Stories by Paul Krill

NetBeans still platform of choice for Sun instead of Eclipse

The Sun Microsystems-led NetBeans open source tools project made available an early version of a profiler tool for troubleshooting, with a Sun official also reaffirming that NetBeans remains Sun’s open source platform of choice. The company has been subject of speculation that it would participate in the rival Eclipse open source program.

IBM adds to business process modeling tool

IBM is looking to improve business process modeling in its WebSphere Business Integration Modeler tool by backing an emerging Web services standard and building its product around the Eclipse development tool framework.

Tool converts .Net code to Java

While Microsoft already has had a tool to migrate Java code to the company's .Net application development platform, Stryon is turning the tables.

Microsoft supplementing SharePoint apps integration

Microsoft's Office System group is making available next week, free of charge, two "Web Part" toolkits and a Web services toolkit to boost integration of the company's SharePoint Portal Server 2003 package and SharePoint Services sites with applications from vendors such as SAP.

Macromedia boosts reporting, clients in ColdFusion tool

Macromedia is readying a multifaceted upgrade to its ColdFusion Web development tool, code-named "Blackstone," that will boost reporting capabilities while also enabling new clients such as IM systems to participate in application workflows.

IBM sets academic initiative

IBM at the Rational Software Developer User Conference on Tuesday detailed an initiative to collaborate with educators to teach students open standards skills to enable them to keep pace with changes in IT.

IBM advancing Workplace platform

IBM is unveiling development tools this week, intended to boost the IBM Workplace collaboration platform. The introductions will be made at the IBM Rational Software Development User Conference in Texas.

IBM readies 'Atlantic' tools plus open source effort

IBM at the Rational Software Development User Conference last Monday revealed a planned upgrade to its Rational and IBM tools portfolio, dubbed "Atlantic," and also pledged to make some IBM products available under an open source format.

IBM pursues software installation standard

IBM has unveiled technology intended to reduce complexity in software installation and packaging and has submitted it to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for consideration as an industry standard.

IBM Rational focuses on software quality

IBM Rational will announce plans to standardize its suite of automated software quality tools on the Hyades open source platform and is unveiling concurrently a software quality campaign dubbed "Continuously Ensure Quality," or CEQ.

Open source Java debate rages

Should Java be available under an open source format? The debate is raging this week at the 2004 JavaOne conference in San Francisco.

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