Stories by Paul Krill

Commerce One boosts Web services development

Seeking to boost adoption of Web services, Commerce One Inc. on Tuesday is releasing an open-source, royalty-free development kit for Web services, SOAP, and XML. The DocSOAP XML Development Kit is intended to provide developers with XML and SOAP tools to take advantage of Web services technology, particularly for handling large business documents associated with e-commerce integration and the development of composite applications.

Sun touts metering in utility push

Sun Microsystems Inc.'s vision of utility computing features a metering of systems that would account for low-usage patterns countered by spikes during peak times, a Sun official said on Monday.

Macromedia links Flash apps to data

Macromedia on Tuesday plans to announce Macromedia Flash MX Data Connection Kit, which provides pre-built connections to data sources for the purpose of boosting development of data-aware Internet applications, the company said.

Microsoft pries lid off stack

Microsoft this week will put a new face on its stack. Analysts, however, question whether the changes will be dramatic enough to inspire customers to upgrade in the immediate future.

Product plans afoot for BPEL4WS spec

Major backers of the BPEL4WS specification for Web services business processes are preparing products to implement the technology, which is being submitted for consideration by OASIS as an industry standard.

Sun exec preaches UBL

Universal Business Language (UBL), a proposed OASIS specification for electronic commerce, presents the potential of enabling smaller businesses worldwide to engage in global commerce alongside major vendors, a Sun Microsystems official said during a presentation on Tuesday.

OASIS to get BPEL4WS jurisdiction

Microsoft, IBM and BEA Systems plan to submit their Web services choreography and business process specification, initially proposed in August 2002, to a standards body later this week.

IBM still sprucing up DB2 database

IBM's road map for its DB2 Universal Database platform includes both new features and refinements of existing functions, according to Janet Perna, general of data management at IBM.

Web services spec not ready for standardisation

A specification for Web services choreography and business processes introduced by Microsoft, IBM, and BEA Systems last August remains under its founders' jurisdiction, despite repeated assurances of its pending submission to an industry standards organisation.

IBM touts durability

IBM officials Thursday hailed the vendor's On Demand computing strategy and emphasized that customers can count on the continued existence of its technologies.

This could be the year for UDDI

An upcoming version of UDDI could give the Web services directory technology the boost it needs to spur adoption, according to an IBM Corp. official at a conference on Wednesday.

Rational exec: Complexity grows for developers

Complexity poses increasingly difficult obstacles for software developers, who are nonetheless called on to build applications for users who want this complexity hidden, Rational Software Corp. Chief Scientist Grady Booch said during a presentation at the IBM Corp. developerWorksLive conference on Thursday.

Borland, M7 enhance Java development

Java will be the focus of moves by Borland Software Corp. and M7 Corp. this week, with Borland forging closer ties to the open-source JBoss and M7 upgrading its Java toolbox.

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