALRC endorses technology-neutral fair use exception

A new report from the Australian Law Reform Commission endorses a technology-neutral fair use exception for Australian copyright law.


Updated: DSTO and IBM to collaborate on defence tech

The Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) and IBM Australia have joined forces to conduct research on defence technologies in areas such as cyber security, analytics and cognitive computing.

More than 4000 websites to protest against mass surveillance

More than 4000 websites around the world will either blacken their home pages or display a banner next week as a protest against extreme government surveillance. The online protest will take place on 11 February.

First Bitcoin ATMs to launch in Australia

It seems crypto-currency or virtual currency is becoming ever-more real with 100 Bitcoin ATMs to be rolled out across Australia from February to March this year.

Transport for NSW to create line-specific Twitter handles

Transport for NSW is preparing to create Twitter handles or accounts for each Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink railway line to provide more targeted updates to customers.

Bill shock drives mobile provider churn: Telsyte

Almost half of Australians have switched to another mobile service provider during the last three years, with nearly 40 per cent planning to drop their current provider in the next year, according to Telsyte’s Australian Mobile Services Market Study 2014-17.

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