Stories by Tim Hornyak

Sharp fights fraud with old-school landline phones

Be it telegrams or feature phones, Japan can't bear to part with yesterday's technology.

Google AI program masters classic Atari video games

Scientists at Google have produced an artificial intelligence program that can ace classic Atari video games.

Austrian men replace paralyzed hands with nimble robotic ones

A trio of Austrian men have had their paralyzed hands amputated and replaced with nerve-controlled robotic prostheses, according to a new study.

Japan's teddy bear nurse robot gets a softer touch

If the thought of a giant robot bear picking you up doesn't sound too scary, consider spending your old age in Japan.

Apple, Japan Display said to discuss new iPhone screen plant

Apple is in talks with iPhone screen maker Japan Display that could result in the construction of a new screen factory in Japan, Japanese media reported Friday.

NTT to roll out indoor navigation using smartphone sensors

Japanese mobile carrier NTT DoCoMo wants to go beyond GPS with a more granular smartphone navigation system for complex indoor spaces.

Japan's curious love for old-school flip-phones continues

Outmoded technology dies hard in futuristic Japan.

Samsung acquires LoopPay in bid to counter Apple payment system

Samsung Electronics has acquired LoopPay, a U.S. mobile payments firm that could help it counter the Apple Pay mobile payments system.

Home of the future: moveable cook tops, a door that knows you

At an open house in Tokyo, Mitsubishi introduced a concept home with a door that automatically unlocks when its camera recognizes a family member.

Add-on lens could boost workplace apps for Google Glass

Google Glass may have been pulled from the consumer marketplace, but one team of researchers is still trying to improve it for workplace applications.

Sony to release developer edition smart glasses for $840

While Google is pulling back from a consumer release of Glass, Sony is moving forward with sales to developers of its augmented reality SmartEyeglass.

Even with Watson brains, robots need practical skills

What do you get if you take a cute humanoid robot and pair it with one of the world's best artificial intelligence programs? A smarter humanoid with few practical skills.

Japan's CP+ camera expo focuses on megapixel power

High-res cameras that bring out the faintest details in images are turning heads at this year's CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show in Yokohama, Japan.

Canon to buy network video camera maker Axis

Canon is planning to buy Swedish security camera maker Axis Communications amid slumping demand for digital compact cameras.

Sony's goal with crowdfunding: user feedback

Crowdfunding site Indiegogo attracts aspiring musicians, film students and tech startups. And a multinational company with billions of dollars in sales: Sony.