Stories by Hamish Barwick


Visa Australia outlines EMV, risk based authentication program

International card provider, Visa, has confirmed that it will be introducing card security chip technology Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) on its cards and upgrading automatic teller machines (ATMs) to be EMV capable by April 2013.

In pictures: Cyber Security Summit 2012 day two

Day two of the Cyber Security Summit 2012 in Sydney began with the topic of why traditional security is wrong. This theme continued during the day with discussions on the merits of security messaging and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). The Summit concludes on Friday.

A good security defence is the best offence: Experts

Rather than talking about how secure your enterprise is, IT executives need to own up to the fact that it is insecure and take defensive steps, according to two security experts.

In pictures: Cyber Security Summit 2012 day one

The first day of the Cyber Security Summit 2012 kicked off in Sydney. Delegates heard from a wide variety of speakers ranging from the Australian Federal Police (AFP) assistant commissioner to security architects. The Summit continues until Friday.

AFP assistant commissioner calls for data retention laws

Law enforcement agencies in Australia will continue to be stymied in their efforts to combat cyber crime unless measures such as proposed two year online data retention laws are passed, according to a representative of the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

MG Kailis reels in business intelligence

Perth-based marine corporation, MG Kailis, is using business intelligence (BI) to capture data on fish stocks in its fishery division and predict stock levels in its jewellery division.

Macquarie Telecom reports upgraded earnings guidance of $40.6 million

Macquarie Telecom (ASX: MAQ) has reported an upgraded earnings guidance for the full year ended 30 June 2012 of $40.6 million, an increase of 9 per cent on the previous corresponding period.

Supply chain costs affecting Australian tech prices: ARA

The cost of transporting technology goods across Australia and artificially inflated rent for retail space is forcing Australian bricks and mortar retailers to pass on these costs to consumers, according to the Australian Retailers Association (ARA).

Comms Alliance calls for online music pricing parity trial

Content piracy will continue in Australia unless measures such as music pricing parity trials with the US and the removal of geo-blocking content goes ahead, according to the Communications Alliance.

Anonymous releases some AAPT data

Members of hacktivist group, Anonymous, have released some of the 40GB of data that was taken from internet service provider (ISP) AAPT’s compromised server last week.

Melbourne IT launches investigation into AAPT data breach

Melbourne IT has confirmed that it is investigating the data breach which affected its customer, AAPT, earlier this week and reports that the incident was isolated with only a small number of servers affected.

Security 2012: Prepare for rogue employees before they strike

Information stolen electronically by rogue ex-employees can be detected and used in prosecutions if companies take adequate steps to lock down computers and mobile devices involved, according to a forensics investigator.

AAPT subject of data breach

Internet service provider (ISP), AAPT, has confirmed that it was the target of a data breach which affected some AAPT business customer data stored on servers in Melbourne.

Economic downturn spawning more security threats: ANZ Bank

Cyber crime is set to get worse for Australian financial institutions as global economic prospects continue to look gloomy and more people are tempted into targeting bank accounts, according to one security expert.

Identity crime in sights of Australian Attorney-General

In response to concerns about identity crime, the Federal Government’s proof of identity system, Document Verification Service (DVS), will be introduced to private sector industries including banking and telecommunications from 2013.