Stories by Paul Krill

Rational exec: Complexity grows for developers

Complexity poses increasingly difficult obstacles for software developers, who are nonetheless called on to build applications for users who want this complexity hidden, Rational Software Corp. Chief Scientist Grady Booch said during a presentation at the IBM Corp. developerWorksLive conference on Thursday.

Borland, M7 enhance Java development

Java will be the focus of moves by Borland Software Corp. and M7 Corp. this week, with Borland forging closer ties to the open-source JBoss and M7 upgrading its Java toolbox.

IBM fortifying XML query language

IBM is preparing to advance the XQuery XML query language on two fronts: by submitting with Microsoft Corp. a test suite for industry consideration and by working with Oracle on a Java API for the language.

Microsoft hails ISO stamp for C#

Microsoft Corp. is touting approval of its C# programming language as both an ISO and ECMA standard as an advantage over the rival Java language.

Eclipse, UML move forward

The Eclipse open source tools project spearheaded by IBM and the Object Management Group Inc.'s Unified Modeling Language (UML) 2.0 both are taking steps forward.

LogicLibrary boosts .Net development

Software asset management tools vendor LogicLibrary will enable Microsoft Visual Studio .Net developers to search a central library of development assets for Microsoft's .Net Framework.

PC vendors eye Java

PC vendors are considering licensing Java to get it to customers, according to a Sun Microsystems official.

Sun, webMethods land WS-I board seats

Sun Microsystems and webMethods will sit on the board of the Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I), but questions are surfacing about the possibility of progress given the length of the board’s roll sheet.

Sun broadens Linux backing

Sun Microsystems will adopt commonly known Linux distributions for deployment on a range of Intel-based systems it is planning and will no longer offer its Sun Linux distribution.

Web services paths remain divided

Sun Microsystems' entry into IBM and Microsoft’s WS-I (Web services interoperability) organization was widely interpreted as a good step towards industrywide cooperation. But as a dazzling array of vendor-driven standards continues to emerge, a fresh set of machinations are proving that the battle for control of Web services standards remains alive and well between two camps: IBM and Microsoft on one side, Sun and to some extent Oracle on the other.

Gaps remain in Web services

Technology gaps remain to be filled in Web services before it can fulfill its potential as a standardized way to integrate applications, said panelists at the Software Development Conference & Expo West 2003 show last week.

BMC boosts SQL Server database management

BMC Software on Monday plans to announce management tools for Microsoft SQL Server databases that provide for a common platform for managing mixed database environments.

Java object models debated

Industry panelists Tuesday debated issues surrounding support of complex object models in J2EE Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs), deemed critical to object persistence and mapping contents of an object to a database.

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