Stories by Hamish Barwick


Tech Ed 2012: Office 2013 to integrate with non-IE browsers

Microsoft has announced that the 2013 version of its Office software will work “seamlessly” with Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE) as the vendor strives to retain its global Office user base of 1 billion.

In pictures: Tech Ed 2012 Hyped party

Tech Ed 2012 culminated with the annual Hyped party on Thursday night. Delegates had a choice of sports, comedy, gaming or laser tag to keep them entertained. Photos supplied by Microsoft.

Tech Ed 2012: EB Games reaches high scores with data mining

In order to plan its sales forecasts, EB Games Australia and New Zealand has built a SQL Server data warehouse to analyse the data it has been collecting through its loyalty program.

In pictures: Tech Ed 2012 day three

Day three of Tech Ed 2012 kicked off with a media launch of Visual Studio 2012 followed by lunch time rides in a helicopter for some lucky delegates. Tech Ed continues until Friday afternoon on the Gold Coast. Pictures supplied by Microsoft.

Tech Ed 2012: Windows Phone 8 to be NFC capable

While the launch of Windows Phone 8 is not slated until late October 2012, delegates at Tech Ed 2012 on the Gold Coast got the opportunity to hear about some of the new functions including near field communications (NFC) capability.

Tech Ed 2012: Deploying Windows 8

Migrating users from the Windows 7 operating system (OS) to Windows 8 doesn’t have to be an IT nightmare. Here are some tips from Microsoft to help smooth the journey.

In pictures: Tech Ed 2012 day two

Day two of Microsoft's Tech Ed 2012 conference featured something for everyone including gaming, a Women in IT lunch and Windows 8 user interface/migration sessions. Photos supplied by Microsoft.

In pictures: Tech Ed 2012 day one

Tech Ed 2012 has begun on the Gold Coast with a Windows Server 2012 launch on day one and opening party keeping delegates entertained. The conference continues until Friday with Windows 8 and Office 365 announcements to come. Photos provided by Microsoft

Tech Ed 2012: Windows Server 2012 unveiled

Developers are promised an open Web and application development environment in the Windows Server 2012 operating system (OS), said Microsoft executives.

PCI compliance awareness lacking in finance world: Survey

Some Australian chief financial officers have still not heard of PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards created by MasterCard and Visa despite coverage of data breaches, according to the findings of a survey.

Macquarie Telecom’s data centres get SAP cloud tick

Macquarie Telecom (ASX: MAQ) has become the second SAP cloud services certified company in Australia following Telstra’s (ASX:TEL) certification in September 2011.

Australian public not aware of new online attack vectors: Norton

Consumer awareness of bad emails and dodgy attachments is high in Australia but the bad news is that these are the old attack methods from five years ago, according to the latest Norton Cybercrime report.

In pictures: IBM A/NZ SmartCamp finals

IBM held its first ever SmartCamp event for Australia and New Zealand in Sydney this week. The program is designed to help entrepreneurs build their business by providing support and resources. CropLogic chief executive, Jane Hill, was the inaugural winner for 2012. Hill was required to give a six minute pitch about why her company should receive funding from IBM.

Don’t be afraid to report online, door-to-door scams: NSW Fair Trading

New South Wales Fair Trading has urged consumers in the state to come forward and report online and door-to-door scammers as it warns that the 1000 scam reports received by the regulator this year are “just the tip of the iceberg”.

Huawei urges world to step back from online “Wild West”

Huawei may have been barred by the Australian federal government from National Broadband Network (NBN) deals on security grounds, but the Chinese vendor has invited governments to review its security capabilities in a new white paper.