Stories by Paul Krill

Java update spotlights JavaScript, memory usage

With a planned update to Java today, Oracle looks to improve memory management, native packaging, JavaScript compatibility, and usability.

Mozilla tackles parallel JavaScript

Mozilla is pursuing parallelism for JavaScript in an attempt to fully leverage available hardware capabilities.

Survey: iPhone 6 powers an increase in enterprise adoption of iOS

Apple's iOS mobile platform gained user share in security-conscious businesses late in 2014, taking it away from Google's Android platform, thanks to the introduction of the iPhone 6 smartphone, according to a survey of its enterprise customers by mobile security vendor Good Technology.

Red Hat Shenandoah boosts Java garbage collection

Red Hat engineers are moving forward with their Shenandoah garbage collection technology, which would give Java a boost in large-heap applications.

Apache Spark jumps on the R bandwagon

Apache Spark, the big data processing technology for iterative workloads that is growing in popularity, is about to add capabilities for DataFrames and the R language as part of two upcoming upgrades.

Microsoft enlists Mozilla to speed up JavaScript in Windows 10

Microsoft is looking to improve Web performance in Windows 10 by bringing in Mozilla's asm.js JavaScript subset, for inclusion in Microsoft's Chakra JavaScript engine.

Microsoft: Biometrics are the future of Windows 10 security

With the use of passwords coming under increased scrutiny, Microsoft is taking steps to move beyond them in Windows 10. Its biggest move: Joining the FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance and adding support for the biometrics technology in the upcoming upgrade of the OS, which has been slated to ship this year.

Obama: Tech companies and government must share threat data

President Barack Obama signed an executive order today on cyber security that aims to ward off digital threats that imperil both the economy and national security.

Two years in the making, Node.js upgrade arrives

In development for nearly two years, the 0.12 release of Node.js is about to become available. Whether the release can mend the now-fractured community that has been built around the popular server-side JavaScript platform remains to be seen.

Microsoft backs Java for cross-platform mobile apps

Over the years, Microsoft has not been the biggest advocate for Java, no matter how pervasive it has become. In fact, the company was entangled in a bitter legal battle over the platform with Java founder Sun Microsystems many years ago. But times have changed. Now, Microsoft Open Technologies, a subsidiary of Microsoft focused on "open" technologies and interoperability, is promoting a Java-based approach to building cross-platform mobile apps.

Microsoft .Net's execution engine goes open source

Continuing with plans to open up its software development technologies, Microsoft this week open-sourced CoreCLR, the .Net execution engine in the .Net Core platform.

Mobile app security grabs feds' attention

Recognizing the increased use of mobile apps at businesses, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a U.S. government agency, has come forward with recommendations on vetting security of these applications with steps ranging from risk management to testing.

Microsoft kicks off C# 7 language planning

Designers are off and running with plans for the next generation of Microsoft's C# language, with key themes centering on data management, performance, and reliability.

New Aurelia framework wants in on JavaScript riches

A wide variety of technologies has piggybacked JavaScript, including, AngularJS, Meteor, and Node.js. A new entrant, Aurelia, offers another angle as a modular framework enabling customization and accommodating the latest ECMAScript technologies.

IT jobs outlook: High demand, higher salaries

With the hot job market for technology professionals, it is not surprising that salaries are up, too  though only a bit.