Stories by Peter Sayer

Uber throws in the towel in battle with French taxi drivers

Uber Technologies is suspending its UberPop service in France, after a bitter fight with taxi drivers who say the service breaks the law.

Amazon now an open book on search warrants and subpoenas has published its first transparency report describing how it has responded to requests from law enforcers for information about its customers.

German climate researchers prepare for rising seas of data

It's nice to have the latest kit, but a supercomputer upgrade is about to bring the German Climate Computing Center, DKRZ, a big problem: a shortage of space.

French lawmakers take first step toward gathering all communications metadata

French lawmakers have taken a first step toward allowing real-time surveillance of Internet and mobile phone use in France.

French Senate wants Google to promote its search competitors

French senators have amended a stodgy economics bill with a rider that would require Google to advertise three competitors on its home page, but stops short of explicitly requiring the search engine to disclose its algorithms.

Thin crowds greet Apple Watch in stores, suggesting fans prefer to buy, not fondle

The arrival of the Apple Watch in stores Friday failed to draw the same crowds that greeted the launch of the iPhone 6 -- but this may be a sign that Apple fans are prepared to queue overnight to buy, but not just to try.

IBM joins race to upgrade webmail interface with Verse

Google has tried it with Inbox, Microsoft handed Outlook Web App users Delve and now, with Verse, IBM is giving webmail a fresh look as it teaches its venerable Domino mail server new tricks.

French self-driving car goes for a spin around Paris monument

For this self-driving car, the roadside hazards included traffic jams, undisciplined bystanders -- and centuries-old cannons.

Huawei multiplies partnerships with software and service providers

Chinese telecommunications and networking equipment giant Huawei Technologies is partnering left, right and center at Cebit as it seeks to more firmly establish itself in Europe.

Ideovitra seeks to slay PC power vampires with SensyBee smart switch

There's a vampire-slayer stalking the halls at Cebit.

Pixometer app offers a smarter way to read dumb meters

So you want to track your water, electricity or gas consumption, but you still don't have a smart meter on your supply? Pixolus has a mobile app that makes it easier to keep track of meter readings, even with dumb meters.

IBM puts a price on its Twitter analytics service

The insight gained from a single tweet might not be worth much, but what about from a million?

Unify adds connectors, features, Android app to its unified comms service Circuit

When Unify invited visitors at last year's Cebit to test a new unified communications service, Project Ansible, it was nothing but a tightly scripted demo.

Face of Chinese IT industry doesn't please everyone at German trade show

Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group, made his first visit to the Cebit trade show 14 years ago, pitching Chinese products to Westerners from a small booth that attracted few visitors.

German industry is poised to exploit rural broadband

Internet speeds of 50Mbps are nothing but a pipe dream for most inhabitants of Britain, while even 5Mbps would be a welcome boost for many living in remote areas.