Stories by Dahna McConnachie

Wholesale partnership expands VoIP

People Telecom will deliver voice over IP (VoIP) to wider Australia through a wholesale partnership formed this week with engin.

Sensis snaps up eBay director

Sensis last month appointed Alex Parsons as the group manager of The former eBay Australia and New Zealand product director will be responsible for increasing the number of unique visitors to the Web site, commercialization and future revenue opportunities while supporting the fundamental characteristics of Sensis' business model.

PostgreSQL 8.1 gets performance boost

Version 8.1 of the free and open source database PostgreSQL has just been launched, with a performance boost, and 120 new features and enhancements from almost 200 developers. The database now lets businesses run applications that were previously only possible over large commercial systems. Computerworld catches up with one of its key Australian-based developers, Gavin Sherry.


IPv6 Forum chief: the new Internet is ready for consumption

IPv6 is not a pipedream. Founder of the IPv6 Forum Latif Ladid took time out from the IPv6 summit in Canberra to talk to Computerworld about why the new Internet Protocol is a pie to be consumed here and now.

Cisco puts the gaming in training

All work and no play is bad for the health, but the future is looking more playful with games increasingly being used in workplace training, according to Cisco's director of certifications, Don Field.

Workplace changes risk deprofessionalising IT

The proposed changes to Australia's workplace relations risk "deprofessionalising" IT, according to the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers Australia (APESMA) in its submission to the Work Choices senate inquiry.

RedHat, Microsoft and CompTIA extend training

In response to increased industry demand for specialist skills Computer Power has introduced six new streams to its Power IT program.

Experts at odds over relevance of IPv6

A significant stumbling block to IPv6 adoption may be the IPv4 loyalists who are keen to keep the protocol in preference to the 'new improved' version.

ACS: Australian IT needs to get put on the map and in schools

Putting Australian IT on the map for onshoring, creating a more disciplined industry and changing the way we teach IT in schools are at the top of the Christmas wish list for Australian Computer Society president, Edward Mandla.

Outgoing ACS president calls for ICT tax break

Creating a tax break for ICT exports would help lift the local industry out from the "bottom of the OECD pack", an outgoing Australian Computer Society (ACS) president Edward Mandla said at the society's IT in Government conference last week.

IPv6 Summit -- Diva not the only one setting records on Cup day

IPv6 was declared a winner this week, by backers and sceptics alike, as it streamed the Melbourne Cup in a live multicast to a crowd attending the IPv6 summit in Canberra.

Defence leads the way with IPv6: summit

Supporting the local IT industry is one of the key drivers behind the Australian Defence Force's migration to IPv6, according to its director general of information policy, David Richards.

Forget the sticky note - remember the milk!

Put down your pen and "sticky note" pad - the reminder note of the future is here with the launch of a free open-source Web application for the masses called Remember the Milk (RTM).

Marketers take the money in new IT salary report

The money is flowing back into IT&T, with marketing directors receiving salary packages up to $100,000 more than peers in other industries, according to a report by recruitment firm, Perceptor.

Preventing SPIT the newest IT security challenge

Juniper and Integ are predicting the rising take-up of VoIP services in the enterprise will bring a new wave of IP telephony-based security threats to the fore.

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