Stories by Carolyn Duffy Marsan

Sendmail Gains Critical Mass

Network managers thinking about migrating their Internet e-mail servers from the popular open-source sendmail software to a new commercial version will find comfort in numbers. Officials at Sendmail Inc., an Emeryville, California start-up, say more than 1,600 customers, including Coca-Cola Enterprises and the Janus Funds Investment Firm, have made the switch.

Microsoft stalls IPv6 progress

Microsoft is dragging its feet on integrating IPv6 -- an upgrade to the standard internet communications protocol -- into future versions of Windows, prompting internet leaders to launch a behind-the-scenes lobbying campaign directed at Bill Gates.

Lotus eyes distance learning, knowledge management

Lotus Development has identified two emerging application areas - distance learning and knowledge management - as targets for increased investment in the next 18 months, according to company officials.

Survey shows network start-ups still hot, hot, hot

Venture capital investments in network start-ups reached an all-time high. Second quarter funding was nearly triple what it was a year ago, according to a study.

SuperNet Set to Launch

A team of government, university and industry researchers is putting the final touches on an experimental, high-speed, nationwide network that offers a glimpse of the Internet's future. Called SuperNet, the testbed network will provide end-to-end transmission speeds of 2.5G bit/sec -- more than 1,000 times faster than today's Internet. Once operational, SuperNet will be a showpiece for the Clinton administration's three-year, US$300 million initiative to maintain U.S. leadership in Internet technologies. SuperNet is already is offering clues to where enterprise and service provider network technology is headed. For example, the program is responsible for the commercialization of high-speed, optical switches currently being deployed by one long-distance carrier. The next phase of the research will focus on protocols and network management tools that will guarantee end-to-end quality of service and security for high-bandwidth applications.

Popular Sendmail Gains POP, IMAP Support

Sendmail and MessagingDirect today announced an arrangement in which the Sendmail software will now support two key e-mail standards -- POP and IMAP. Sendmail's commercial version of the popular open source software, of the same name, routes e-mail messages from one network to another. MessagingDirect sells complementary software that stores e-mail messages on a local server and supports common e-mail standards so users can access messages through a variety of desktop e-mail packages.

Instant messaging tiff may speed standard

A move to get instant messaging products to talk to one another gained momentum last week after a public shouting match between Microsoft and America Online helped nudge AOL into a standards effort it had previously shunned.

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