Stories by Tim Hornyak

Twitter Audio Cards let you play tunes while browsing

Twitter is adding "dockable" music players to its stream of messages, photos and videos with a new feature called Audio Cards.

Smart walkers lead the way for Japanese elder-care robots

If you're growing old in Japan, chances are you'll have some form of robotic help in the future.

NEC wearable measures blood pressure with less squeeze

If your doctor has told you to keep close tabs on your blood pressure, NEC is developing a new wearable cuff with a gentle touch.

Scientists harness smartphones as cosmic ray detectors

Your phone can receive messages from around the world. But how about emanations from beyond our solar system?

Dorian Nakamoto prepares for possible lawsuit against Newsweek

Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto has established a crowdsourced legal fund that could be used to sue Newsweek for reporting he was the mysterious creator of digital currency Bitcoin.

Drive your suitcase around with Denso's in-wheel system

Sure, your suitcase may have wheels, but can it be driven around?

Omron image sensors designed to be 'eyes' of IoT

Intelligent image sensors that can tell everything from your age to how you feel may give "eyes" to the Internet of Things (IoT) if technology from Omron is anything to judge by.

Sharp, NHK push 8K TVs ahead of 2020 Olympics

If you aren't ready for 4K TVs yet, you could wait a few more years for the next big thing -- 8K.

In Pictures: The wacky side of Ceatec

Sandwiched between the IFA and CES electronics trade shows, Japan's Ceatec is fighting to stay relevant. But while the number of vendors at this year's Ceatec was down to 547 from 587 last year, with the notable absence of Sony, there was no shortage of unusual sights and exhibits. From sign-language androids to smartphone-controlled dinosaurs and table tennis robots, here's a look at the wacky site of the technology expo just outside of Tokyo

Konica Minolta hologram glasses highlight 3D displays

Konica Minolta thinks it has something unique to add to the emerging smart glasses field -- holographic know-how.

Three Japanese win physics Nobel for invention of blue LED

Three Japanese who succeeded in inventing efficient blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) where many companies had failed have won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Elliptic Labs smartphone is controlled by waving at it

Sick of fingering your smartphone's touchscreen? How about just waving at it?

Startup aims to be lord of the gestural rings

If you don't fancy a smartwatch-style wearable device on your wrist, how about on your finger?

Toshiba android tries to charm with sign language

Its hands are a tad too rubbery and you won't mistake it for a human, but an android from Toshiba can effectively mimic a sign language interpreter.

DoCoMo haptic handles put navigation in your palm

It's not quite the same as thumbing a ride, but a cylindrical gadget that nestles in your palm can get you where you want to go.