Stories by Paul Krill

Oracle proposes nominees for PeopleSoft board

Oracle Corp., which is attempting a hostile takeover of PeopleSoft Inc., announced on Friday a slate of nominees to the PeopleSoft board of directors and intentions to try to expand the board to nine members.

Sun to emphasize Linux commitments

Sun Microsystems on Thursday at the LinuxWorld conference in New York City plans to emphasize its support of application development for Linux through a commitment to tools and a new online community.

Sun to focus on cost reduction at LinuxWorld

Sun Microsystems, long a hard-line Unix vendor, is becoming a player in the Linux market as well, offering Linux on both the server and desktop. Paul Krill recently discussed Sun's Linux strategy with Jonathan Schwartz, executive vice president of the software group at Sun, and Schwartz highlighted the ways in which Sun differs from rivals IBM and Hewlett-Packard (HP).

Java Tools Community seeks unity

Led by Sun Microsystems and BEA Systems, 11 software companies have launched the Java Tools Community (JTC) organization to promote the interoperability of Java-based tools and the advancement of Java technology.

MySQL adding stored procedures to database

Looking to bolster the enterprise-readiness of its open source database, MySQL on Monday will preview an update to its platform that adds stored procedures and server side cursor capabilities.

Microsoft, BEA, Tibco tout Web services events spec

Microsoft Corp., BEA Systems Inc. and Tibco Software Inc. on Wednesday published a specification, WS-Eventing, which is intended to provide a common way of communicating events within and between Web services.

Sun's Schwartz bashes Microsoft

Sun Microsystem's Jonathan Schwartz, executive vice president of the company's software group, has criticized Microsoft for pulling the plug on products that had a JVM (Java virtual machine) deemed incompatible with Sun's.

IBM eases data administration

Business managers will be able to take a more hands-on approach to working with their enterprise databases through a tool being developed by IBM researchers.

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