Stories by Tim Hornyak

IT firms' cloud appetite strong as gear sales surge 25 percent

In another sign of the movement of more and more data into cloud services, global first-quarter sales of cloud-related hardware rose 25.1 percent year on year, to nearly US$6.3 billion, according to an IDC survey.

In Japan, Uber dons white gloves to battle an elegant rival

Get in a taxi in Tokyo, and you'll get a ride with a little old-world charm.

Sony launches crowdfunding site, e-paper remote control

Struggling electronics maker Sony has moved further into the crowdfunding scene by starting its own platform to raise funds for internally generated business ideas, including a new universal remote control with an electronic paper interface.

Toshiba readies scorpion-like robot for Fukushima nuclear plant

In the ongoing battle to clean up Japan's crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, Toshiba is deploying a novel robot that's a bit like a scorpion.

Bruised by past mistakes, tech firms brace for 'leap second'

Just before the stroke of midnight Tuesday Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), computerized clocks around the world will pause for a moment to squeeze in an extra second.

Japan seniors' home deploys cloud-connected air conditioners, motion sensors

In another sign of the living spaces of elderly Japanese going hi-tech, seniors in Osaka are undergoing an Internet of Things (IoT) experiment involving cloud-connected air conditioners and motion sensors.

Super-stretchable smart fabrics could enable new wearables

Engineers in Japan are making conductive inks that can be stretched to the extreme, adding to research on smart fabrics by Google, NTT and other groups in one sign of the possible future direction of wearables.

IBM, Box partner on cloud analytics technologies

IBM and online storage firm Box have formed a wide-ranging cloud technologies partnership that will allow Box users to apply Watson Analytics know-how to their content while IBM customers can use Box's content collaboration platform.

Lexus claims most 'Back to the Future' hoverboard yet

In the international race to create a hoverboard, Toyota Motor thinks it's got one that Marty McFly would love.

Google's 60Tbps Pacific cable welcomed with champagne in Japan

With bottles of bubbly and a purification ceremony, a Google-backed undersea cable was given a warm welcome on a beach in Japan last week, a critical step in building the highest capacity data link in the Pacific ever created.

1000 Pepper robots sell out in a minute on launch day

In another sign that Japan loves cute robots, SoftBank's Pepper is proving to be a hit with its consumer launch.

Why SoftBank's Pepper could become the iPhone of robots

It can't cook or clean or do laundry, but SoftBank's Pepper could become the first breakout humanoid consumer robot and the vanguard of an era of mechanized, cloud-connected assistants.

Foxconn, Alibaba join SoftBank in global robotics push

Japanese mobile carrier, SoftBank, is teaming up with Apple manufacturer, Foxconn Technology Group, and Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba Group, in a global push to manufacture and sell robots for the home and workplace.

KakaoTalk users will get streaming video in chat rooms

Dominant South Korean chat app KakaoTalk is getting a new feature in which users can view streaming videos together, including live sports broadcasts.

Renesas joins IoT development platform rush

Japanese chipmaker Renesas Electronics is joining the rush to offer a hardware development platform for the Internet of Things (IoT).