Stories by Patrick Budmar


Review: Navman MY450LMT car GPS navigator

GPS based navigation devices have become indispensable tools when driving in both familiar and unfamiliar territory, though in recent years users have had the option to use their smartphone devices to carry out the same task.

Review: Huawei Ascend P2 smartphone

Huawei is not a name that is commonly associated with smartphones, but it is something the company seems to want to change with the introduction of the earlier Ascend P6.

Review: Targus 17” travel laptop roller

Doing business on the move has become easier than before now that devices are getting smaller and multi-functioned, but managing all of these belongings has not become any easier.

Review: Kensington contour roller laptop case

Notebook PCs may be getting smaller in size, but dedicated PC users likely have a growing collection of accessories to accompany the system.

Symantec Australia tech support layoffs not as widespread as reported: reseller

Symantec has not let go of its Australian tech support team and off-shored it to India, according to an insider who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Review: Gigabyte GV-R779OC-2GD

Instead of taking route of having the fastest graphics card on the market with the GV-R779OC-2GD, Gigabyte has decided to make its product both efficient and quiet.

Review: Targus 13.3-inch Ultralife thin edge sleeve

A popular way to carry around slim devices like Ultrabooks is with a sleeve, and American accessory vendor Targus has designed its Ultralife line-up for this purpose.

Even with satellites, regional Australia prefers fibre-to-the-home: Conroy

Even as the government is busy setting up deals for orbital satellites as part of the NBN, Minister for Broadband, Communications, and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, said small communities in regional Australia would still prefer fibre-to-the-home

Storage controllers no longer last for years but months: VMtech

Storage controllers that would usually last for years end up becoming full in months. VMtech director, Len Findlay attributes this to more being put on the disk than before.

VMware looks to Horizon

VMWare has released its virtual workspace solution, dubbed Horizon, in order to simplify end-user computing in the multi-device era.

Near 80 per cent of Australian organisations investing in mobility: IFS

Australian business are investing in mobility, with the majority (79 per cent) doing so to increase productivity and lower costs.

Why all the hype for hybrid Cloud?

Stand by, Cloud bursting is here. And that's just one reason there is so much focus on the hybrid Cloud, according to VMware Cloud infrastructure and management product marketing manager, Aaron Steppat.

Apple’s iPhone concedes top spot to Samsung in 2012

Gartner recently announced that worldwide mobile phone sales declined last year by 1.7 per cent, with sales totalling 1.75 billion units.

In Pictures: Top surprising moments in IT

We look back at the more unusual moves made by IT companies

Choice leads businesses to the hybrid Cloud: FrontRange

There is a lot of buzz around the hybrid Cloud, and this can be attributed to customer choice, according to FrontRange Solutions Asia-Pacific VP, John O’Brien, who claims the hybrid approach gives customers the choice of utilising either Cloud or on-premise deployment options.