Stories by Carolyn Duffy Marsan

Launch event drives IPv6 traffic to all-time high

The much-hyped World IPv6 Launch Day event on Wednesday resulted in a rise in IPv6 traffic -- including Web and email -- to a new peak as expected. But ISPs said the bigger story was the steady increase in IPv6 traffic that occurred in the months leading up to the event, which they anticipate will continue for the rest of 2012.

Many 'name' sites sitting out today's World IPv6 Launch

The Internet's biggest players -- including Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Bing -- are turning on IPv6 today as part of the World IPv6 Launch Day challenge coordinated by the Internet Society. But which websites are not ready to support the next-gen Internet Protocol?

In Pictures: Why the Internet needs IPv6

Explosive growth of Internet users, devices, apps creates demand for more IP addresses

Rehearsals over, IPv6 hits Broadway June 6

IPv6 will go fully live on June 6. That's the date when 50-plus access networks and more than 2,500 websites -- including Google, YouTube, Facebook and Yahoo -- will turn on support for the long-anticipated upgrade to the Internet's main communications protocol and leave it on for good.

Sales of unused IPv4 addresses gathering steam

A growing number of U.S. carriers and enterprises are hedging their bets on IPv6 by purchasing blocks of unused IPv4 addresses through official channels or behind-the-scenes dealmaking.

How to land a cybersecurity job

Cybersecurity jobs are plentiful, from government, financial services and utilities to manufacturing and retail. But what skills do IT professionals need to qualify for these high-paying jobs?

Hottest IT skill? Cybersecurity

Embattled by hactivists, cybercriminals and foreign rivals seeking to steal proprietary information, U.S. corporations are ramping up their hiring of cybersecurity experts, with open jobs reaching an all-time high in April.

Apple's IPv6 misstep is a sign of the times

Apple's controversial decision not to support IPv6 on Version 6.0 of AirPort Utility is the latest example of a broader problem plaguing the next-gen Internet Protocol: Many network vendors are lacking the same level of features and performance in products that support IPv6 as those that support IPv4, the original Internet Protocol.

The sorry state of federal IPv6 support

U.S. federal government agencies must meet an aggressive deadline of Sept. 30, 2012, to deploy IPv6 on their public-facing websites, under an Obama administration initiative. But with less than five months to go, more than 99% of federal websites aren't supporting the next-gen Internet Protocol on their DNS, email and Web services.

Apple under fire for backing off IPv6 support

Apple Computer came under fire for back-pedaling on its support for IPv6, the next-generation Internet Protocol, at a gathering of experts held in Denver this week.

Comcast is first U.S. ISP to offer IPv6 to home gateway users

Comcast has moved into the next phase of its IPv6 roll-out, becoming the first U.S. broadband ISP to enable next-gen Internet services for residential customers that use home gateways.

Business continuity emerges as latest IPv6 killer app

DENVER - IPv6 appears to have found a new killer app: business continuity.

Big news for IPv6: Akamai to launch service in April

Akamai will offer IPv6 services to its entire customer base in April -- a long-awaited move that will be a major boon to the adoption rate of the next-generation Internet Protocol.

Internet Society celebrates 20 years of standards, advocacy

The Internet Society, a non-profit that operates the .org registry and funds Internet standards development work, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a gala event in Geneva next month.

7 simple steps for thwarting hactivists

More data was stolen from corporate networks last year by hactivists than by cybercriminals, according to a new report from Verizon.