Stories by Paul Krill

Intel boosting Xeon processors

At its developer forum here on Wednesday Intel Corp. plans to introduce 2.6- and 2.8-GHz versions of its Xeon server chip, for dual- and single-processor applications such as Web hosting, security and streaming media.

Oracle calls for Web services unity

Oracle Corp. is looking to get industry consensus on a Web services specification for choreographing interactions in business-to-business transactions, an alternative to the current plethora of proposed specifications devised to meet this aim.

BEA, IBM spar on Web services development

Taking the offensive in the battle of Web services development platforms, BEA Systems Inc. on Tuesday said its WebLogic Workshop platform requires fewer than one-fifth the amount of steps to build a simple Web service than IBM Corp.'s WebSphere Studio Application Developer. An IBM official quickly retorted that BEA's statements were "lame."

Intel envisions modular computing future

Call it grid computing. Or modular computing. Or policy-based computing or utiliy computing. Intel Corp., which is opting for the modular designation, is preaching distribution of processing power to boost performance and reliability.

Allchin touts future of Windows server platform

Microsoft Corp., with its Windows server platform set to gain dramatic improvements in security, storage, and reliability, wants developers to build server applications that will last for decades, said Jim Allchin, group vice president of the company's platforms group, in a speech at the Microsoft DevCon conference here Friday.

Macromedia ships ColdFusion MX for Java

Macromedia Inc. on Monday announced shipment of ColdFusion MX for J2EE Application Servers, a scripting technology that now can be deployed on application servers from IBM Corp., Sun Microsystems Inc., and Macromedia Inc., the company said.

BEA releases 'world's fastest' JVM

BEA Systems Inc. on Monday will release JRockit 7.0 for Intel Corp. hardware, which one company official termed the "world's fastest" Java Virtual Machine.

Microsoft readies SharePoint 2.0 collaboration platform

Microsoft Corp.'s upcoming release of its SharePoint Web collaboration platform Version 2.0 will focus on customization and be part of the Windows .Net Server 2003 operating system, according to Microsoft officials.

W3C publishes plan for mixing XML markup languages

The W3C week released a plan for mixing XML markup languages through use of a schema.

OASIS forms UDDI technical committee

Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) on Wednesday announced formation of a technical committee to advance the UDDI specification, which is intended to provide Internet-based directories of available Web services.

Borland working on .Net tool

Borland Software in early 2003 plans to offer a development environment specifically tailored to the Microsoft Corp. .Net programming model, a Borland official said on Tuesday.

BEA, Palm partner on Web services for handhelds

Palm Inc. and BEA Systems Inc. on Tuesday announced plans to boost development of Web services-based applications for Palm handheld devices.

MS readies compliance kit for Web services

Looking to drive industry adoption of its Web services standards proposals, Microsoft on Monday plans to announce availability of a software development kit featuring its own specifications.

Microsoft adds notification services to database

Microsoft on Monday released its SQL Server Notification Services, a platform for developing and deploying database applications that enable users to subscribe to informational updates.

Caldera revives SCO name, upgrades OS products

The SCO name, long synonymous with Unix on the Intel platform, is being revived.