Stories by Tim Hornyak

Sony slashes value of its mobile business, projects larger loss for fiscal year

Sony says its mobile brand is now worth a lot less than before.

Is Panasonic's CM1 a camera or a smartphone?

You'd be forgiven for thinking Panasonic's latest gadget is a smartphone. It's a slim rectangle with a touchscreen and LTE connectivity.

Does Apple have a breakout product in its smartwatch?

The rumors had swirled for months, and they materialised when Apple unveiled its first wearable device, the Apple Watch.

Sharp to mass-produce low-power mobile displays in 2017

Sharp has set 2017 as its target for mass production of a new display it says will reduce power consumption in smartphones and tablets.

Sony launches security cameras that see in the dark

Sony on Friday began selling new security cameras that can operate in very low light conditions thanks to infrared exposure technology.

Cold-proof Ricoh action cam has Wi-Fi remote control

If you fancy photographing Arctic wildlife, Ricoh Imaging has a new Wi-Fi action camera that works in frigid conditions and underwater.

Rakuten buys shopping site Ebates for $1 billion

Japanese online shopping giant Rakuten has added another company to its cart with the acquisition of Ebates, a cash-back shopping website.

PayPal subsidiary Braintree to process Bitcoin payments

Online payments platform Braintree will start processing Bitcoin transactions, allowing merchants to accept payments in the crypto-currency.

2017 Cadillacs will have automated highway driving features, GM says

General Motors will put a "Super Cruise" feature in 2017 Cadillacs that can perform hands-off lane following, braking and speed control in certain highway driving conditions, the automaker said Monday.

NTT tests 400Gbps optical technology for Internet backbone

NTT has successfully tested technology for optical Internet backbone connections that can transmit 400Gbps on a single wavelength.

Smartphone chargers and cables seen as fire risk in Japan

Consumer affairs groups in Japan are concerned over a rash of incidents involving smartphone chargers and cables.

Dyson's robot vacuum takes aim at Roomba

Dyson has announced a robot vacuum cleaner it says can out-suck any other.

Intel unveils 3G snakeskin smart bracelet

If you love jewelry, Intel has unveiled a sparkling bracelet that's also a stand-alone message display device.

Logitech keyboard types on your phone, tablet and PC

Hyper-connected, always-online people often juggle multiple gadgets while sending text messages. What do you do if you have more devices than hands?

Jack Wayman, founder of CES trade show, dies at 92

CES founder Jack Wayman, a veteran of the consumer electronics industry in the U.S., has died at age 92, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced on Tuesday.