Stories by JR Raphael

What RIM's new BlackBerry needs to succeed

Research in Motion may have something big up its sleeves.

Motorola's 2GHz Android Phone Means Business

Motorola's turning up the heat on the smartphone market -- and this time, it's not only casual consumers the company's eyeing.

6 Strange Ways to Make Money Online

Who needs a part-time job when you can get paid for seeking out smut, selling your hair, or sending text messages?

Ballmer Bites Back, Disses the iPad

Ladies and gentlemen, step up to the ring: We've got a good old-fashioned Microsoft-Apple battle a-brewin'.

Google Maps for BlackBerry gets a boost

Got a BlackBerry for your business? Getting around is about to get a lot easier.

Motorola Android tablet may be coming soon

Motorola's Droid may soon have a plus-sized cousin.

Microsoft: 'Ballmer at WWDC' rumor is wrong

For a minute there, it looked like hell had frozen over.

Nokia and Yahoo team up: Does anyone care?

Screw Android 2.2. Forget the new iPhone. Nokia and Yahoo have some news.

Google Android 2.2: Questions and answers

My oh my, the air is smelling sweet today.

Android invasion: The next phase begins

Writing about Android can sometimes feel like writing science fiction. So forgive me for saying the following:

Will Amazon's Kindle Android app hurt Kindle sales?

Friends, readers, Kindlemen: Allow me to pose a question. If you could get digital books on the smartphone you already carry, would you still buy a dedicated e-reader?

Test your Facebook privacy settings: Here's how

We've been talking about Facebook's privacy mess for days now. We all know the story, right? Privacy controls are broken, everyone's getting irritated, Facebook's not too concerned, blah flippidy-freakin' blah.

Google Closing Its Nexus One Web Store

Google's groundbreaking model for selling Android phones from a single Web site is about to become history.

Facebook and privacy: What a mess

Facebook has just unveiled a new set of user controls, but it isn't likely to do much in the way of calming anger about the social network's privacy policies.

The GM Android car: coming soon?

Holy Android, Batman: Your Google-powered smartphone may soon be able to control your car.

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