Stories by Paul Krill

Is commercial Unix odd man out?

Oracle Corp.'s plans to run its entire business on Linux would mean displacing commercial Unix systems, including the Solaris operating system that is a crown jewel of its longtime partner Sun Microsystems Inc.

Sun's Gage urges participation in security

In a presentation at the Oracle world conference here that featured a demonstration of a global geospatial application and an explanation of its military usage in Afghanistan, Sun Microsystems Inc.'s John Gage, chief researcher and director of the company's science office, urged community participation to promote secure computing.

Dell preaches Oracle

Dell Computer Corp. Chairman and CEO Michael Dell on Tuesday stressed Linux and his company's Intel boxes as the new wave of computing. He also hailed Dell's partnership with Oracle Corp. and panned another longtime Oracle partner, Sun Microsystems Inc.

Oracle driving Linux convergence

Reaffirming its commitment to Linux, an Oracle Corp. official at the OracleWorld conference here on Wednesday stressed Oracle's intentions to merge several Linux-related projects into a single distribution by partnering with Linux vendor Red Hat Inc.

Oracle joins Eclipse

Oracle Corp. on Tuesday plans to announce a two-tiered strategy for promoting standardization in the tools space: The company is joining the IBM Corp.-led Eclipse tools initiative and introducing a proposal for a single API to access multiple vendors' Java-based interactive development environments (IDEs). The dual proposals were seen by one analyst as a way to link the competing Eclipse and NetBeans IDE camps.

Borland unveils C++ tool for devices

Borland Software Corp. on Tuesday will introduce C++ Mobile Edition for developing C++ applications that run on mobile devices.

Macromedia looks to ease Web site updates

Macromedia Inc. on Monday will announce Macromedia Contribute, a desktop application extending Web site editing to laymen.

Web services standardization advances

Web services standardization is advancing on several fronts, including choreography and intellectual property concerns, a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) official said in an interview this week.

Microsoft spins Rotor tools update

Microsoft Corp. this week posted an update to its Shared Source Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) implementation, codenamed Rotor, which adds support for Mac OS X.

Microsoft spins Rotor tools update

Microsoft Corp. this week posted an update to its Shared Source Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) implementation, codenamed Rotor, which adds support for Mac OS X.

WebMethods Java plan only partially done

WebMethods Inc.'s addition of a Java application server in its integration platform will be done in phases. The first phase in webMethods 6 will require an adapter and the second phase, due in a subsequent point release in 2003, will feature consistency between the integration and application servers.

BEA pours Liquid Data

BEA Systems Inc. on Monday will unveil Liquid Data for WebLogic, a product that provides real-time access to data aggregated from multiple sources.

Borland eyes agile development with upgraded tools

Looking to make life easier for developers, Borland Software Corp. on Tuesday plans to release an upgrade of its JBuilder Java visual application development environment, with a focus on improving productivity. The company also is announcing an upgraded version of its Optimizeit Suite 5 performance management tool for developers.

W3C close to ratifying SOAP 1.2

SOAP 1.2, the proposed revision of the Simple Object Access Protocol Web services specification, may be finalized by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) within two to three months, a W3C representative said on Friday. But intellectual property rights could hinder the process.

JCP open-source upgrade released

The JCP Program Management Office on Tuesday is launching a new version of its Java Community Process program, to be called JCP 2.5, which embraces open-source development.