Stories by Paul Krill

BMC bolsters DB2 profile

BMC Software has acquired DGI (Database Guys), a maker of performance management tools for IBM's DB2 Universal Database, for US$3 million, according to BMC.

Borland upgrades embedded database

Borland Software on Tuesday introduced InterBase 7.1, a cross-platform embeddable database that adds support for Windows Server 2003.

Sun's McNealy cites Java successes

Sun Microsystems chairman, president, and CEO Scott McNealy at the JavaOne conference here on Friday continued a week-long theme of "Java Everywhere," hailing successes in server, desktop, wireless, and consumer applications.

IBM to boost grid capabilities

Endorsing grid computing as a means to better utilize IT resources, IBM Corp. plans to add grid computing technologies to its operating systems and WebSphere application server beginning later this year, an IBM official said at the Enterprise Linux Forum conference here on Thursday.

Panelists debate SOAs

SOAs (service-oriented architectures) were pitted against legacy mainframes in a debate at TechEd in Dallas on Tuesday featuring Microsoft Corp. officials responding to audience queries.

Microsoft, VeriSign raise security stakes

Microsoft is raising the stakes in security, announcing on Thursday PKI services for Windows with VeriSign Communications and security certification training for Microsoft system administrators and engineers.

IBM looks to unify business integration package via Java

Looking for programming consistency in middleware, IBM plans to revamp its WebSphere Business Integration package by rewriting it to conform to the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) specification and running it on top of the WebSphere application server, an IBM official said last Friday.

Web services to offload integration from professional services

As service-oriented architectures utilizing Web services become dominant, companies will increasingly be using professional services organizations less for system integration and more for architectural consulting and business process automation, according to a report from research firm ZapThink announced this week.

Worldwide RDBMS revenue drops

The worldwide RDBMS market declined by seven percent in 2002, dropping to US$6.6 billion in license revenues when it had been $7.1 billion the year before, according to a Gartner statement released on Wednesday.

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