Stories by Paul Krill

AngularJS 1.4 is built for speed, animations

Version 1.4 of the AngularJS JavaScript framework, focusing on enhancements for animation and performance, is now available.

Jsblocks: Client-side JavaScript 'for any kind of application'

The world of JavaScript frameworks just keeps growing. One of the latest entrants, jsblocks, is being positioned as more powerful than Backbone and faster or more flexible than React, Meteor, and AngularJS.

Java at 20: Its successes, failures, and future

Although Java was developed at Sun Microsystems, Oracle has served as the platform's steward since acquiring Sun in early 2010. During that time, Oracle has released Java 7 and Java 8, with version 9 due up next year. InfoWorld Editor at Large Paul Krill recently spoke to Oracle's Georges Saab, vice president of software development for the Java Platform Group, about the occasion of Java's 20th anniversary.

Windows goes Node for Microsoft's Internet of Things

Microsoft is linking Node.js to Windows 10 and the Internet of things, leveraging its Chakra JavaScript engine to get Node.js running on Windows on ARM.

Java at 20: The programming juggernaut rolls on

What began as an experiment in consumer electronics in the early 1990s celebrates its 20th anniversary as a staple of enterprise computing this week. Java has become a dominant platform, able to run wherever the Java Virtual Machine is supported, forging ahead despite the rise of rival languages and recent tribulations with security.

Reunited: io.js rejoins with Node.js

A merger between Node.js and the io.js fork is afoot, with the io.js faction even joining the Node.js Foundation for governance of the popular server-side JavaScript platform.

Node.js project lead steps aside

With Node.js, the popular server-side JavaScript platform, being moved to a new governance model and new platforms, the current project lead will be stepping down.

All eyes on Android at Google I/O

While Google is known for a multitude of technologies, including search and cloud services, it's the Android mobile development platform that will take center stage at the Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco the last week in May.

Io.js 2.0: Node.js fork moves forward

Version 2.0 of io.js, a fork of the Node.js server-side JavaScript platform, is now available, with conformance to the ECMAScript 6 specification a key improvement. Io.js 2.0 also supports a new version of Google's V8 JavaScript engine.

Mark your calendars: Java 9 lands next year

Java 9 would arrive on Sept. 22, 2016, under a proposed schedule posted online by a prominent Oracle Java official this week.

Nginx open source server gets TCP load-balancing

With the release of the Nginx 1.9.0 Web server, Nginx has taken TCP load-balancing capabilities from its commercial Nginx Plus product and fitted it to the company's open source technology.

Microsoft open-sources JavaScript tools

Continuing its overtures toward open source, Microsoft is unveiling technologies for packaging applications and remotely debugging JavaScript.

Microsoft woos Android, iOS devs with porting toolkit

It's no secret that Microsoft has had little success competing against Google Android or Apple iOS. But the PC software giant will give it another try with tools enabling developers to use code written for Android and iOS on Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft preaches the gospel of universal apps at Build

With its universal Windows apps concept, Microsoft is promoting the notion of apps that can be developed once and run across a variety of form factors. Unsurprisingly, the universal apps effort will be prominent at this week's Microsoft Build 2015 developer conference.

Internet of things and Azure headline Microsoft Build

The Internet of things will get considerable airing at Microsoft's Build developer conference this week, with the company planning to detail both its vision and architecture for the large-scale connected-devices concept. Microsoft's Azure cloud platform is key to the company's plans.