Stories by Tim Hornyak

Cats get their own Street View tour of this Japanese city

Onomichi in Japan has rolled out a website that lets people virtually wander the city from the perspective of a cat.

In smartwatches, Sony stays subdued while LG goes glitz

Sony and LG have different design visions for their latest smartwatches, but both resemble traditional timepieces.

Crowd-sourced weather apps claim accuracy, but keep your eye on the sky

As weather apps proliferate, advocates say millions of smartphones and other devices are providing more accurate predictions than traditional models of forecasting.

Mirrativ app can live stream anything on your phone

Mobile gaming giant DeNA has released Mirrativ, a live streaming app that allows any content on a smartphone screen to be broadcast.

LG rolls out rollable keyboard without the rubbery feel

Portable keyboards for mobile devices tend to come in either rigid and foldable or rubbery and rollup forms. LG Electronics is launching one that's a bit of both.

Sony TV speaker analyzes ambient noise

Sony is introducing a US$166 wireless compact TV speaker that can automatically adjust the volume according to ambient noise levels.

Hitachi warehouse robot grabs goods with two arms

Hitachi has created mobile logistics robots that can use two arms to handle inventory in warehouses.

Sony's quadcopter takes smartphone tech to the skies

Sony is gunning for a slice of the growing drone market, showing off newly developed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from its drone venture, Aerosense.

Bitcoin XT debate overshadowing growth opportunities

Some developers have sparked a bitter debate when they released Bitcoin XT, a competing version of bitcoin that allows for larger "blocks" of data in which bitcoin transactions are processed.

360-degree cameras are unleashing a new wave of panorama apps

Omnidirectional cameras such as Ricoh's Theta are inspiring a variety of new apps that go beyond photo-stitching functions of the past.

Vaio PCs to return to overseas markets this fall

Vaio, Sony's former laptop brand, is returning to overseas markets this fall, with sales of Windows 10 devices in the U.S. and Brazil.

Toshiba adds outsiders to board amid accounting scandal

Reeling from a US$1 billion accounting scandal, Toshiba said it expects a loss for the year that ended in March.

Google's Atlas humanoid robot takes a walk in the woods

Developed by Boston Dynamics, which Google bought in late 2013, Atlas is an experimental bipedal machine with two arms that can use tools for humans.

Toshiba rolls out activity trackers for seniors

Toshiba is rolling out two activity trackers that can help caregivers monitor seniors remotely.

Fujitsu brainstorm room lets you write on the walls

If you take the concept of the paperless office seriously, Fujitsu has a meeting room just for you.