Stories by Tim Hornyak

Secom security drone follows, photographs intruders

If you think drones are more than slightly creepy, wait until you meet one that will autonomously follow you and record video.

Sharp's latest 4K TV adds yellow subpixel for 8K resolution

Electronics maker Sharp is launching what it believes is the next phase in high-definition TVs with a 4K screen that can display imagery at 8K resolution, seen as the display standard to follow 4K.

Google Tone broadcasts URLs to any device within earshot

A new Chrome extension can instantly share URLs among nearby devices, using sound to broadcast the information to microphones.

Apple, Google urge Obama to reject encryption back doors

Apple and Google are appealing to U.S. President Barack Obama to reject proposals to allow encryption "back doors" in mobile devices.

Obama's new Twitter account stays with the office

When the next U.S. president takes office, he or she will have a new perk -- an official Twitter account ready to go with millions of followers.

Sony setting up Project Morpheus game studio

Sony has confirmed it is setting up a video game development studio focused on Project Morpheus, the PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset.

Slammed by phone rivals, Sharp pins hopes on in-car displays

Struggling display manufacturer Sharp, reeling from fierce competition in smartphones, will push automakers to incorporate vehicle dashboards that have gestural commands, thin bezels and other next-generation features.

Japan's Alsok to launch warning system for unwelcome drones

Burglar alarms could soon incorporate drone-detection technology if a new service from a Japanese security company is anything to judge by.

NTT DoCoMo launches smartphone with iris unlock feature

Japanese mobile carrier NTT DoCoMo has released a smartphone that can be unlocked with a mere glance.

Fujitsu pushes wearable IoT tags that detect falls, heat stress

Fujitsu has developed stamp-sized wearable sensor tags that can detect whether users have changed their location or posture, fallen down or are experiencing high heat.

Fujitsu drone uses wheels to roll along bridges, walls

Drones don't normally need wheels, but they can come in handy on upside-down roads.

Laser in Fujitsu smartglasses fires images right into retina

Fujitsu has developed smartglasses that project imagery directly onto the user's retina with a laser, instead of using small LCD screens like other wearables.

MIT uses algorithm to banish window reflections in pics

You've got the perfect shot of a cityscape from your hotel room -- if it weren't for those pesky reflections in the window.

Fetch warehouse robots can work in pairs

A California robotics startup is deploying a dual robot system to speed the delivery of goods purchased online.

What happens when computer science conferences go Gangnam Style

Those who hand out the Ig Nobel prizes, awarded for the most outlandish scientific research, would do well to check up on CHI.