Stories by Hamish Barwick


AusCERT 2012 in pictures: Day three

Security conference,AusCERT, offically ended on Friday after a week of insights, networking and awards. Delegates gathered for the final sessions from experts such as Eugene Kaspersky and Eric Byres.

AusCERT 2012: Four questions enterprises should ask Cloud providers

Too many Australian enterprises are rushing into the Cloud without asking the right security questions, according to Pierre Tagle of information security and risk management consulting firm Sense of Security.

AusCERT 2012 in pictures: Awards night

The annual AusCERT gala dinner and awards is the social highlight of the conference and this year was no exception with winners and their colleagues celebrating into the night. The conference ends today on the Gold Coast.

AusCERT 2012: Star Wars and lasers feature at AusCERT awards

With storm troopers and Darth Vader roaming the room, AusCERT delegates could be forgiven for thinking they had wandered on to a movie set.

AusCERT 2012 in pictures: Day two

AusCERT 2012 hit the half way mark today with delegates gathering to hear insights from Internet Systems Consoritum founder, Paul Vixie, and Queensland Police Detective Superintendent, Brian Hay. The conference, which culiminates with the annual AusCERT awards dinner, continues until Friday on the Gold Coast.

AusCERT 2012: Fear of ridicule causing online scams to go unreported

Online scammers will continue to target Australian consumers because most victims are too embarrassed to report scams to law enforcement agencies, according to Queensland Police Detective Superintendent, Brian Hay.

AusCERT 2012: Lack of security aiding medical fraud, identity theft

Queensland Health Drugs of Dependence Unit (DDU) investigations officer, Rebecca Thompson, has highlighted security flaws within the Australian health system, such as the lack of a photo or PIN on Medicare cards, which is allowing drug addicts to potentially use lost or stolen cards to obtain powerful prescription drugs.

AusCERT 2012 in pictures: The speakers

AusCERT always features quality guest speakers and this year was no exception with F-Secure's chief research officer, Mikko Hypponen, and US Army Cyber Command operational attorney, Robert Clark, making the trip to Australia's Gold Coast. The conference continues until Friday.

AusCERT 2012 in pictures: Exhibitors at large

The 11th annual information security conference, AusCERT, kicked off on the sunny Gold Coast this week with exhibitors and delegates gathering for three days of talks and networking. This year's theme, Security on the Move, was interpreted in different ways with one vendor arriving in a tank.

AusCERT 2012: Virtualization security needs improvements

Improved virtualization security protection and network training are needed if Australian enterprises are to avoid potential attacks via the virtual machine (VM) layer in the future, delegates at the AusCERT 2012 conference on the Gold Coast have heard.


Leighton Contractors awarded NSW Government data centre contract

The New South Wales Government has selected Leighton Contractors unit, Metronode, to build two Tier III facilities in Silverwater and Unaderra as part of a data centre reform contract.

Apple misled consumers with iPad 4G claims: ACCC

Apple has stopped promoting its new iPad as 4G compatible in Australia following an application in the Federal Court in March 2012 by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) over misleading advertisements.


NBN service plans won't cost consumers more: Conroy

Senator Stephen Conroy has slammed Opposition leader Tony Abbott’s comments that National Broadband Network (NBN) services could cost consumers more than current ADSL plans, saying Abbott was “plain wrong” “and that he should “check his facts.”

In pictures: Fujitsu celebrates data centre re-opening with sake

The Victorian Minister for Technology, Gordon Rich-Phillips, and Fujitsu executives took the Japanese approach and broke open a barrel of sake to toast the $60 million upgrade of Fujitsu’s Tier III data centre in Noble Park, Melbourne.

Fujitsu invests $60m in Melbourne data centre upgrade

Data centre provider, Fujitsu, has spent $60 million adding a fourth data hall to its 6,700 metre Tier III facility in Noble Park, Melbourne, with the option of adding a further two data halls in the future if customer demand warrants it.