Stories by Tim Hornyak

Sharp smartband LCD uses 1,000 times less power

Sharp is developing a "color memory LCD panel" for wearables that has dramatically lower power consumption, allowing smartbands, smartwatches and other devices with small displays to be used far longer.

Sony's new mobile chief has hands full as handsets struggle

Sony's new mobile chief has a tough job ahead of him -- convincing people to buy Xperia smartphones.

Google AI project apes memory, programs (sort of) like a human

The mission of Google's DeepMind Technologies startup is to "solve intelligence." Now, researchers there have developed an artificial intelligence system that can mimic some of the brain's memory skills and even program like a human.

Nintendo targets new health business with sleep sensor

Nintendo has been stimulating people with video games for decades, but now it wants to help them sleep better.

Google working on nanoparticles to detect cancer

Google is developing tiny magnetic particles that could help detect cancer and other health problems by coursing through a patient's bloodstream.

Ambulance drones could bring defibrillators in minutes

Someone has collapsed on the ground from cardiac arrest and there's no defibrillator around. What to do? Summon an ambulance drone.

Grab 360-degree videos with Ricoh's Theta m15 camera

If you're into action sports, Ricoh has a new camera that can film your moves in 360 degrees.

Honda rolls out pedestrian detection for Legend sedan

Honda is enhancing its smart car technology with a system that can detect pedestrians and nearby vehicles.

In Pictures: Camels, Sleds, and Fishing Boats - 7 Wacky Google Street View Vehicles

For Google, mapping the world's darkest corners means relying on some very odd Street View vehicles.

Panasonic tries tablet service for assisted living homes

If you're worried about a loved one languishing in an assisted living home, Panasonic has a tablet service to keep you connected.

Vietnam police hunt hackers behind mass outage

Vietnamese cybersecurity authorities are hunting hackers believed to be responsible for the country's biggest-ever online attack last week, according to the founder of a security website in Hanoi.

Bite into your music with jaw-controlled iPhone player

If its bite-controlled iPhone app is any indication, gum maker Lotte wants music to be chewable.

Camels, sleds and trikes: Seven odd Street View vehicles

You may have seen Google Street View cameras mounted on a car mapping your neighborhood, but how about on a fishing boat?

3D-printed gun maker draws jail term in Japan

A Japanese court has sentenced a man to two years in prison for making firearms with a 3D printer.

Twitter Audio Cards let you play tunes while browsing

Twitter is adding "dockable" music players to its stream of messages, photos and videos with a new feature called Audio Cards.