Stories by Paul Krill

Software AG extends access to Natural programs

Software AG on Tuesday is shipping Version 6 of its Natural 4GL development environment, enabling Windows developers to access Natural programs running on a Unix or mainframe system.

Blue Titan ships SOA tool

Blue Titan Software Inc. on Tuesday will ship Network Director 2.5, which the company is calling an enterprise service-oriented architecture (SOA) "Fabric."

Chasing bugs away

Bugs can never be stamped out completely. But best practices, software tools, and code-inspection services can squash many. Paul Krill reports.

Sun to spruce up NetBeans tools initiative

Sun Microsystems and the tools organization on Thursday are releasing a road map for the open source NetBeans tools technology, outlining advances to extend development for the Web and Web services.

BEA readying Java Web services technology

BEA Systems early in 2004 plans to have a reference implementation of Java technology intended to simplify deployment of Web services, based on the company's own WebLogic Workshop IDE.

Sun, JBoss forge Java agreement

Sun Microsystems, in officially announcing approval of the Java 2 Enterprise Edition J2EE 1.4 specification on Tuesday, also provided JBoss Group LLC, which has been at odds with Sun, with an opportunity to join the J2EE-compatible community. The Apache Software Foundation also will seek J2EE certification for its Apache Geronimo application server project.

Macromedia extends Internet apps development

Looking to bring graphical Web development to enterprise developers, Macromedia on Monday will introduce Macromedia Flex, a presentation sever and application framework for building rich Internet applications using existing tools, design patterns and infrastructure.

Sun readies J2EE 1.4, app server

Sun Microsystems next week will ship Java 2 Enterprise Edition 1.4, which is designed to enable the use of Web services in Java applications, along with an application server based on the new platform.

IBM bolsters database for handhelds

IBM is extending its DB2 Everyplace database for handheld devices by adapting it for .Net development and offering a special version for small to midsize businesses.

Sun still pondering Eclipse move

Sun Microsystems is pondering joining the Eclipse open source development tools project for Java led by IBM, but still has some concerns, a Sun official said on Thursday.

Borland exec doubts Sun's desktop chances

Borland Software Corp. President and Chief Executive Officer Dale Fuller is not optimistic about partner company Sun Microsystems Inc.'s chance to unseat Microsoft Corp.on the desktop.

Borland's Kylix in limbo

Borland Software's Kylix development software remains in limbo, with no new release having been issued for a year and the company not saying whether there will be an upgrade.