Stories by Paul Krill

Microsoft focuses on mobile development, Visual Studio

Microsoft Corp., in conjunction with several developer shows taking place this week, announced Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition along with a Visual Studio 2005 technology preview and a series of programs to boost Visual Studio 2005.

IBM Jazz-ing up collaboration

IBM is working on a research project pertaining to collaborative development, called Jazz, which is focused on the notion of presence, said Grady Booch, an IBM Fellow.

Legislation may be needed to fix open source IP issues

Legislative remedies may be needed to address the murky issues over intellectual property that have arisen out of The SCO Group’s lawsuit against IBM, an attorney said during the Open Source Business Conference 2004 event on Wednesday.

Lane hails services-based software, open source

In a wide-ranging talk about the fate of the software industry, Ray Lane, former Oracle president and COO and now a venture capitalist, stressed that the industry is maturing to become a service-oriented business.

Microsoft embraces open source - with reservations

Microsoft recognizes the benefits of open source but is not prepared to turn over its crown-jewel Windows operating system to the paradigm, according to a Microsoft official speaking at the Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday.

Programmer veterans ponder past, future

A panel of programmers famous for applications such as VisiCalc and Excel and the Apple Computer Macintosh operating system mused on where programming has been and where it is going during a panel session at the Software Development Conference & Expo West 2004 event in Santa Clara, California this week.

Web services interoperability tools released

The Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I) on Wednesday announced general availability of its tools for testing interoperability with the WS-I Basic Profile for use of Web services.

MySQL Cluster gets ready to ship

MySQL in April will ship MySQL Cluster, a high-availability version of its open source database for deployment across clusters of systems.

Java amendment process is revised

The Java Community Process, the official procedure for defining Java programming standards, is being updated to enable earlier participation by developers, JCP officials announced on Tuesday.

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