Stories by J.F. Rice

Security Manager's Journal: A rush to XP's end of life

The end of Microsoft support is fast approaching, and the company still has a lot of machines running the old Windows operating system.

Security Manager's Journal: Security flaw shakes faith in Apple mobile devices

And without remote management, getting patches onto devices scattered throughout the organization is hit or miss.

Security Manager's Journal: Cyberattacks just got personal

Recent data breaches suggest that retailers are security laggards, but the professionalism of the attacks should worry just about anyone.

Security Manager's Journal: Target breach unleashes fresh scams

Scammers are nothing if not innovative. It just goes to show that the best defense is an educated workforce.

Security Manager's Journal: Giving thanks for SIEM

This tool helps with a lot more than telling you at a glance about the threats you face.

Security Manager's Journal: Hashing out secure applications

In-house developers show themselves to be woefully behind the times when it comes to security via authentication.

Security Manager's Journal: Why the shutdown is like the cloud

Our manager hadn't realized how the government affected his daily life until he couldn't get to government websites that hold information he needs.

Security Manager's Journal: Thinking about passwords

The passwords most people choose could be stronger, but providers need to make it easier to create really strong passphrases. And when will we be able to leave passwords behind and use alternative authentication methods instead?

Security Manager's Journal: Android panic

Android smartphones and tablets have become ubiquitous at our manager's company. What happens now that the Android ecosystem appears to be riddled with security pitfalls?

Security Manager's Journal: Auto-forwarded emails could be a huge problem

Our intellectual property and sensitive data have been leaving the relatively safe confines of our internal network without adequate security precautions, all because users find it convenient to get their company email in their personal webmail accounts.

Security Manager's Journal: Our network infrastructure has fallen far out of date

The network team is on board with plan to update the devices to current versions, but who will do the work?

Security Manager's Journal: Upgrading, and looking for the best we can afford

Several of the company's security technologies are reaching end of life. It's a new experience for our manager to be improving security measures instead of closing gaps.

Security Manager's Journal: Rights can be so wrong

Windows service accounts used by software are often given domain administrator rights, just because it's quick and easy. That sort of thing rubs security managers the wrong way.


Security Manager's Journal: Reining in network accounts

Many accounts exist that aren't associated with individual people, and theyve gotten out of control.

Security Manager's Journal: Getting up to date on expired access rights

Employees come and employees go, but access rights tend to live on long after their departures.

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