Stories by Paul Krill

Big Blue recycles mainframe technology

Looking to provide scalability in its hardware lines, IBM is leveraging its legacy mainframe technologies in multiple systems, IBM's Susan Whitney, general manager of the eServer Series product line, said in a keynote speech here Thursday at the IBM developerWorks Live conference.

DEVWORKS: IBM touts grid computing vision

Grid computing, the notion of linking computers across the Internet for single applications, was touted as the next evolution of computing by IBM's Irving Wladawsky-Berger, vice president of the company's technology and strategy group, during a keynote speech at the developerWorks Live conference here Thursday.

Bowstreet cuts workforce

Facing the tough economic times that have plagued the computer industry, Bowstreet Software on Tuesday reduced its workforce by a reported 60 to 75 persons, a company source said Wednesday.

Sun hails open-source meta data repository

Sun Microsystems on Tuesday plans to announce that it has contributed meta data repository modules to the NetBeans open-source development project as part of the Object Management Group's MDA (Model Driven Architecture) effort.

Microsoft reaches out to Java developers

Microsoft this week released a JDBC driver enabling Java developers to utilize Microsoft's SQL Sever 2000 database as a data management system for Java applications.

Sun readies UDDI offering

Sun Microsystems is preparing within a few months to launch a server-based product for setting up UDDI registries for publishing Web services, according to Sun officials.

WebPutty, Telelogic target change management

WebPutty and Telelogic AB on Monday separately detailed change and configuration management offerings intended to make it easier to alter business systems.

BEA readies WebLogic Server 7.0

BEA Systems on Tuesday plans to announce the availability of WebLogic Server Version 7.0, boasting new Web services and Java support.

UDDI endures reality check debate

Although UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration) has not yet fulfilled its promise to become the public registration technology for Web services, the concept is gaining a steady foothold, a panel of members said during a session here at the Software Development Conference and Expo on Thursday.

IBM looks to boost access control in WebSphere

IBM plans to add an instance-based authorization function, which would provide system access to more specific sets of data, to its WebSphere Web services environment, according to IBM officials.

.Net framework hailed as platform for XML, Web services

Microsoft Corp.'s .Net framework provides a multi-layered application development platform ideal for building XML-based (Extensible Markup Language) Web services, a Microsoft engineer emphasized during a keynote presentation at the Software Development Conference and Expo here on Wednesday.

Google unveils Web search engine query API

Google on Thursday released Google Web APIs (application programming interfaces) service, which enables developers to query more than 2 billion Web documents accessible from the Google search engine via their own computer programs, according to the company.

CTO FORUM - Artificial intelligence to usurp human type?

Among other things, the competition between human and artificial intelligence was pondered during a panel session at CTO Forum on Wednesday.

CTO FORUM - Web services, XML draw interest, scepticism

Although issues such as Web services and XML drew a lot of interest at the CTO Forum conference this week, attendees also are viewing them with skeptical eyes.

MS/DOJ -States' witness declines to endorse remedy

Although issues such as Web services and XML drew a lot of interest at the CTO Forum conference this week, attendees also are viewing them with skeptical eyes.