Stories by Paul Krill

Fabless semiconductor group debates RosettaNet membership

Looking to benefit from the RosettaNet business-to-business communications platform, the Fabless Semiconductor Association (FSA) is eyeing a membership in RosettaNet, but is balking at the $80,000 required for an annual board membership.

BEA enhancing integration, portals

BEA Systems on Tuesday is announcing 30 BEA-branded integration adapters for linking applications via the company's WebLogic Integration software as well as 20 portlets that add functionality to portals developed in the WebLogic Portal platform.

Borland, IBM eye coders

Eyeing Microsoft Corp. Visual Basic and Linux developers, Borland Software Corp. and IBM Corp. on Monday revealed plans to collaborate on development offerings for Windows and Linux platforms on Intel hardware using Borland's RAD (rapid application development) technology and Big Blue's DB2 database.

Web services management protocol spec eyed

OASIS (ORGANIZATION FOR the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) has formed a technical committee to propose an XML-based management protocol specification for Web services, said a Novell official Thursday who is chairing the committee.

Torvalds: Commercialization balances Linux

There's plenty of room at the Linux party for both profit-seeking vendors and technical purists, according to Linus Torvalds, founder of the open source platform.

Ellison touts Oracle Linux clustering

Oracle's Linux embrace includes running and its internal mail system on the open systems platform, but don't expect the company to make its database open source anytime soon.

BEA, Borland join on dev tool for Java Web platform

BEA Systems Inc. and Borland Corp. on Wednesday announced Borland JBuilder, WebLogic Edition, which will pair Borland's Java development tool with BEA's WebLogic Web applications platform.

Joy pans and praises Linux

Linux has a socialist bent and lacks a strong support strategy, but it allows developers freedom, Sun Microsystems Inc. co-founder and chief scientist Bill Joy said Tuesday during a software strategy session held several doors away from the LinuxWorld Expo conference here.

Google praises Linux scalability

If Internet search services vendor Google Inc. is any indication, Linux is ready for primetime.

Sun boosts NetBeans

Sun Microsystems at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo detailed enhancements to its NetBeans open-source development project, in which the company is donating 18 new software modules including Java3D support, Apache Struts, and support for Java Data Objects (JDO).

BEA partners with Red Hat

BEA Systems Inc. at LinuxWorld Conference & Expo on Tuesday plans to reveal details about the upcoming upgrade of its JRockit Java Virtual Machine for Linux on the Intel Corp. platform, in addition to discussing its intentions to support the JVM on the Red Hat Inc. Advanced Server OS, a BEA official said Monday.

OSDL eyes datacenter-grade Linux

Seeking to spur development of more business applications for Linux, Open Source Development Lab officials at LinuxWorld Conference & Expo Tuesday stressed intentions to make the platform more viable for datacenters and carriers and detailed initiatives intended to meet these goals.

Sun snubbed in Web services spec effort

Microsoft Corp., IBM Corp., and BEA Systems Inc. are throwing another Web services party and, once again, Sun Microsystems Inc. is not on the guest list.

Oracle, Dell join forces on app servers

Dell Computer Corp. reselling the Oracle9i Application Server on both the Windows and Linux platforms, Oracle Corp. said on Thursday.

HP looks to keep systems cool

Addressing the growing problem of heat dissipation in chips and systems, Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday announced it is working on a suite of technologies to address heat generation and energy use in increasingly powerful microprocessors and datacenters.